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Реферат: Blue Winds Dancing Essay Research Paper Civilization

Название: Blue Winds Dancing Essay Research Paper Civilization
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 02:18:35 01 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 2 Комментариев: 13 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Blue Winds Dancing Essay, Research Paper

Civilization is a defining characteristic of humanity however it is probably one of the least redeeming. Civilization is how we function as a society and our cognizance of appropriate behavior.As much as we prize civilization and a civilized demeanor, we forget the background of our existence as a whole. Man is no more than satellite floating on an aimless, unchangeable coarse from birth to death. Why is it that being civilized or uncivilized matters? In the story Blue Winds Dancing by Tom Whitecloud, civilization is addressed. From this text one can see the many downfalls of civilization and if Whitecould s words stand to prove anything, they prove that civilization makes a man a shallow conformist. In the Narrator s reflection in the beginning of the story, he makes mention of conforming results of civilization; Being civilized means trying to do everything you don t want to, never doing what you want to. The Narrator s journey to Wisconsin is considered for the most part an uncivilized act yet that was what he wanted to do. No one considers train hoping across the country an act of a modernly civilized person, yet what is wrong with doing it? The problem is it does not conform to the established sense of civilization. Moreover a person can be outcast from society because of his failure to comply with the ideals of civilization. This is the case with the bums in the story. They pay the price for being free of civilization. What makes them bums is the sense of civilization in the story. The narrator s view of this sense is that it gives a man freedom to want only a woman, work, and a house. Consequently this leaves a man with a rather shallow existence. In other words man is robbed the freedom of desire by the empathy of civilization. The story itself is based upon the conception of civilization. The narrator travels from his civilized contempary lifestyle at school to an Indian reservation in the backwoods of Wisconsin that would more than likely have been considered vastly uncivilized. Yet even in the tribal community of an Indian reservation there are accepted notions of civilization. The narrator fears he will not be accepted back to the community because he has breeched an issue of his native civilization. Fortunately he is accepted as if he had never left his people but it still possible to see the repercussions of civilization. The whole situation shows how civilization promotes conformity and thus shallowness in man. Civilization, in this story, is linked to stereotypical assumptions of humanity: that we find beauty in the organized rows of trees rather than the dense thicket of less civilized areas, that we move to the strings of custom and tradition , rather than moving to the beat of our own drum (as a symbolic clich ), that we find happiness in superficial items, and that we are essentially shaped by our society. For these reasons it is easy to gain an idea of the common issues that can be interpreted as conformity. For instance why is it that in the story civilization teaches man to want only a wife, a house and a place of work. Civilization prompts man to become materialistic, furthermore making him shallow. In this story the purpose of civilization is to decry the apparitions of society.

Every mention of civilization in this story displays a seemingly feeble representation of our nature to influence one another. Understanding this one can observe the changes in setting from the narrator s urban school district to the untamed country of his childhood. He contrasts the symmetrical columns of trees in the city to a lone pine tree leaning awkwardly in a gnarled entanglement brush brandishing its dominion over the mountainside its conquered. In civilization man manipulates nature to conform to their standards of beauty instead of letting nature itself become beautiful. Whitecloud s words alone show his frustration with the overwhelming importance placed on civilization. He describes the thoughtless rush of living in civilization and how there is no hurry to get anywhere in his native lands. No driving to keep up in a race that knows no ending and no goal , he makes reference to relaxed agenda of living outside of civilization. There is no race outside civilization because there is no one to keep up with. In retrospect keeping up is just another way civilization conforms people giving them some standard, which they must obtain to keep up . Basically by attempting to keep up in the aimless jaunt civilization leads a person on, that person is conforming to fit the mold civilization fabricates.Civilization is little more than a function of society and everyone knows the evil of society; likewise civilization has its ailing factors. Even with its detracting elements civilization is what allows advancement of society. Despite its many downfalls civilization encompasses us all into society and moreover a civilized society. This is a force no one can fight civilization makes its own laws and being civilized is conforming to the defining laws of civilization. There for, in this story one should be able to depict civilization-transforming men into shallow conformists. Civilization is hooped together, brought under rule,Under semblance of peace, by manifold illusion William Butler Yeats supernatural songs, Meru Peter Smith Bigpeter34@yahoo.com

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