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Реферат: Somalia Essay Research Paper Somalia and my

Название: Somalia Essay Research Paper Somalia and my
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 20:14:37 14 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Somalia Essay, Research Paper

Somalia and my views on war.

Somalia, or Somali Democratic Republic is a third world country located in

Eastern Africa. Somalia is a peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Aden to the

north, the Indian ocean to the east and south, Kenya to the southwest, Ethiopia

to the west and Djibouti to the northwest. The total area of Somalia is 637,757

square km.(246,200 square miles). It has a long coastline of 3025 km. (1880

miles). The northern part of the country is covered in mountain ranges with

average elevations between 915m. and 2135m. (3000ft. to 7000ft.)

Somalia has a tropical to subtropical climate with the average temperature of

28 degrees but it can go as low as 0 degrees. Monsoon winds bring dry seasons

from September to December. The rainy season in Somalia is from March to May.

The average national rainfall is 280mm (11 inches).

Most people in Somalia are Somalis. Other minorities are Arabs, Indians,

Italians and Pakistanis. The population of Somalia in 1995 was 10,173,000. The

population density in Somalia is 16 people per square kilometer. The largest and

capital city of Somalia is Mogadishu. It has 700,000 people. The other main

cities include Hargeysa, Kismayu and Marka with populations between 60,000 and


The economy of Somalia is based primarily on livestock raising. In the south,

some crop farming is important. In the early 1990s, with the Somalian economy in

a state of collapse because of the civil war, the Gross National Product (GNP)

was $36.00 per capita. Livestock raising is the principle occupation. In 1990,

the number of estimated livestock was 6 million goats, 4 million sheep and one

million cattle. The main crops were 101,000 tons of maize, 55,000 tons of

bananas and 50,000 tons of sugarcane. Most wood is cut down for fuel.

The currency of Somalia is the Somali Shilling. One Shilling has one hundred

Centesimi. To equal one US Dollar you would need 3,900 Shillings.

President Mohammed Siad Barre left Somalia in a state of civil war in January

1991. Since then Somalia has had no central governmental authority.

War is an armed conflict between two or more governments or states. War

between different parts or factions in the same nation is referred to as a civil

war. There has always been wars. Man has always wanted to fight. It is in our

nature. Anything can cause wars; from a country trying to take over another

country, to a disagreement between politicians. Usually wars are ended by a

treaty stating the rules of coexistence, and civil wars are ended by peace


There are not any easy solutions to the problem of wars because it will

always be around. However, one of the solutions is the work of the Peace Makers.

They go to war-torn countries and try to mediate. This has been very successful

in the past. The second one, although not as good, is the stronger faction

winning by force. The third and most desirable solution, I feel, is the change

to democracy. Here the answers to the important questions are obtained by the

casting of votes by the public.

I feel the nation of Somalia would really like it if the problem of war is

terminated. Somalia has been involved in war in nearly all through its history,

from the 2nd century till 1960 Somalia has been the property of Great Britain,

Egypt, Italy, Ethiopia and other countries. Somalia got its independence by

agreement with the U.N trusteeship council on July 1st 1960 but the fighting did

not stop there. Somalia has been in a civil war from the early 1980s. Even since

1991, at least 350,000 people have been killed by violence or starvation. This

would not have happened if not for war. This is reason enough to stop war. The

stopping of war will help Somalia focus on other matters such as creating jobs,

feeding the thousands of hungry people and building the economy. Who knows if

the war had ended many years ago Somalia could be a very different place.

Another reason why Somalia should end its war is about its very existence. If

the war continues there may not be much of Somalia left.

As I said before mankind cannot completely eliminate wars. However, the world

must never stop trying. Canada is helping by sending humanitarian aids to the

countries in trouble. We also help with peace keeping forces. I feel the most

helpful and long lasting solution to this human tragedy is good communication.

This can only be achieved if the population is better educated by eliminating

illiteracy and a better knowledge of global politics and economy.

Knowledge is power. Education is the best weapon.

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