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Реферат: Prom Essay Research Paper I never went

Название: Prom Essay Research Paper I never went
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 23:36:17 30 октября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 2 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Prom Essay, Research Paper

I never went to a single formal dance untill my senior year. On nights when there was a

winter formal or a junior prom, my friends would get all dress up and ready to dance in

their beautiful gowns. While they were dancing with their dates, I was at home watching

T.V. It?s not that I had trouble finding a date of my own but just the thought of getting

dressed up and dancing in a dress didn?t interest me. One day, a week before Mira Mesa?s

senior prom I decided to go. It was after all my last year in high school and at least

wanted to experience one formal dance. I was rushed to find a date and dress in such

short notice. Thankfully for friends and my mom, I was able to find everything I needed.

I thought looking for a prom date last minute would be my hardest task, but it

wasn?t. My friend, Judy, found me a date with her friend name, Mike, which is now my

boyfriend because of prom. Like me, he too was looking for a prom date. So there I

was, I had a date but no dress. So my mom and I went on a shopping trip to Plaza Bonita

Mall. We found this store that sold really beautiful gowns for a very cheap price. I think I

tried on every single dress in the store and each dress made me feel like a princess. I

couldn?t decided on which dress I wanted, I wanted to take all of them home. So finally I

choose a white and lavender dress. It looked like one of those dresses that Cinderella

would wear to her ball. With the dress picked I moved on to accessories. With just three

more days till prom, I started to stress out I was worried that I wouldn?t have all that I

needed before prom. I haven?t bought my shoes and I haven?t made any appointments for

my hair and nails. I called all most every single salon but they were all booked. Then I

saw this one manicure place with a sign that said ?walk-ins are welcomed.? I was relieved

to see that there was barely anyone there but panic strike me once again making me think

that the reason why nobody was here was because they didn?t give good manicures. The

whole time I was getting my nails done, all I could think about was let it turn out good.

You know what, It did. That same day I bought my shoes with my moms boyfriend and

other stuff I needed. I thought everything was going to go up hill from there boy was I

wrong. I still had no one to do my hair and makeup.

The day of the prom I was still making phone calls for my hair, finally I gave up

and decided just to do it myself. With the help of my mom she got me all ready for my big

night. My mom did my makeup and curled my hair and put it up. In a couple hours I

looked like a super star. All ready for the prom, I was ready to dance the night away in

the arms of my date. A little while later, after everything was in its place, Mike came and

picked me up. In his hand was a single, red rose and my corsage of white and lavender

orchids. After chatting with my family we were off to meet up with my friend Judy.

When we got to Judy?s house we took pictures with our prom dates while they put

the corsage around our wrist. When we were done we set to go to the gorgeous Hyatt

Hotel where the prom was located. Outside the hotel, people in their tuxedoes and

gowns were gathered around greeting and talking among themselves. Everyone seemed

so happy and excited for this night. Since we were a couple of ours early for the dance we

decided to take our couple pictures with our dates.

Soon afterwards we all headed for Top Of The Cove, a restaurant which our dates

made reservations. The restaurant looked exquisite. There was a ravishing view of the La

Jolla Beach and the setting was just fabulous. When we sat down at our tables, a waiter

came by and started us off with some appetizers that didn?t look quit that appetizing. It

looked like some brown blob that someone just splattered on a plate and put cream cheese

on top of. I decided not to eat it. After appetizers, the waiter came back and gave us

their menus. I ordered a kind of pasta with shrip and scallops. My friend Judy ordered

salmon and Mike ordered steak. When our food came we were all starving. Mike and I

ate our food and found it very delicious. Judy on the other hand didn?t take a single bite

out of her order. Why, Because the salmon didn?t look cook. We were all laughing

because she was so hungry but she couldn?t take a bite of her food. When everyone was

done eating, we asked the waiter to come by and bring us our check. When the check

came, boy were our dates wide eyed. Our whole meal reached out to be more than two

hundred dollars. We all decided we should have just gone to McDonald?s, at least there

we would have been satisfied with our food.

When dinner was done we headed back to the hotel and took our group picture

and headed inside the hall to dance. The place was crowded with seniors. So far I was

having the time of my life. I didn?t think it would have been this much fun. My date and I

dance through out most of the night and got to learn more about each other. The night

was turning into one memorable event. Next thing I knew the prom was over. I felt like

the night went by so quickly.

After prom people headed their own separate ways. Some ended going to after

parties or Family Fun Center which was open only for the seniors all night long. We all

decided to have fun and go to Family Fun Center. When we got there I was to excited to

change into my normal clothes so I just went straight to the go carts in my dress. After a

few laps Mike and I directed towards the arcade where we battled each other in all sorts

of games. When it came time to leave everyone said their good-byes and designated


Prom was the best night of my life. Though it cost so much money just for one

night, it was worth it. I actually had fun dancing in my prom dress and getting to know

my date, which if it wasn?t for this last minute prom date thing, I would have never

gotten to know the person I would be spending the rest of my life with. I recommend

everyone should attend their senior prom because it?s that one night where everything

feels so magical.

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