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Реферат: Technology 3 Essay Research Paper Influential TechnologyTechnology

Название: Technology 3 Essay Research Paper Influential TechnologyTechnology
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 03:58:23 28 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Technology 3 Essay, Research Paper

Influential Technology

Technology in a sense is a great thing but can also be used as a weapon. Technological advances in our lifetime are not always helpful to the average American, like a nuclear warhead or something of that sort. Technology influences everything in our lives from our beliefs, values, and our norms. Due to the great power of technology we must use it wisely and not for destruction. Technology can be both used in good ways to influence people, and bad.

The way in which technology can sway our beliefs is unbelievable. Like just the other day I saw myself questioning my religion, due to the fact that humans can now play GOD and make clone things, and soon I’m sure, they will be performing gene therapy. We thought this was impossible, but yet we are once again deceived by our own ignorance. We also believed that there are no cures for diseases like malaria, chickenpox, etc.. Now look at the way our minds have changed with this advancement in medicine. Not only is it medicine that is affecting our beliefs, war weapons also. Do you think it is possible back in the days before laser guided bombs, that an aircraft could hit a target that is 10 miles away within three feet? I don’t think even an insane person could dream this one up. Then comes along the bombs and once again we are forced to believe the unbelievable.

Next I’d like to talk about how our devious technology has spread out Americas values. Technology blinds us from the true fact that we are living and not in a giant rat race. Everywhere you go what do you see? Car, automobiles and such. These things are so efficient in getting you somewhere quickly, of course that is if you don’t burn, die, or get hurt on the way. People value their cars so much, that some people even kill for them. Some people are even risking jail time just to drive the amazing Porsche or Ferrari. Also sometimes don’t you feel that television has taken over our lives and communication habits. People are worried about missing their favorite tv show, and they leave everything behind them when they tune into this quick getaway from reality. Television is ridiculous, when you were a child how many channels did you have? Either none or five right? Now people have choices from hundred’s of shows, ranging from romance to killing, to surgery and all kinds of other sick shows. People really need to try and step away from all this and focus on their kids, not Jane’s next episode or what are they showing me on Your New House today.

Lastly, technology greatly influences our norms, not so much in the 1990’s, but the 1900’s. If we look back what were people doing working, praying and riding in their horse and buggy. Nowadays everyone wants the nice car, big salary, vacation, house, everything. And I think that if this country were not as greedy as it is, it would never survive taxes. People in the old days went home talked with their parents and went outside and played. These days kids are listening to music, playing video games, doing drugs, etc.. As we can see these little pieces of technology have really cut into our normal or low-key life.

In conclusion to all of this, we can see our technology changes everything for the “better” but, it can work the other way around. We see how medicine and our weapons systems have changed, also we watched the roads of life and airwaves arise. Our used to be normal life is also filled with distractions. So watch what you want to watch, and buy what you think it completely necessary, or else you could be buying into your next biological weapon experiment.

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