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Реферат: Life On The Set Essay Research Paper

Название: Life On The Set Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 21:15:17 10 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 2 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Life On The Set Essay, Research Paper

Teenage sex, Selfish nes and sorrow, all releated. Teen – greek for Meloncolly. Teen is harest of any decade, as your bones grow, they do hurt. Not physicaly, but you know. And its time for crudemess, denyal and destuction. And there is nothing that i thought i havnt said before, be true to your age. We can go out and *censored* 5 girls a night, wake , go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 9 and then do it all over again. . .sex is related to everything at the teen years, babeys, aids, religion. . .it all ties in to the horixontal mombo. Woman smell like no other. To be boren sexless is to be born a drone. Sex and music, the 2 most magic things. No experiance is the same to getting smashed, and *censored*ing to some hard corp *censored*. I say, break rules, take drugs, watch por, get laid, start fights, piss off your parents, why? cuz we can do it once, we have one shot. Its my life, and its now or never. Electrolites smell the greatest stoned. Jobs, do we need one? YOU CANT FIRE ME!! I FUCCKIN QUIT! Get the *censored* outa my life, im gunna make the same mistakes you did. there is no adult under 60 that hasnt smoked, *censored*ed or drake. And what can u do when u get lectured about how bad it was and why u shouldnt do it. you say, if i dont do it now, then when? Believe in no kids fogiving? No? Well one just did, but not for my actions, for the worry. Broken, shatetrd and torn, who cares? You know, Hey, i got a new complaint, im forecer in debt to you priceles advice, SO FUCK OFF AND SHUT UP!

Its christmas eve, another way to decieve and lie to children. I must say, my father allways aproched santa so i wouldnt be crushed, id say, is there a santa, his reply, do you believe in him? I do believe there are laws that should be followed. Rape, if i knew someone who did it, i would nail his cock to a tree, set the tree on fire, give em a rusty butter knife and say *censored*en cut or burn. If he cut, id douse him in petrol and hand him a flair. There is a comfort in sadness, dont ask me how. Its so suthing to know that your in a false witness. I hope your still with us. If i could when i die, id come back as fire and burn all the lires, leave a blancket of ash on the ground. Its so reliefving to know that your leaving as soon as you get paid, prostitution, the cure to rape. to eliminate life, to kill, horable. . .Im not like them, i can pretend. The sun is gone, But i have a light. . Im having fun. . .I think im dumb, or mabey just happy. Yea im happy. My heart is broke, I have some clue, help me inhale, ill mend it with you. If you evr need anything please dont hesitate to ask someone else first. Outa the sky, into the dirt. But i am my own parasite, i dont need a host to live. Test me? AHHHH!!! get the *censored* off. . .Look on the bright side, suacide..lost oxygen im on your side. . . lack of iron? No sleeping. . .I get to feed of the dull steak. . .ITs time for the great myth to come down my chiny, ohh wait, i dont have one. . .well *censored* em, the doors unlocked.I have never at any other moment had such a urge to beat the hell outa someone, but I WONT. . .Look on the bright side, suacide, !!!!! neverm to die is to sease to exhist, . .life sux but its the only one i have. ILL BEAT YOU EVERY BIRTHDAY* sitting here is my only plase of recovery. . .I have verry bad posture. So i can sigh eternally, IM SO TIRED I CANT SLEEP!!!!!IM A LIER AND A THIEF. Battle back step down, im the king wheres my crown? Am i the got that failed? Am i the one who lost? Throw the coin, its gunna be tossed. . its the little things that kill. . .but why? Im so spoiled as with everyone that can say man im hungry i havnt eaten since this morning. we cry when we go 5 hours without food, My emotions have een so trained. . .usesjsut once and destroy, i cant feal the cigarter burns. . why am I such a freak? I have aloveing famaly, never harmed, i mean i was spanked when i was a wee one, never yelled at, i get pletty of love and toys and whatever i pretty much want? Is everyone like me? Does every one scrounge for answers? Where is this great god everone holds so high and mighty? If god is all loveing why are the devour christians afrain of him? MAY DAY EVERY DAY! MY DAY! COULDA HAD A HEART ATTACK MY HEAR. . WR ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO! MY HEART! WE ALL WANT SOMETHING FAIR!!!!!OUT OF TOWN OUTA SIGHT, IS MY HEART, QUEEN OF LOVE NOT TODAY IS MY HEART!!! COLD HEART……………………………………………………………………This is the ned of todays episode of why am i so *censored*ed up in the head but show a normal person outsode. . . . .I wish i was like you, easaly amused, what else should i be, all apolgies, what else could i say every one is gay, would else can i write, i done have the right. What else shudl I be? All appologys. . .IN THE SUN in the uns, IN THE SUN I FEAL AS ONE. MAried, Burried, I wish i was like you, easaly amused, im on my las assult, everythings my fault, ill tkae all the blame, aquasheed from shame, sunburn freezer burn. . AHHHHHHH WHY DO I HAVWE SUCH THOUGTS! DREAMS!!! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. . ..Yea yea yea yeaaaaaa.. . . .we all know, all in all is all we are. . .

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