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Реферат: Julius Caesar Brutus Cassius Essay Research Paper

Название: Julius Caesar Brutus Cassius Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 05:34:02 26 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Julius Caesar Brutus Cassius Essay, Research Paper

The knife was concealed in his tunic. This was the beginning of the end for many live, most notably Caesar and later Cassius and Brutus. In William Shakespeare?s tragic play, Julius Caesar, Caesar stumbling and dripping blood looked more like a pincushion that a man. With his last breath he reached out to his last hope, a friend, Brutus. The knife that had been soon cleverly hidden now lay in might Caesar. How could a ?friend? do such a thing? Still Brutus stood on his principal that the good of the people comes first, thus he was the ?best roman.?

To be the best of something, usually implies that it is the highest, most pure form. For example, Brutus states that the first act, ?For let the go so speed me, as I love the name of honor more than I fear death.? His intentions in assassinate Caesar could only be for honoring his principal, not hatred or personal gains. Cassius on the other hand assassinate Caesar because of his jealousy towards the man. In addition, Britannica Online documented that Cassius was ?actuated by vanity and ambition and had an uncontrollable temper and sharp tongue.? Cassius was like a modern day corrupt politician who traded ethics and morality for power. The way Brutus perceived things is sincere, he truly believes it is for the good of Rome to assassinate Caesar. Cassius cannot be considered honorable because of his shady character and envious nature.

The two main conspirators had a dramatically different view on why Caesar should be killed. Caesar knew that Cassius despised him: ?Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.? This thought conflicted with Cassius? desire for more power, and the way Cassius reacts is a ?direct, emotional reaction to people.? Compare this to Brutus, who based his decision to assassinate Caesar on his ?failed? principal. In addition, Jonathon, a student who wrote an essay comparing Brutus and Cassius, stated that the two main conspirators shared the motivation of detesting tyrants and ?in some part wish for the best for Rome.? Still there is a differences between the conspirators, examples include Brutus desire to control especially after the assassination of Caesar. Cassius, with his envious nature, sees freedom for Rome as an extra in addition to the assassination. Unchallengeable are the facts that Brutus? motives were from higher morals and beliefs that Cassius, thus Brutus was more noble.

Both Cassius and Brutus have their character flaws, each flaw led to their eventual downfall. For example, Brutus? main flaw was the fact that the majority of important decisions that he makes during the play are based on a philosophical belief. Allowing Marc Anthony to speak at Caesar; funeral was the first philosophical mistake made; this decision is not from the mind of a political or military strategist but an honorable man. Cassius makes his decisions as a strategist, like advising Brutus not to allow Anthony to speak and his battle plan for Philippi which was based on proven military strategy. In addition, James Daniel, author of ?The Fallacy of Brutus,? views Brutus? thoughts throughout the play was ?transparent? and filled with unrest. Cassius is able to easily manipulate Brutus to join the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Still Brutus asks Cassius, ?Into what dangers would you lead me?? which clearly proves ? beyond doubt that Brutus knew of the fermenting in Cassius.? Again after comparing the facts you can clearly see that honor in Brutus and the hatred in Cassius.

Honor is something many people strive for during their entire lives. Caesar gained his honor after becoming one of the most powerful military generals of all time. His spirit will live forever because he has been immortalized in history books around the world. The conspirators have been immortalized too, right next to the person they killed. Out of all, one man rises to the top. This man is Brutus. The kind, gentle man whose mission in life was to save the people. He was the standard for honor. Betrayal was not a word for him ? Cassius knew the word betrayal very well. Brutus unknowingly betrayed his dear friend, through the help of Cassius. To preserve his honor he committed the final act, suicide. This was honor. It was the best for the people.

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