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Реферат: Discrimination Of Sex Essay Research Paper

Название: Discrimination Of Sex Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 06:32:53 04 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 2 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Discrimination Of Sex Essay, Research Paper

Discrimination is a word which can be applied to a multitude of life-learned situations;

for it is arguably a part of human nature to discriminate. Whether it is the color of one?s skin,

judgement pertaining to the aesthetic value of one?s countenance, or the type of jeans one wears,

it is something that reasonably every human being has displayed or encountered. And according

to a majority of the population, there is no better setting for discrimination than when pertaining

to that of sex. Men and woman will undoubtedly be engaged in a timeless argument of which sex

is better; which is more qualified for ?the job?, which is more athletic, which is more

responsible. The list of quarrels is apparently infinite, and the battle for equality of sex will

presumably go on forever.

It has been my candid observation that woman, though progressively through the past few

decades have gained respect and equality, are continuously discriminated against and offended.

Often, this degree accelerates to the point of agitation. By a scale of proportionality women are

whistled at far more than men are by them; they are gazed at, and beckoned to by men on the

street perpetually. And also, they are advanced upon a reasonably numerous rate higher than

men are. But nevertheless, they are looked at and held on a higher scale of beauty than the

converse of the situation. Perhaps this is because femininity, according to a majority of the

population, is considered more aesthetically pleasing than masculinity. Then if this is a fact,

perhaps the conjectures surrounding my opinion are insignificant; but from a woman?s

perspective (more specifically, one who has been discriminated against), they most

reasonably are significant…. for a sexual advance plausibly begins with an act of


One issue in particular, which has placed a plausibly large portion of our society?s

women into a state of bitterness, is the large measure of sex crimes committed unto them by

men. Sociologist Dave Vendelhk of the University of UCLA indicated that the rising

percentage of sex crimes in Los Angeles correlates with the exorbitant level of controversy in the

media. He went on to state that ?nineteen percent of the female population of Los Angeles have

been either sexually advanced at, molested or raped. This alarming increase has occurred in a

genre of discord.? Other sociologists have been known to have found similar correlations in their


Is the apparent rise in sex crimes related to the downfall of morals on television?

Roger Triscuit , a corrections officer at the Florida Federal State Penitentiary, didn?t believe so.

He contended that ?Only a handful of these sex offenders are violent. The rest are generally

quiet; subdued… little perverts, actually?. When asked about the television theory, he stated, ? I

just don?t think that the WWF is going to make you commit a violent act.?

One might ponder if our society contains within it a decent code of conduct, aside from

what is written in the books. Has the age of media began to replace our decency with bitterness

and discord? Or is it that our society never contained decency? Perhaps it was bastion of

immorality, sugar-coated with the mere utterances of prayer and morals and values? I could not

answer the question, for I was conceived in the genre of Music Television. My grandfather had

always asserted, however, that life in his younger years was more decent, less chaotic, and above

all, more patriotic. The pride that our elders hold their moral past, in alliance with that fact that

their lives weren?t tainted with the influence of indecent media, would indicate that perhaps a

change needs to be made.

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