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Реферат: Tv Violence Essay Research Paper Do you

Название: Tv Violence Essay Research Paper Do you
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 04:09:41 07 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Tv Violence Essay, Research Paper

Do you ever day dream? Well I don?t very often. The other day though, I didn?t feel very well. I was driving home and suddenly I was thinking of a time when I was 8 years old riding home on the school bus with a killer migraine headache.

I distinctly remember the feeling because it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. Soon I was home? straight to my room I went. The air was so fresh, so crisp and clean even the aroma of a pot roast dinner cooking on the stove flowed through the vents in my house. I immediately started to feel better. I kicked off my shoes and laid down on my bed. Not but a half a minuet later my mom walks in with a tall glass of soda two aspirin and a warm wash rag to place over my head. I think to myself now ?if only life were that good?

Yea I guess you could say I had it really good. We were a functional family got up at 6 had a nice hot cooked meal, enjoyed good wholesome conversation with my parents, kissed my mom on the cheek on the way out the door and then went about my day. When dinner time came around once again we all gathered? around the TV this time we would watch the news, a few sitcoms and maybe a movie to cap the night off. I guess you could say that was our daily routine. As sad as it is, not every one lives in the leave it to beaver lifestyle I once had.

Even more so depressing is that life isn?t that good for most. Many come from broken families where they are first hand witnesses of drug abuse domestic violence, hunger anger and poverty. How do I know this, I guess you could say that it?s common knowledge. There are nasty parts of life that I can?t comprehend but have learned to accept as a reality. War, savage beatings horrific displays of aggressions are all violent yet real to life. Real to me at least when I watch it on the news. should that be taken away simply because it contains violence? Should I be na?ve, left out in the cold so to speak about the harsh cruelties of life just because I didn?t experience them first hand. would I be better off if there was no television for me to view these disgusting realities, or would I simply turn to some other form of medium to get the same information.

These are questions you should ask yourself. Obviously we live in a violent society but is television and film a cause of it or just a window for us to view the real problem at hand. where lies the root of this problem? That?s a good question for which I don?t know the answer? really I don?t think anyone does.

In Some opinions using the television and film industry as a scapegoat to bear the blame of our violent society is the answer. Not a rational one to me though. Because I understand the truth behind what I am watching. I understand that ultimately it could happen to me. I use television and film as a learning tool in preparation of life because time and time again television and film opens my eyes to how this world isn?t as pleasant as some would like us to believe.

Because of the graphic sometimes seemingly unnecessary depiction of real to life, day to day violence the television shows me, I am aware that when I get pulled over Andy Griffith isn?t going to be knocking on my driver side window. Who knows what kind of man is behind that badge claiming to protect and serve. I can?t help but think at least for a moment that I might be the next Rodney king. That fear has been instilled in me because of what I, like the rest of you saw with my own two eyes. That beating of a fellow citizen, mercilessly, savagely with night sticks over and over again.

After watching the Rodney king beating on TV, I look at police officers not as model citizens but regular people wearing a badge. If anything good came out of this horrific event it would be the realization of just that. In our society it is no longer safe to assume the good nature of anyone even those we look to for help.

There are those with the point of view that violence on television leads to violence in our society. I ask of you to think for a moment about the recent tragic event at colombine high school. ?Who would of guessed?? the horrific display of aggression from those kids shocked this nation indeed. For weeks on end the media of all forms especially TV used colombine as their main story. We were bombarded with report after report after report on the same violent shoreline. My question to you is, did violence on TV cause these kids to break away from the norm, or does news worthy material result in violent TV? Television is simply a graphic depiction of our violent society.

A few summers ago I worked at Larson?s appliance store. Shortly after the gulf war many big screen TVs came in for repair, they all had a common problem: the little CNN icon that floats in the corner of the screen had actually burnt an impression in the corner of the screen. I mention this to you to prove how much people care about what is going on. Even though War is as violent as it gets we are still watching. There are people out there that are genuinely concerned about yesterdays children, today?s soldiers. That are fighting in behalf of our great nation. The truth of the matter is that war is based on violence, I dread the day today?s children go into tomorrows war not knowing what violence is because our federal government has made them blind to it.

Again, we must first find the root of the problem before we attempt to solve it. By the federal government stepping in to further regulate TV and film violence because of its effects on children isn?t going to solve anything, it most definitely is a studious attempt however it is an illogical one. Let me put it to you in simple terms. If I have a log of meatloaf sitting in my fridge and it is stinking up my whole house I could simply cut away the stinky parts and leave the core. Problem solved, but Eventually the problem will come back because I never really fixed anything just provided a temporary means to a solution. Any further regulation by the federal government in regards to violence on TV is only a temporary solution if even that. Violence exists in society weather we want to see it on a TV or not


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