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Реферат: Marines Essay Research Paper Boot camp

Название: Marines Essay Research Paper Boot camp
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 17:54:26 15 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Marines Essay, Research Paper

Boot camp introJuly 28th 1999, Col. Adrian Shepard awoke to the sound of trumpets, Adrian was a well-built man, 6 2 , he was muscley he had fair hair and greenish blue eyes. He got out of bed, put on his recon uniform, and made his bed like he did every morning; the 21 other men in the sleeping quarters went through the same process, the door burst open at precisely 6:05am, a large man approached: Sgt.T.Barnes, he was shouting, Rise and shine recruits today you ll be trained in combat and field skills, do I make myself clear? all the replied YES , the Sgt. Didn t like this and screamed the first and last thing I want to hear out your stinking holes is yes, do I make myself clear? , the men replied Sir crystal sir! the Sgt approached Shepard and said Col.Adrian Shepard hey?, looks like you ve been bumped to the top of the advanced training list, get yourself down there double time , Adrian started on his way, before he got out the sleeping quarters he turned around and heard the Sgt. Say to another recruit where you from soldier? he replied Sir Texas sir the Sgt. Said Texas, you know what comes from Texas , Adrian laughed and carried on his way to the courtyard, there was another recruit doing press-ups there. Adrian looked around, up in the building a figure caught his eye, Adrian squinted, this figure was a man, he was a very tall slim man, he had a pale face, a blue suit and was holding a briefcase, this man seemed to be watching Shepard but he thought nothing of this and carried on. When Adrian got to his briefing room, he was told that he would be going to a high security laboratory in New Mexico; he would there to silence the facility, as there were a large number of hostiles, also he was to capture a scientist called Gordon Freeman, this mission was top secret and important. Adrian met his squad, 3 soldiers, 2 field medics and a engineer. They all got geared up and ready for their first mission Welcome to black mesa ch1Col. Adrian Shepard was on his first assignment while he was being briefed he was thinking about the mysterious man that watched him during Boot Camp. When he looked up the Sgt. Was talking to them, he said they were on their way to a top secret laboratory in New Mexico called black mesa. Adrian was talking to his squad as they were flying in a state of the art Osprey helicopter, he heard a faint voice calling on the radio keep visual and verbal contact, the area is getting tight over and out he thought nothing of this and carried on chatting the Sgt. Started talking and said that there were hostiles in the area, Adrian and his squad got exited but they didn t know what was waiting for them. After about a minute the other Osprey came into sight, they were chatting on the radios which Adrian couldn t hear, suddenly this screaming noise perforated everyone s ear drums, then an unidentifiable object came over top of the other helicopter and shot down a blinding beam at it, the aircraft was blown out of the sky, then the object flew above Adrian s helicopter and repeated the process, Adrian saw the Sgt. Fall out of the craft, Adrian became unconscious.Around two hours later Adrian regained consciousness , and found himself in an infirmary of some kind, there was a doctor near by Adrian saw his name tag, the doctor was called Walter Bennett he said Ahhhh, Adrian Shepard I believe, I m glad my life saving methods weren t in vein, I m afraid I cant say the same for your pals, if you head down the corridor you will find some doctors with some more of your friends and a PCV. Adrian thought this doctor was homosexual and weird, but he needed to contact someone, so he went down the corridor and saw a doctor, there were three stretchers with marines on them, on was normal, the second had a creature on its head, the third also had a creature on its head but his body was transformed, a doctor said, the head crabs attach to the heads then a transformation process takes place, the bodies become somewhat zombified. Adrian grabbed a PCV powered combat vest, and headed out of the facility, he met a fat security called Otis, he had a donut and told Adrian he saw a radio near the crash site, maybe he could call for help. This was his mission Were pulling out ch2As Adrian set on his journey to find the radio at the crash site, he had to travel through the facility, on his way he found a pipe wrench, this wasn t a regular weapon but, but this wasn t a regular mission. He travelled down many corridors following the signs, he approached an area where some green liquid had flown out of an overhead pipe that had broken, It was all over the floor. He carried on walking and when he turned the corner he was attacked by 2 of the head crabs that he encountered earlier, he remembered what happens if they attach to your head, so he got the pipe wrench, swung and hit one, it flew at the wall and yellow goo went everywhere, then he started on the other one , he finished them and realised, this was getting dangerous, he carried on walking, with the pipe wrench in his hand ready for another ambush, he approached a flight of stairs and saw some light shining through a door, there was a security guard in there and the man he saw at boot camp talking to the security guard, he called the mysterious man The Administrator , Adrian put two and two together and realised, there was something fishy going on with this man, Adrian then headed up the stairs and kick a door open, he found himself at the top of a huge fissure, it was a long way down, he climbed his way to the other end and saw a sealed door. In front of the door was a human shaped figure, around 5 4 tall, it had reddish brown skin, one red eye, and shackles on his limbs and neck, it looked as if it was a slave or something, so Adrian nicknamed it an Alien Slave. Adrian noticed it had a knife in its head, he took it and thought if he saw more of these creatures the knife could be useful. He opened the door and ran down the vagrant dimly lit corridors, he saw light at the end, he looked around, and it was the crash site. He looked around he saw his osprey, it had smashed into a electric fence, and there was a wall of electricity, he saw the radio on the other side of the electricity he couldn t get to it, he thought to himself, if he could find the power source maybe he could cut the power to the fence. He saw a tunnel and headed down it, 3 more head crabs attacked him but the knife took care of them. He ran to the end of the tunnel and sure enough he found a power station, but it seemed a security guard had been trapped inside, the guard walked to the fence and was electrocuted, Shepard picked up the guards 44. calibre desert eagle pistol and shot at the generator. The power went out, he ran back through the tunnel and the electricity had stopped, he went over to the radio, and talked into it, he said This is Col. Adrian Shepard of the U.S.Marine corps does anybody read me? after about 3-4secs a reply came it wasn t a good transmission but he made out Shepard is that you? We thought you were wiped out in the crash, were pulling out, repeat were pulling out, make your way to the transit system, it should take you straight to the surface, good luck sir, over and out he had to get to the rail system

On a rail ch3Shepard looked around, he found a Hecklar & Koch MP5 SMG that one of the dead soldiers had dropped, he thought to himself, if he got on the rail it would be his ticket out of here, he noticed a man hole, he walked over to it, ripped the cover off and climbed down, he was ambushed by two of the alien slaves, he drew the MP5 and emptied a clip, one of aliens were lying on the floor and their yellowish blood was all over the walls, the other started to draw energy from around it, it absorbed the energy, then focused it, Adrian knew it was going to fire this at him, so he shot the slave in the head 7 times, it was also dead. Adrian carried on running, his weapon in his arms, and found the rail system, it took him straight to a station, where the walls had caved in, he couldn t go up the stairs so he went into a ventilation shaft FORGET ABOUT FREEMAN ch4Adrian crawled out of a opening and found himself in a room full of storage, he looked out of the window and saw two ospreys with Marines being loaded on, he entered the next room which had a man on a radio in, he was talking to someone, he said plant you spots on the map, the air strikes will commence, forget about freeman were going home Adrian remembered Gordon freeman, he was the same build as Adrian, he wore an orange and black hazardous environment suit, he had a goatee and wore glasses, Adrian had been ordered to bring Freeman in alive if he found him. Adrian started on his way through a large tunnel to the helipad, as he approached the end the administrator trapped Adrian by shutting the huge steel doors, Adrian watched as the Osprey helicopters took off, and the Administrator walked off. Arian turned around, he was angry now because the Administrator had ruined his chance of getting out of here

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