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Реферат: Classification On Men Essay Research Paper Classification

Название: Classification On Men Essay Research Paper Classification
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 18:30:40 16 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 3 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Classification On Men Essay, Research Paper

Classification on MEN

Men come in all kinds of different shapes sizes and styles. Most of which I am convinced were put here on this earth to make the lives of woman either a little more exciting or extremely more confusing. There is a country song that says, “ Men you can’t live with them, and you just can’t shoot em.” I have spent the last twenty years of my life trying to figure them out and the only thing that I can come up with is that you can basically narrow them down to three different types. You have your basic soft-spoken nice guy, then there is the outspoken, life of the party type and last but not least there are the men that are spoken for.

The soft-spoken nice guy often complains about going unnoticed. It has been said that nice guys finish last, but when over hearing woman’s conversations that is all that we talk about desiring. We say that we all just want a soft-spoken guy to care for us and to love us and to listen to our thoughts and ideas. They are the ones that we always seem to over look. These are the guys that we sit right next to in class, the ones that are always more than eager to help us with our homework or questions. You know the nicely dressed guy that is probably your lab partner or favorite study buddy. Then again there is always the boy next door. The man that you have been friends with forever and who always fits in perfectly with you and your girls. He is the guy that you tell all of your horror stories about guys to. Or what about the blind date that your friend sets you up on with a guy that she says is “really nice.” I am sorry but I just don’t think that we find “nice” attractive any more we love to hang out with them to have them dote over us. Have our doors opened and dinners paid for but when it comes to you and romance with this guy, his soft-spoken nature loses out nine times out of ten.

The outspoken life of the party kind of guy is the one who is always in the center of things.rab our attention. WE figure “ hey there must be something about that man to make him so intriguing to everyone.” So we put our heart, time, effort and energy in to a man that is by no means looking for anything serious. I think that subconsciously we know this, we know that he doesn’t wasn’t a relationship and that is what makes this outspoken guy so attractive. We don’t really want to be with him we just like chasing him from one party or girl to the next. These are the guys that will be a ton of fun to hang out with maybe even date on occasion but they are also the ones that will cause gray hairs, bitten fingers nails and worry lines on our faces as we await a promised phone call. They are the ones that say they will call but then never do and when you call them they always have a million excuses and a killer smile that make it all okay in your eyes again. We fall for them and their games time and time again. The only thing more frustrating than the loud and obnoxiously cute outspoken guy would be the guy that already has a girlfriend.

For instance, you are out at a party and you notice this dashing young man from across the room. Something about him is just magnetic. You’re not sure if it is his smile or charisma or the combination of the two. You slowly make your way towards him and start small talk. After laughing unceasingly, as you make marriage plans for you and this new beau in your mind, he casually mentions a story about his girlfriend. OR worst yet, the most beautiful woman in the place walks up to him and places one arm around his stomach as she plants a kiss on his cheek. If you were so drawn to this man there is probably another woman on earth that noticed long before you and is already able to call him, “hers’.” That is just the way things are in life.

I cant say that these are the only types of men out there in the world but I can say that all the men that I have had the pleasure of running into are either soft spoken, outspoken or spoken for. Some of you ladies out there might have had more luck then I. If you have a secret to your success or some pointers for how we can all tip the tables that way I would love to be let in on your little secret. Until then it seems that I am destined to date man after man who in their own unique or quirky way I am able to place into one of the three categories.

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