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Реферат: Lawfully Wedded Essay Research Paper Lawfully WeddedAre

Название: Lawfully Wedded Essay Research Paper Lawfully WeddedAre
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 19:08:25 06 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Lawfully Wedded? Essay, Research Paper

Lawfully Wedded?

Are gay rights a fall in morals or the right decision? Gay rights have just recently come up in the media as being a controversial issue, but a Vermont court has decided that it is no longer an issue, but the gay?s constitutional rights. Many people think that it is about time a decision was made in favor of the gays, yet others say that the court is violating morals and the constitution.

In ?Gay Marriage: Three Snaps for Vermont,? author James Talley from the Salina Journal explains his views about Vermont court?s rulings concerning the rights and marriage of gay men and women. He stands up for his ideas that the same rights should apply to everyone. Talley says that many arguing against the Vermont court make it sound like being gay is a choice, not a matter of genetics or heredity. ?Many homosexuals can raise their own biological kids, not to mentions adopted ones ? and no data suggests those kids are worse off than children of straight parents,? states Talley. He also thinks that those who accuse homosexual marriage as being a ?biblical abomination? are the same people that have no problems with the marriage of atheists, which is also wrong in the Bible.

Opposing Talley is Cal Thomas who wrote the article ?Vermont Court Abuses Its ?Raw Power?.? He tells about his ideas about the court?s rulings, which were that homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexual married couples, of being ?in violation of the separation of powers.? Writing for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Thomas explains his moral views and states that if morals are not enforced, cultures and nations will begin to fall apart. ?What happens when courts, and not citizens, define the morals by which a society live?? asks Thomas.

Both articles bring up valid points to support their views. They each had research to bring into the reading so there were more than just opinions. Talley?s article ends perfectly because it is such a factual, true statement that ?gays and lesbians may not be popular, but that?s the whole purpose of minority rights. Thomas?s conclusion, concerning the Hawaii legislature and their prevention of gay marriage, was not as powerful because he ended with only his opinion. I believe that Talley is using his opinions more wisely and being more up front. I agree with Talley because I think gays, lesbians, and all minorities should have the same rights as the heterosexual majority.

In my opinion, Thomas is too harsh and set in his ways. He doesn?t understand that things are going to change and whether he accepts it or not, it will happen. People are going to be gays or lesbians no matter what laws are passed or what barriers are set before them. Thomas tries to explain how the courts were out of place by making a decision, but who else was going to decide besides the court?

James Talley approaches the issue with more open mindedness. He describes both sides, but supports his opinion with the logical argument that gays are minorities, whether they are liked or not. Being gay isn?t always a choice, but usually is in their genes, says the National Institute of Health. Their genetic studies and statements released on July 15, 1993, show that homosexuality can be transmitted through heredity or genes. Talley also reminds us that gays are minorities and our country supports minority rights.

I haven?t had any interaction with gays so I can?t actually give a first hand opinion. Being brought up in a small western Kansas town should have pushed me more towards the conservative side of the subject. Being raised in a small town has not changed my opinion that everyone should have equal rights, even gays. I believe if they don?t bother you, don?t bother them. Minority rights apply to all minorities and their rights should not be compromised through the majority.

Ashleigh Green

655 Words

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