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Реферат: Emerging Of A Civilization Essay Research Paper

Название: Emerging Of A Civilization Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 14:51:39 29 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Emerging Of A Civilization Essay, Research Paper

Emerging of a Civilization

Early humans were called nomads(World Civilizations volume 1), they once roamed the earth for food and shelter, but one day they slowly started to stop and that?s when civilizations developed. The first city or villages was very simple, small. Most of these cultures started in river valleys.

The nomads quit roaming the earth and started to settle down because the game was always scarce after a while and there was hunger and sickness. If a person was to break a bone or to become ill it was likely to kill them because they wouldn?t be able to keep up and die. You had to recovery quick or die. When there was nothing left to hunt or no food left to pick they would have to move to another area and they would do that over and over again (A History of The Human Community). Now I wouldn?t want to do that all the time I would much rather settle down. So these problems made the humans settle some what and rise up in to civilization.

They soon began to use rivers and technology to make irrigation systems and they began to work (A History of the Human Community). They had fresh water and were able to grow more food. They realized that this was much easier for them to do. As the human societies developed a new form of human race. Sumerians were the first to do a lot of highly sufficient things but it was the Neolithic age that humans made the break though to advance culture and later civilization. This was called the Neolithic Revolution (World Civilizations volume 1) .

Farmers in villages developed better farming ways. They improved the variety and the quality of there crops. They began to use plows then moved up another step and used plows pulled by horses. People started to have more food to eat so they could raise bigger families and all the people lived longer so the population increased. Farmers were able to produce grain crops because they built large irrigation systems. Since they had a lot of extra food people didn?t have to spend all there time farming. They had more free time so they could develop and create crafts, trade and time to make more and better inventions. As technology grew bigger people began to specialize in one craft. Take for instance one family might have made tools used by farmers and then in return they gave the tool making family food back. These people skilled in one craft are called artisans (World History volume 1). Artisans were very important people in the society.

Artisans started the business part of a civilization by selling products to people, for instance the toolmaker sells his tools to a farmer for food. So then all the people in a village got together and made a form of money. Which makes people steal and take money so they had to make laws to keep people under control. Which makes me think the saying, ?love of money is the root of all evil.? So then they kept making laws for laws, and the consequences for breaking them. Which made up the government system. So they had to have leader. Some cities used the bureaucracy. Each temple had a staff or business. Administration officials had annual tables of organization-listed numbers of scribes, managers, surveyors, supervisors of workers and other functionaries assigned to each temple.

Each group of villages had there own beliefs and religion. It was just like us now days having Baptist, Catholic, Jews, and all those other religions. We all got a big group of people that goes to one kind of church, and another kind of religion going somewhere else. Then the high class, middle class, and lower class came along because I think the reason is when people made up the form of money. And the people that was skilled before everyone else got most of the money because they were in business before anyone else. And that started the society part of the civilization.

Gradually, civilizations grew more prosperous and more complex. The people had a wider variety of jobs so they could build and make more things make their cities better. So the cities population grew and grew, and now it is like our world today.

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