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Реферат: Analyzation Of The 2000 State Of The

Название: Analyzation Of The 2000 State Of The
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 13:11:11 06 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Union Essay, Research Paper

This year’s State Of The Union speech was a very unique one in many ways. First off, it was extremely ambitious considering this is President Clinton’s eighth and final year as President of the United States. The sheer amount of propositions brought up were mind boggling, especially for the average American viewer who is not able to comprehend all the slight tricks that President Clinton is using for his benefit throughout the speech. Of the many topics discussed by the president however, there were a few which I paid more attention to, and those are going to be the ones I discuss in more detail throughout this paper.

First and foremost of the issues discussed this year was the whole debacle with the United States Supreme Court. It was plainly obvious from the start that this was a critical issue because of the absence of the entire Supreme Court from the speech. Although President Clinton doesn’t go too far in length on this issue, it is apparent by his few very well made comments that he is disappointed with the whole situation. However, the Republicans still seem to not budge on their stance of not appointing the Democratic judges the president nominates, which has been a hot issue in Washington for a long time. I personally disagree with the Republicans on this issue because I think that even though the President does not nominate people of the same party, that is no reason for the Republican majority Senate to turn all of the nominations down. It is frankly not a very courteous thing for them to be doing at this time.

Another major issue that startled mostly everyone at this speech was the plan to eliminate the national debt in thirteen years. Clinton combination of spending and other miscellaneous cuts is a bold plan for the country to be debt-free within a relatively short amount of time. My opinion on this is that the plan sounds wonderful, but I find it very hard to believe that this plan is a doable one for the country. Our debt has soared into the trillions and that is a whole lot of money for a growing country to makeup, even a country as big as the United States.

The President proposition on Urban Renewal was another which struck me as interesting. Although this was a speech about the United States, Clinton’s main interest in urban renewal was mainly based on foreign buildup, and not very much about the buildup of the lower areas within our own great country. My thoughts on this are that he definetly should be focusing more on in country affairs in this section of thought than in foreign regards. While it is still important to help the world, that is a thing that should be done after we take care of our own problems at home, and no sooner. What is the point of renewing another country when there is still things to be renewed back home? It just doesn’t make too much sense at all, President Clinton needs to get his priorities straight in my opinion.

One more issue Clinton seemed to cover very nicely is that of trade with the other countries of the world. This proposal was very good in that he covered every aspect of the nations that are of more importance, and this was very good for him to do. He especially covered the touchy state of trade with China, and explained well about all of his plans to increase trade and also to refine trade with the countries. Finally, he linked this propostion well with that of his Globalization plan, they really did fit well together. My brief thoughts on this issue are that I agree fully with President Clinton, the United States should definetly become even more of a player in world trade than it already is. Our trade relations footings in other countries is an important factor in the future of this country.

Finally, the last issue Clinton covered in more depth was the issue of Diversity and Minority Rights. This is another hot issue in our country lately, and was a critical one for President Clinton to cover in the State Of The Union. His stance was one of most other Americans, that being that we educate everyone to be much more accepting of the differences we have between each other, and to try to achieve a nation totally free of prejudice. I agree with Clinton on this, but it is going to be very hard to implement this considering we have so much prejudice dwelling within the american people. The everyday sight of this prejudice is obvious too, even within the more accepting places of this world. It will certainly be a long time in my opinion until this country is one free of prejudice.

The State Of The Union this year was one of wild propositions and also of serious discussion of the many differences the Republicans and Democrats in Washington still have. Its going to take a strong country to accomplish even half of what was outlined in the Presidents speech, but it can all be done if the nation as a whole works together to make a difference in this great country. I think it was a particularly good way for President Clinton to finish off his eight year term as President Of The United States Of America.


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