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Реферат: Leinigen Essay Essay Research Paper The human

Название: Leinigen Essay Essay Research Paper The human
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 04:29:46 05 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Leinigen Essay Essay, Research Paper

The human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even the elements. The human brain is powerful and controls all of a person’s body. It easily compared to the central processing unit in a computer; all information is received, transferred, and sent back out. Without it nothing would work. Leiningen, a plantation farmer, was persistent and followed this motto to help him overcome many elements, or “acts of God.” Leiningen had met and defeated these elements which had come against him unlike his fellow settlers who had little or no resistance.

Something terrible was coming, about a hundred yards wide, a flood of ants. All people except Leiningen, who stood his ground as the ants quickly approached his plantation, feared them. He had built this plantation thinking that someday the ants may come. Leiningen thought to himself that he would be ready for them. He incorporated a horseshoe shaped ditch around his plantation. The forth side is a river that can be used quickly to fill the ditch. Toward the middle of the plantation lay another ditch that encircled the barn, house, stables, and other buildings. This ditch was made of concrete, and the inflow pipes of three great petrol tanks could easily be emptied here. If the ants had miraculously made it through the first ditch the second one could be filled with gas which was sure to stop them. This intricate defense system was thought of by Leiningen and built to stop one of the elements, ants.

This firm man stayed calm as the ants advanced toward him and his land. Leiningen used his cool brain to calm his many workers. He reassured them

that these ants could be easily defeated. The Indians trusted this plantation planter, who guided them through many other “acts of God,” wholeheartedly. When one of there fellow workers had slacked off from his duties he was eaten alive by the ants. Leiningen realizing this casualty might plunge his men into confusion and destroy their confidence he quickly yelled loader than the screams of the dying man. An observer would have estimated Leiningen’s odds of overcoming the ants a thousand to one, but still Leiningen stood his ground.

As the ants started to enter the plantation the dam broke preventing the water to rush in and wipe out the ants. All Leiningen’s men had fled to beyond the petrol ditch to seek shelter. That was not enough, the petrol ditch was filled but the ants still crossed. Leiningen scourged his brain until it rolled. Was there anything he could do? (Then out of the he got an idea.) Yes, one hope remained. He thought it might be possible to dam the great river completely, so that the water would not fill only the ditch but overflow into the circle of land which made the plantation. In little time the army of ants would be flooded and killed. It was possible, but he needed to get to the dam, which was two miles away. Leiningen knew none of his workers would make the trip so he would have to do it himself. Leiningen told his men he would return. “I called the tune, and now I’m going to pay the piper,” he told them. He started the journey and was quickly covered with ants. Leiningen was so determined to reach the dam he hardly felt the venomous bites. As he reached his destination ants covered his face and were under his clothes. He successfully lowered the dam and the river immediately started to overflow. Leiningen could no longer see and knew if he stumbled he would be quickly eaten alive. This

determined man, to weak to walk, tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. He began having flashbacks of the stag he saw the ants devour. He thought to himself he could not die like this and something outside him brought him to his feet and he began to stager forward again. Leiningen leaped through the fire the workers had set to the petrol. He suddenly became unconscious for the first time in his life. There were wounds on his body so deep the bone could be seen. When Leiningen regained consciousness he said to the men, “told you I would return.” Everyone knew he would be alright.

The human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even the elements. This motto has proved true for Leiningen for he has met and defeated drought, flood, plague, ants, and all other “acts of God.” If a person is convinced about something they believe in others will follow that belief. This is displayed throughout the story Leiningen Versus the Ants.

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