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Реферат: Essay Comparing And Contrasting Different Techniques To

Название: Essay Comparing And Contrasting Different Techniques To
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 02:38:04 14 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Essay, Comparing And Contrasting Different Techniques To Convey The Thesis, Used In: Essay, Research Paper

Women rights, still a controversial issue in todays equal partnership world, are the thesis of both essays. Both essay state a women role in the society, ?My Mother Never Worked? also states if a women?s work is recognized or not. Donna Smith-Yakel, who wrote, ?My mother never worked?, describes her mother?s as strong woman, housewife, mother and then a grandmother. ?I want a wife? written Judy Brady, also describes women?s role towards the household compared to man, and the opportunities they are presented with in life.

In ?My Mother Never worked?, a daughter remembering her mother?s past, files for her mother?s death benefit check. Yakel is asked for details of her mother, which she proudly states was a housewife. Yakel writes this essay in slouched but indignant tone, because her mother?s work, as a housewife, is not recognized as Work by the Social Security office, as it denies her request. She writes this essay in protest of how society devalues ?women?s work?.

Yakel uses a lot of dialogue, when talking to the operator at Social Security Office; this is done to bring a sense a reality to the text and appeal to readers. Yakel also takes full paragraphs (Para 12) out of her mother?s diary, to make an emotional connection between the reader and Yakel?s mother. This also helps the readers directly relate to Yakel?s mother by including dialogue that show exactly how her mother is feeling.

Yakel also describes her mother?s work in details, ? My town bred mother learned t set hens and raise chickens, feed pigs, milk cows?? (Para 13), to make the readers recognize, appreciates and even relate to her mothers work as Yakel does. And not discard years of service and hardship towards her family, as Social Security did. For the same reason she describes the most smallest of the details from her diary, ?She raised a new flock of baby chicks?500?and ??

Yakel also includes all the dates, especially the years, so the readers can recognize or even relate to surrounding environment. Such as in 1931 (Para 16), Yakel?s mother went through a drought, therefore people who had experiences such as this can relate to Yakel?s mother?s hardship.

Not even once, Yakel describes or tells something that her mother did for herself. This is to reinforce the message that person, who spends their whole life tending to others, is told by the society, that her work is not recognized and appreciated. Even at old age, after being paralyzed by an accident, Yakel?s mother ?From her wheelchair canned pickles, backed bread, ironed clothes??(Para 24) again reinforcing the same message.

As the flashback finishes, the operator on the other side comes back, to the phone. The Author highlights this text by including the exact dialogue that took place, therefore making a better impact on the reader. Then Yakel ends with the operator?s dialogue, ?Well you see?your mother never worked?, (Para 32) leaving the readers in state of shock, because by this time in text, reader would probably agree with author that Yakel?s mother should be rewarded for her lifetime of struggle to keep her family in order.

Judy Brady, who is a homemaker, also heavily involved in women?s movement, wrote the second essay ?I Want a Wife?, describing a wife?s job in house which could have well been her personal experience as a homemaker. Brady wrote this essay, so that society realizes that equal partnership in a home is very important for a successful marriage and a happy home. This essay was also written with a secondary thesis in line with Yakel?s essay, that even though women does so much work towards their home, they don?t get any credit from our society.

Brady, who is a wife herself, uses a sarcastic tone, saying she would like someone to tend to virtually every need of Bradys. As she mockingly describes what exactly she wants from a wife, she very successfully and effectively makes a connection with the readers, conveying the message of what was required from a woman in 1972.

Brady very effectively uses repetition, ?I want a wife?? (Para 3), trying to drum in the thesis, and trying to change society?s attitude towards, what is classified as ?man?s job? as to ?women?s job.? This also reminds the reader of their personal experiences such as I was reminded of India, where a woman role in a household is almost the exact of portrayal of Brady?s essay.

By using these techniques, Brady hopefully wants to change the view of traditional societies where a woman is considered to be no more than servant to her husband. Brady wants women to have same opportunities as men. Brady also uses pressions such as ?needless to say?(Para 3), ?of course?(Para 2,3,7). She does this, to show how the society automatically classifies all housework as a wife?s job.

Brady?s first and last paragraphs are very brief, which doesn?t weaken but actually increases the impact of the essay, as tries to be a short and to the point. She also uses a lot of verbs such as ?arrange?(Para 3) and ?Pickup? (Para 4) to emphasize the physical description, and that it requires hard work. This helps stub out the misconception, that housework is easy.

Although, Brady and Yakel use very different techniques in their essays, they still want to convey the message, that society should give equal opportunities to men and women. Even if a woman is a housewife, society should recognize her work and treasure it, as she is responsible for the basis of our economy?the household.


Donna Smith-Yakel, ?My Mother Never Worked,? Patterns for College Writing 7th Edition (1997)

Judy Brady, ?I Want a Wife,? Patterns for College Writing 7th Edition (1997)


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