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Реферат: The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Boo Essay

Название: The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Boo Essay
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 11:36:48 13 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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The Great Gatsby Movie Vs. Boo Essay, Research Paper

In the movie there were many parts that were the same as in the book. Surprisingly, there were some facts that were left out that were critical for the story.

The movie showed many things as they are described in the book, the golden toilette set, the medals and Daisy s picture where shown in his desk, the sign with the big eyes and the glasses, which is later on seen as a symbolism of God, and the green light across the bay to show how Gatsby constantly thought of Daisy.

The preparations for Gatsby s parties were almost as the book described them, with the orchestras preparing for the night, the big tents being placed on the garden, the tons of food being brought for the dinner, the grass getting cut before the event and all those preparations Gatsby had for his parties. But they skipped a part that was discussed in the book, the hundreds of oranges that were brought in the morning and the tons of orange skins that were left after the party.

Not everything was perfect in the movie, there were many small parts that were changed. Some examples are the color of Myrtle s dog, in the book it was white and brown, while in the movie it was white and black. The dress Myrtle used during the party at her sister s house was white in the book, but in the movie its yellow, also the book gives the atmosphere that there are only a few people at her apartment, while in the movie its full of people. Another small part that was left out was that the man that played the piano for Gatsby and Daisy did it in room for them, while they were seated listening to him, not running around the mansion as it was showed in the movie. There were also parts that were inaccurate, like when Nick took Tom s car after the Hotel incident, while in the book he took a cab.

Parts that were left out, which were essential for setting the scene in the movie. After Tom hits Myrtle, there is a scene in the book where Nick asks Mr. McKee to go out for dinner. In the book this scene is skipped. Also when Gatsby meets for the first time Nick, he doesn t ask him if he was in the war, and he doesn t give an apology for being a bad host, since Nick didn t know who he was. At the end of the party, Gatsby doesn t invite Nick for a trip on his plane, and the crash after the party was also skipped. But the most important part skipped during the movie was Owl Eyes . He played a very important role in the story, even though he only appeared twice in the book. He was the only one that went to Gatsby s parties that went to his funeral.

Some parts that were useful to understand the movie were changed to lame scenes. When Myrtle s sister tells Nick that Daisy is a Catholic. In the movie the scene just goes on, while in the book, Nick thinks to himself that Daisy is not catholic, which shows that it is a very elaborated lie from Tom. There wasn t a scene that showed when Gatsby invited the Buchanan to his party, so when they arrived in the movie, it looks like they were like the rest of the crowd that invites themselves. After comparing the movie and the book, I came to a conclusion about the movie, that it was alright but would have been better had they not missed the Owl Eyes part.

2 ..To kill a mockingbird book vs. movie

In the movie you don t get a strong sense of Scout s narration as you do in the book instead you simply notice the childlike narration in the movie. The film seems to put more spotlight on Jem s experience. In the movie Jem finds all the stuff in the tree, he accompanies Atticus to tell Mrs. Robinson of her husbands death, and he is left alone to watch his sister. Scout still plays an important role but the movie concentrates on Jem.

Miss. Stephanie Crawford is Dill s aunt and Cecil Jacobs drives Scout to break her promise to Atticus about fighting, not Mr. Hancock. Aunt Alexandra isn t in the movie at all. So that theme of acting like a lady never plays a big part. In the movie, Scout and Jem have a conversation about their dead mother but the book only mentions one paragraph. In the movie you meet Tom Robinson s children and his father. His father isn t mentioned in the book at all. The actress who plays Miss. Maudie is thin and younger than Scout describes her in the book.

The movie takes place over two years, not three, and many events are left out. The children have no contact with Mrs. Dubose , and the movie never shows the classroom inside, so you don t see any of the conflicts with Miss. Caroline, Miss. Gates, or anyone else. The movie never gets into Maycomb s caste system, so you don t know that the Ewells are considered to be trash. The incest between Bob and Mayella Ewell is never discussed during the course o fthe trial. The movie tries to go around the subject by showing Mr. Ewell start stalking Jem and Scout before Tom s trial begins, and you see that Mayella is frightened of her father. The courtroom scenes are condensed in the film. Atticus Finch says a shortened version of his closing arguments to the jury. The movie doesn t show the aftermath of the trial or show the conversation Atticus had with his children to help them understand the case. Calpurnia is treated respectfully throughout the film by everyone, the children never attend Calpurnia s church, and on the day of the trial, blacks and whites enter the courtroom together. The film does however hold value to the book. For the most part, it doesn t miss any major themes and is still a powerful version of a classic story.

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