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Топик: Students Should Be Given More Choice As To What They Study

Название: Students Should Be Given More Choice As To What They Study
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: топик Добавлен 10:39:41 24 ноября 2004 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 991 Комментариев: 20 Оценило: 7 человек Средний балл: 4 Оценка: 4     Скачать


Nowadays there is the discontent with the given education system among the students of many schools. There are many discussions on these problems and in most cases they unfortunately still remain unsolved. A lot of students want to have the choice of what they want to study. In this essay I would like to discuss the reasons of many problems students encounter in the educational sphere.

Our problems

Pupils experience displeasure for several main reasons. First, many students often come across with the difficulty of the educational program. Curriculum in the present time is very volumetric and moreover includes set of knowledge which in the future will not be useful.

Second, the educational environment is not always kept at high level. The school climate should be pleasant that it was pleasant for pupil to study. However, the majority of all these questions rest on the means of this or that educational institution.

Third, teaching sometimes offers a difficulty and is beyond students’ comprehension, because of poor-quality training aids and appliances, frequently given not in the native language. Furthermore there is usually the lack and inaccessibility of good school supplies pupils can rely on.

Our achievements

On the other hand government is trying to extract more money onto the support of increasing the level of education in their area. We may notice many changes comparing educational atmosphere ten years ago and at this time.

Many school classes are well-equipped with the latest technologies available: lingo-phonic equipment, projectors used for different presentations, TV-sets for watching cognitive materials, music systems for getting students to have a rest during their hard day, and etc.

More and more schools get computerized with the help of various sponsors coming from all over the world, who invest money in the education to get future professionals for their companies. These are the great steps made to help young people get quality education. We are coming to the new era that requests more and more qualified people got in.


I suppose that the solutions to the program of training less volumetric are the following: to enter classes with loading on the certain subject and classes with additional division into groups on amplified training subjects (additional subjects, “at a choice”, exist at many schools: self-defense, sea business, floristics, additional languages, economy, computer science, the doctrine about family).

Speaking about the educational environment - the school climate should be pleasant that it was pleasant for pupil to study.

Consultations concerning an occupation are needed as well. There are two experts, structural units, needed for facilitate in a choice of a profession: the psychologist and a good class teacher. From my point of view it is definitely necessary to bring in a special post, for the help in a choice of a profession and to introduce practice in twelfths grade necessary for reception of representation about an occupation.

Much depends on the person and how the teacher will incite pupils in relation to itself. The explanation plays very important role because we go to school to listen to live people. However additional and regular work at home is very important. For this purpose there come a various sort of the textbooks to out help. We need clearer explanation of materials that it will be understandable without the teacher, more correct drawing up. Apart from the abstracts at a lesson it will be useful to organize the scanning of textbooks and a placement of files in the Internet network together with storing them on CD-ROM disks.

System of the assessment based on the credits is not so perfect. Bad problem of automatic decrease of a mark when resiting the examinations persists. Also, I think that taking into the account of personal aspect at assessment is unfair. Concerning system of state examinations I would like to say that the responsibility to go on those subjects on which you will pass the examinations suits not all the persons.


It is necessary to think of the reception of such education, having which it would be possible to work all life without fear to lose a workplace. It is very sad, when the person thinks, that he/she can work on any work and consequently the tradition of professionals of the affair is lost.

We need to attract more people who will help us to develop a good and reliable educational system. We should attract more investors, showing them the perspectives of their contributions on the example of our current progressive successes achieved.

At all, to realize created model of an ideal school is not so simple. There are many steps to be done in order to get to the finish line. Again and again many aspects of this affair turn on the economical means.

People taking care of prosperity of their country in a whole should think of giving a freedom to the students, to give more choice and abilities to what the students want to study. Only then we will get good results, people who know well what they are doing.

I want to finish my essay with the idea that the school should be a place where the pupil wants to go and where he or she is expected!

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