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Реферат: Twentieth Century Love Essay Research Paper Twentieth

Название: Twentieth Century Love Essay Research Paper Twentieth
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 02:39:00 05 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Twentieth Century Love Essay, Research Paper

Twentieth Century Love

Love is the most priceless treasure that life affords us. Religions enshrine it, billboards exploit it, professors categorize it, and newspapers report on its perversions. From agape an alterisitc love form, from the 5th century, to the modern open love of the twentieth century. Love has been ever present throughout history and has evolved to take many different faces and forms. Each time period throughout history has made its contribution to what today is seen as real love. In the twentieth century, love has changed in many ways, allowing us to get closer to being able to achieve true love. The two contributions that the twentieth century has made that have affected love the most, are the fact that men and women are now seen as equals and we are now free to choose our lovers.

Once upon a time, strong, independent women were called witches and were burned at the stake. Today they’re called feminists, they publish web pages, get flamed in e-mail and are blamed for most of society’s problems. The situation is not perfect, but it is a lot better than it was in the past. With organizations like, The ?Ministry of Women?s Equality?, web pages like ?GenderGap.com? and events such as ?Prevention of Violence Against Women Week?, its hard not to say that women are getting closer and closer to being seen as equal to men. It is this major contribution of the twentieth century that has allowed love relationships to flourish. True love can only exist when the relationship is totally mutual. There are several evidences that gender equality exists between a couple today. We see shared work around the house, it is not only women who are scrubbing pots and pans and changing diapers. Women are working nine to five jobs while men stay home to clean and baby-sit. Women can now leave their husband or boyfriend whenever they want, with little fear. There are laws prohibiting abuse and rape. A true love relationship can not exist if the man is beating his wife, because it is impossible to physically hurt someone if you truly love them. In the twentieth century we have eliminated traditional stereotypes of women and have taken away mans right to hurt and control women. This allows healthy true love relationships to exist.

Richard Adams and Tony Sullivan are possibly the most well-known biracial gay couple in the United States. Recently, they celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their relationship. If twenty five happy years of being together isn?t love, then what is? So what if they are gay? So what if Tony is Caucasian and Richard is Asian? They still truly love each other. It is couples like them who characterize twentieth century love. Finally, now in the twentieth century, we have become open minded enough to allow ourselves complete freedom in choosing our partner. Not only have we stepped away from traditional arranged marriages, we have allowed people to marry whom ever they like, religion, race and gender aside. Some still believe arranged marriages can produce ?successful relationships?. The custom of arranged marriages in India has survived migration and modernization remaining central to the fabric of society. Although no exact figures are available, some ?95 percent of all marriages in India are arranged? (Wood?s Geographical web site). Many Indians contend that ?arranged marriages are more successful than marriages in the West, particularly given the latter’s staggering divorce rates? (Aysha Harjina, Wood?s Geographical web site). But what do they mean when they say more successful relationships? Do they produce more children? Last longer? A successful love relationship is one in which both people are truly happy and trusting of one another. If this takes marrying a person of a different race, or of the same gender it should not make a difference, and thanks to the twentieth century, it is now legal and accepted by society to do so.

All in All, the twentieth century has had an extremely positive effect on love relationships. The contribution of women and men being seen as equals has allowed couples to experience true love in which both partners are equal. The contribution of being free to choose our partner has allowed people to find true love wherever it exists for them. Although love in the twentieth century is still not perfect, it has improved a great deal. Hopefully loving relationships will continue to flourish and all prejudices towards mankind will one day disappear.

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