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Реферат: Manhattan Essay Research Paper MANHATTANIn this essay

Название: Manhattan Essay Research Paper MANHATTANIn this essay
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 16:39:36 14 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Manhattan Essay, Research Paper


In this essay you will read about all of the wonderful things to see and do in

Manhattan, New York. Manhattan is the borough that never sleeps in. Here, there

are so many wonderful things to see and do places to go and you will always meet

new and familiar faces here. Manhattan is a main attraction when people come to

visit New York City. There are many new explorations and journeys that can be

taken on this wonderful island. Even though it s a borough it is also an island in and

of itself. Here you will find out just what there is to do here.

There are so many things that can be said about Manhattan. Manhattan is a

place of fun, adventure, and non-stop excitement. Manhattan has world wide known

museums, such as the Guggenheim, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art just to

name a few. There are many other museums in New York that are on Fifth Ave. also

known as Museum Mile, that may not be as popular as these two, yet they are just

as important as the next. We have many famous and beautiful Cathedrals like Saint

John the Divine, and Saint Patrick s Cathedral. Even the pope has visited these

places at one time or another.

There are so many places to shop in Manhattan that you do not have enough

money to spend in one day, because you will always see something that you want

almost everywhere. You will not be able to leave without spending hundreds of

dollars. We have places like The Diamond District and the Fashion District. The

United Nations is located in Manhattan. Many country heads and major political

people come to discuss political world issues.

If you needed any place to just relax and take a load off and need some place

to stay, we have very popular Astoria Manor, The Plaza, The Ritz Carlton, and

Donald Trumphs Marriott Marquis. Some of the most famous and important

people have stayed at these hotels, like Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Frank Sanatra and

many more. Here you can cross the street and go to Central Park and go for

romantic horse carriage rides. As you continue your romantic evening, you can get

on the N.Y. Waterway and take a cruise around the whole island of Manhattan.

You will pass landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Elise Island, the place in

which many immigrants used as a pit stop on their migrating to the United States.

For all you sports, plays, and music lovers, we have of the most prestigious

arena s in the world. Madison Square Garden is one of the most popular arenas’ in

town. Here they have the basketball playoffs for the New York Knicks, and the

hockey Stanley Cup championships played by the New York Ranger. Some of the

best teams also come to play there. We also have The Theatre at Madison Square

Gardens, were many plays and ice skating shows go on. We have theatres like the

Beacon Theatre, where most gospel black plays are performed and Radio City

Musical Hall. The Famous a Christmas Carol is played here every year. We also

have great infamous Rockefeller Center. During the wintertime you can go down

and see the tree lighting ceremony, which is a very special event for New Yorker. We

have a fifty-foot tree brought in and have people decorate it. This gives a Christmas

spirit to many who may not be able to have a Christmas of their own. This tree brings family and friends together for the holidays. We also have Carnegie Hall,

were The Metropolitan Opera have performed, and Lincoln Center were the New

York Philharmonic Perform every year and other great performers have appeared.

Broadway is a whole other world by itself. It is the heart of Manhattan. Here

on Broadway we have so many playhouses you can come and see just about

everything from the famous play Cats to the Scarlet Pimpernel. The lights on

Broadway never go off, and you will always find massive amounts of people out at

all times in the heart of Manhattan.

See all you have to do is come on down and give it a try. Manhattan is a

great place to live and to come visit. We have so many attractions and some many

things to keep you busy. This is the City that never sleeps, and it still keeps its name

after so many years. Manhattan is a place and land of opportunity. There are so

many things to do people to say and places to go you would never get board. It s an

exciting experience and a great place. Manhattan is full of all these things and much


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