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Реферат: An Inspector Calls Creative Writing Essay Research

Название: An Inspector Calls Creative Writing Essay Research
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 01:41:51 16 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 3 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

An Inspector Calls Creative Writing Essay, Research Paper

My life lies wretched and destroyed, unfolding several messages for you to discover. I had feelings; I had aspirations, all ripped apart demolishing my life.

Why did this all have to happen to me? I was such a happy person at one time, endlessly looking forward to the future and grabbing every chance, but where am I destined now? I always has someone to rely on; at least I know I can rely on a wortless bottle of disinfectant to end my tragic and isolated existence.

Guilt is a word striking my mind and making a decision affecting both of us still shudders me. But my precious child can never enter this cold and heartless world where fortunate lives are shattered by arrogance. I cannot live like this anymore.

Disappointment is an area repeatdly attacking my heart. Nothing ever went right for me; disaster after disaster. I cannot ever remember the last time a smile lightened up my dull face. Although Gerald brought me happiness, it eventually failed. This eternal misery has to end, once and for all.

Looking back, a blessed girl I once was, living in the country and possessing joy and love. Money never crossed my mind, though I did have an urge to make something of myself. I dreamt of living a high-class life, with expensive dresses and rich dinner parties. I was determined to achieve a new life. Now I realise, leaving the country to attain my aspiration is a regret haunting me forever.

If only I never stumbled upon Brumley, where my life awaited pain and torture. I was cursed from the very start, which aches my soul. I did not deserve torment and sorrow; I deserved love, appreciation, prosperity and companionship. Existing in Brumley evoked my worst nightmares and tangled me in agony.

I wish I never uttered a word to Mr Birling. A smug and wealthy businessman he was and immediately refused my proposal for higher wages for the workers of his factory. He was determined to protect his own interests and displayed an insensitive attitude. Like him, I had financial costs. A few measly shillings would not have affected his beloved business but he furiously declined. Ultimately, he dismissed fellow workers and I, believing I was a trouble-making character. I was such a hard working and enthusiastic figure with a high popularity, but this all ended in an instant.

Milwards fashion department was the next destination for my employment. It was a wonderflu experience; meeting new people, working hard and discovering new fashions. But suddenly, my suberb job was wrecked when a young high-class girl accused me ok mockery. She was in an outraged mood taking out her anger on me and using her superior power, she was able to get me fired. I felt embarrassed and tortured. What a childish and foolish girl she was! I was innocent and was made a victim of her lack of moral feeling. She has everything but what do I have? She does not have to live in isolated conditions; at least she was existing parents and a mother to nurture. She is not living a worthless being like me.

Gerald Croft was a kind-hearted gentleman allowing me to stay in his friend’s lodgings. He rescued me in the Palace Variety Theatre, but I was shocked to find a man like him there. After encountering two misfortunes, I decided to indentify myself as Daisy Renton to conceal my true identity, which caused me too much pain. Gerald brought delight into my life, which he finished, leaving me feeling used and discarded when my presence became inconvenient for him. He was similar to Joe Meggarty who was determined to use me. However, he was a sweet gentleman with fine intentions, recuing me from poverty. I truly loved him but love will never be important to me, ever.

Setting eyes on Eric was my prime regret. My vulnerable character and his drunken state led to sexual encounters and secret meetings. Although Eric is the father of my child, his naive behaviour is inappropriate for the child. He offered me stolen money to maintain my daily life but I had to reject it. Our love was a major sham and was only for friendship and pleasure. He was a kind-hearted gentleman needing to learn that there are aspects in life more essential than drinking.

Being pregnant and desperate led me to seek help from the local charity organisation which instantly abandoned my case. Mrs Birling, a proud and harsh woman, simply misunderstood my situation and dismissed it, as well as disgracing me. An arrogant and social superior woman she was, continuously blaming the father of the child. Eventually, I was alone, anxious and desperate. Loneliness and unhappiness are major areas of my life.

East consecutive misery caused me more pain and financial hardship. I currently live a forlorn live, needing an execution. My child cannot face such a malicious and cruel world which I have experienced. I think I have out stayed my welcome in this heartless humanity and it is time to leave everything behind.

In each situation I was innocent and was made a vicim of lack of moral feelings each person acquired. I hope after I have left this awful universe, the wall between social classes break, as well as moralistic values being taught to each and every person. I hope each person involved in my pain can realise and learn from the suffering I went throug. I cannot express hatred towards them, as do not despise anyone.

From my experience and actions, I hope you do not condemn me but take time to understand the life I went through, just to live a ‘normal’ existence. But now, my time has reached the end but serious values should be learnt in order to survive in this bizarre and wicked world.

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