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Реферат: A Man

Название: A Man
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 01:59:47 03 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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’s Vendetta Essay, Research Paper

What?s stopping us from killing one another in spite or anger?

Do we fear the law, or do we fear the punishment?

The Law is a deterrent but let us question this, we do not harm others because we fear being punished and not because we know that we do not bear any right to do so. Sounds nebulous?

I wouldn?t kill someone I hate more because of the punishment I will face than the fact that I will grieve his family. Lucid?

Which is why, in the land of the Free where people have been numbed to the long arm of judiciary that such vindictive killings and shootings have occurred.

It is a terrible thought this, that Singapore is a safe country because the society has welded an iron whip on our lesser selves. As the world integrates and such binds weaken, what may result in future is something to genuinely fear for.

Put together the fact that the human is arcane and vacillates to his fancy, do you sleep safe at night?

It is a strong polemic that secular influences are far graver in determining the ?villainity? of an individual. Even so, a strict upbringing is hardly a fortifying insurance. It is then questionable whether this individual refrains from doing something wrong because he knows that it is or that he will be convicted and melted suitable punishment!

For if it were the later, this individual is simply a walking time bomb. Imagine the day when he realizes that his locks and chains do not cuff anyone but himself that he breaks them open, what happens then.

Which brings us then to those who suffer from psychological disorders. It is unshakeable that we do not understand how we work. Do not question this unless you can control your behavior like the ranger who draws his revolver slick from his holster. How does one come about to have a manic depressive disorder? Or even a rage control problem? Ruling out those that are hereditary and taking into account that psychiatrists are raking in an impressive clientele, what remains?

The pressure of society to perform and to conform or otherwise be swept is too stifling for many. We are free spirits, how can we live caged like a pet. Yet we are wholly accountable for this society we create. Silly we are, humans in our own shell.

We are definitely not in control; we can?t control the weather, how we want to live or even how we respond to external stimuli. Our minds control us, we simply execute.

Sometimes I fiddle with the idea that someone is inside screwing with our heads, making this all part of his favourite Role Playing Fantasy Game.

First we create our little game. Every game?s got to have some rules so lets come up with some. These rules are fair but of course, something?s bound to screw up somehow right?

So this player finds it real hard to stay in the game but if he gives up he?s an immediate outcast He?s afraid of being lonely so he doesn?t want to be outcast so he tries hard to stay in the game. How does this guy keep himself from going out of his freaking mind? Simple, the game master helps him out by creating an alter ego, his doppelganger that?s everything that he?s not. Now we have the schizophrenic.

Okay, so maybe I sound real vindictive about the whole world and everything but what kind of freaking world are we living in?

Sure makes hell out of a lot of sense if we?re just meant to live along and then just die off.

But then it does, does it not? Pawns don?t question, they just move along.

Playing our little games within our little planet, listening to our beautiful songs, living our little lives with a brain we cannot even fathom.

Maybe turning to science will help, after all science is truth isn?t it. Invariant laws than run the universe, at least to the border that we cannot see but set.

A guy will die if he gets run over by a speeding car, regardless of whether he?s a pauper or he?s some tycoon?s brat. Cool.

But wait, Classical physics have been thrown out haven?t they; everything suddenly becomes random like everything else. Guess Science has just degenerated into a phenomenon of the universe, no longer her guardian spirits.

Maybe then the end of the world won?t be a bad thing, at least maybe then we can see truth. Now we only see what we wish to see.

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