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Реферат: Abuse Essay Research Paper Spousal assault is

Название: Abuse Essay Research Paper Spousal assault is
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 04:30:33 28 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Spousal assault is either the male or the female of the relationship who is being beaten up

very brutally by their partner, such as a marriage. In most violent marriages the women in most

cases are mostly subjected to spousal assaults. Women who are subjected to such beatings by

there spouses are considered to Be known as “Battered wives. Wife assult is to be known as a

very serious crime when committed this type of action can happen to any person at any age of

there lives. Their husbands or even their boyfriends beat up over one million Canadian women

each year. There are five types of wife abuse that are physical, psychological, emotional, sexual

and also financial. Some men beat their wives to a point until they receive power and control over

there battered wives spousal assault is a continuing process by which has many contributing


A common myth about wife abuse is that it is direct result of the perpetuators drinking

problem and if it is treated, the addiction and abuse would end. Alcohol and different types of

drugs do not cause the spouse to beat there wives senseless but although the alcohol may be

contributing factor to the abusement. Many of the men who are constantly abusing their wives do

so with out any substance abuse .The men who are beating their wives have one main reason for

doing so and that is to gain power, and to gain control over their wives. If they realize that they

have not received enough control and power over their wives they would continue to do so till

they do gain there advantage over there wives. The man who constantly drinks and does drugs

when they batter their wives is used as an excuse for beating their wives

up.Alcohol is a strong substance that can cause the men to be highly encouragably that can cause

the men to be very violent. Many of the abusive men who have increasingly battered their wives

Page 2

to a pulp try to apologies to their wives and want them to forgive them for there wrongful act and

try to make up many excuses that she had done some thing wrong such phrases as these: ” If you

had been a better wife “, ” Oh , it was your fault ” , ” Your not being a good mother to the

kids or to the family .” ” then you would not have deserved to be beaten up “.

Beaten up their wives is all about control and power over their wives. The man tries to

control what she does, whom she is talking to all the time and even keeps a track on her to see

where she is going at any time of the day. If the wife does not listen to the ” King ” they try to

intimidate their wives by putting fear in their wives by giving them fearful looks, unusual actions

, giving her threatening gestures , talking to her in a loud despicable voice. Grabbing things of her

property and smashing and throwing them all over the house. The husband believes that he has

absolute power and ever-lasting control over his wife. Most of the men consider them selves as

the king of the castle in other word the home. He thinks that he is the one who makes the ” Big ”

decisions in the home. And also not letting the wife make any rules of her own in the home, and

she is also expected to listen the man if not she knows what would happen if she doesn’t

listen to her husband. The man takes it as an advantage to control the household so no one is able

to over control him. Making or carrying out threats to his wife or emotionally hurting her is

another way that the man wants power over his wife. Using the children to make the wife feel

guilty in a way the man will sometimes do to harass her, Many of the men will ask their wives to

do very sickening sexual things to him even though she doesn’t want to do such an act with him.

Always physically attacking her sexual parts on her body and treating her like a sex object that

can be very ridiculing for a woman, the man sexually abuses her.

There are five forms of wife abuse. Firstly, psychological abuse. Psychological abuse is

when the women live with the constant fear of threats of violence against herself, her children and

Page 3

her friends or relatives. Always being harassed at work with phone calls or visits or being

threatened by the abuser can put the women in great fear. Secondly emotional abuse. Emotional

abuse is being put down, criticized by family , friends and her husband. Women who are

emotionally abused find it hard to find work, make new friends and even join social groups

outside their homes. Thirdly, physical abuse. Physical abuse is when any slapping, punching,

kicking, or choking occurs. Sometimes the women are slammed repeatedly Against walls and are

increasingly injured with many types of weapons or other such objects, Brutal beatings can result

in bruising, lacerations, broken bones, or even sometimes it can be very fatal. Sixty percent of the

victims of female homicide died in the hands of their partner. Fourthly, sexual abuse or marital

rape. Women are forced against their own will to perform sexual acts or even having pain and

injury being inflicted during the intercourse. If the women do not perform sexual behavior to their

partner, Beating usually occurs. Finally, financial abuse. Women who have no access to the

family’s money for any of there personal use. When they are need of money their husbands start

asking many questions for what reason they are needing the money for though if he was doing

some type of murder investigation.

In conclusion to this research, I have thought much about this and think that this should

be delt with much serious consideration and should be stopped. Because no women at all should

be treated this way under any circumstances and the abuser should be delt with in a harsh way. If

any body who knows of any people who are being assaulted in any way even if it is only verbally

you need to help them in any way you can. While many types of abuse are more dangerous than

others, all abuse and assaults need to be taken very seriously. The people looking onto an abusive

relationship need to abandon the thought that is none of their business. Violence against women is

defiantly not a private; it is a matter that should concern every body in the world no matter who

you are.

Page 4


Beaudry, Micheline. Battered Women. Montreal : Black Rose Books, 1985

Denham, Donna and Joan Gillespie. Wife Abuse: A Workplace Issue. Ottawa : National

Clearinghouse on Family Violence, 1993

Martin, Del. Battered wives. New York: Pocket Books, 1976

Page 5

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