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Реферат: Religion Essay Research Paper By all accounts

Название: Religion Essay Research Paper By all accounts
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 20:54:15 28 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Religion Essay, Research Paper

By all accounts scientific, religion is a belief in an entity and a philosophy founded on the basis of morality rather than one, which is provably factual. Theology we tend to forget is as much theory as any one of the numerous sciences. The difference is however that theology is an age-old study, still as yet unproven and far inferior to the study of evolution. To the spiritually enlightened however, little matters other than religion, regardless of denomination, and as an observation such people tend to be ignorant of that which is meant by spirituality. Such people question little for to do so threatens the faith which they vested their own ambition. If it were not so such people may have argued their faith with substantially more credibility. For instance, is it not possible that the “big bang theory”, the foundation of evolutionary thought and philosophy, was the creation of what I will refer to as a higher power? So enlightened are such individuals however that they need not justify their religion, but rather strike blows against one another in debate of denomination and faith.

Recall for one moment however the possibility I just mentioned. Most faiths believe in what I just mentioned; but how could god have existed prior to such a theory execution? It is as illogical to assume that a higher power is responsible for such an event as it is to assume that a higher power is the creator of life on earth. If I say for example a god did exist it would be logical to assume that such an entity has always and will always exist. Considering this why is it that such a power would allow us to evolve imperfectly over a period in time that is but the most minute fraction of the life span of this planet. Too say as you might that such a power wished to allow us the time to develop a counter argument, as a test of your faith is both naive and insane. How is that such an entity would not wish to guide us more directly seeing how the manner in which such direction exists today is so inferior. If other peoples and worlds do exist as we so believe, are these too a creation of one entity, as if we were all the unwilling subjects experiment being conducted by not entity but rather an entire civilization. Or is it not more logical to assume that we are only the result of the proper combination of chemicals and the reaction some millions and millions of years ago.

How is it that so many of us dismiss these possibilities? I know them myself to be illogical yet is religion not equally illogical. How is it that one may speak with god yet to do so with any other entity real or imagined is insanity. I can not help but think that if a higher power did in fact exist it is more likely to have the face of Satan than any other that we might imagine. Yet today with all the scientific knowledge of the past there is still no evidence to form a conclusion or the truth of any of the theories.

I was raised Catholic, I was baptized, had first communion, and went to Sunday school and then church every Sunday since I was on pre-school. So you would think that I would be set in my religious ways. But I am not, I never liked going Sunday school or church, I dreaded it. Not just because I had to get up and get ready and drive 20 min to our church but that fact that I did not believe what they were teaching me from a very young age. I just say there every Sunday and listened to our teachers talk about our beliefs and then sit thought church just day dreaming about what I was going to do when I got out. I did not like the fact that I was forced to believe in something and I to this day I do not know what I believe in. I really do not have an answer, but this is my theory. I do not believe that there is one person that is responsible for me being right here today. And the “big bang” theory, I want to know what was here before the big bang? This is something that I do not lay awake at night and wonder about but since we started discussing this topic in class I really do not have an answer. For example I am born and raised Catholic, but I believe in Abortion, Divorce and Homosexuality. These three things are something that I am strongly for but my religion is strongly against them. My Grandparents question me because I am not a true Catholic if I even believe in even one of these let alone all three.

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