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Реферат: Odysseus And Aeneas Essay Research Paper If

Название: Odysseus And Aeneas Essay Research Paper If
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 19:11:28 01 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Odysseus And Aeneas Essay, Research Paper

If there is any possibility that a comparison could be made with the famous

journeys of Odysseus and Aeneas, it must be known that Aeneas is actually a hero

in search of his own soul while Odysseus is a hero trying to find his old life

and in a sense, his old soul. The Aeneid is very much of a spiritual quest,

which makes it unique in ancient literature and in contrast with the Odyssey.

Only Virgil admits to the possibility that a character can change, grow, and

develop. In the story?s earlier stages, the character of Aeneas is obviously

unsure of himself, always seeking instructions from his father or from the gods

before committing himself to any course of action. In the underworld he sees a

perspective of the future history of Rome down to the time of Augustus, and that

vision gives him the self-confidence to act on his own initiative.

Comparatively, Odysseus is driven though his journey beginning with apparent

self-confidence and continuing with a vengeful vigor. While reviewing the

myth?s fantastic journey, I wondered if Aeneas was great because his fate made

him great or was he great because he had the courage and determination to live

up to the role fate handed him? There is a side to Aeneas, I noticed that is not

very impressive, even when I could almost understand why he feels the way he

does. He is sad, tired, always waiting for his father or the gods to tell him

what to do. But Aeneas always fulfills his duty to his family, to his country,

and to the gods, even when he is depressed. He is never selfish. He always puts

his responsibility to others first. In that way, his actions throughout his

journey to the underworld were somewhat different that Odysseus?. In Aeneas?

case, he too was as great of a survivor as Odysseus. In fact, he at least

matches him in the way that he is one of those people who can lose everything

and still start all over again. Aeneas goes from being a victim of the Greeks at

Troy to becoming a conqueror in Italy. Virgil?s Aeneas is the first character

in Western literature who actually changes and develops. His struggles help him

discover who he is and what he thinks is important. If I had to name one quality

that defines Aeneas throughout his journey, it is his devotion to duty, a

quality that the Romans called pietas or piety. This quality keeps him going

even when he would rather forget about his fate. Ultimately, this same quality

makes him accept, even welcome, that fate. Because, when Aeneas finally realizes

that all his efforts will make the glorious Roman Empire possible, his love of

his family and his country are fulfilled. The result is that the Aeneas we see

at the end of the Aeneid is determined, sure of himself, and confident that he

knows what is right. He has become a great leader who is able to impose order on

people who display more selfish and unruly emotions. Odysseus, as the classic

definition of his name suggests, is truly and individual who causes great

trouble. Throughout the Odyssey, there are many direct and indirect

circumstances in which Odysseus wreaks havoc upon others. He leaves Troy, fights

at the island of Ismaros, and witnesses the sleepy life of the Lotos Eaters. He

blinds and then tricks the one-eyed cannibal, Cyclopes, the son of Poseidon.

Eventually, he even buries Elpenor, one of his crew members who was killed

during all this trouble. Never does he begin nor end with a lack of self

confidence anywhere close to the one exhibited by Aeneas at the commencement of

his journey. After his first stage of havoc, Odysseus resists the song of the

Seirenes, and sails between the whirlpool and the cliff, personified by the

names of Skylla and Kharybdis. But his men make the mistake of eating the

forbidden cattle of the sun god, Helios. So Zeus wrecks Odysseus? ship,

drowning all of his men. Odysseus manages to survive Skylla and Kharybdis again,

and washes up at Ogygia Island where he stays eight years with Kalypso. After

all that, he is still able to build a ship and set out again for Ithaka, but he

becomes shipwrecked by Poseidon and swims to Skheria, where Nausikaa, King

Alkinoos? daughter, finds him. Homer seems to purposely intrigue us by having

other characters describe Odysseus, ?He had no rivals, your father, at the

tricks of war.? described Nestor rather early in the story. If all of the

graphically horrid events and ?warrior descriptions? do not help to classify

Odysseus as a troublemaker, I do not know what would! In extensive recounts of

the story, his killings are graphically described in a vulgar fashion adding to

his troublesome image ?Did he dream of death?? Homer askes later on when

Odysseus kills Antinoos. ?How could he??. Antinoos? nostrils spurt blood

and in his death throes he kicks over his table, knocking his meat and bread to

the ground ?to soak in dusty blood.? It is indeed a graphic description and

it exemplifies Odysseus? ?pain-inducing image.? Even with such stories,

however, it is indeed very suitable to label Odysseus as an epic hero. He is in

fact a legendary figure with more than the usual amount of brains and muscle.

Sometimes throughout the stories it appears almost as though he is a superhuman.

At the end of the story, with only his inexperienced son and two farm lands to

help, he kills more than one hundred of Penelope?s suitors. He is able to do

it because he has the help of the goddess Athena. He embodies the ideals Homeric

Greeks aspired to: manly valor, loyalty, piety, and intelligence. Piety means

being respectful of the gods, acknowledging their control of fate and evidently,

consciously knowing you need their help. Odysseus? intelligence is a mix of

keen observation, instinct, and street smarts. He is extremely cautious. Also,

Odysseus is good at disguises and at concealing his feelings. As is necessary

for ?his line of work?, Odysseus is a very fast and inventive liar. In these

respects, his random lack of integrity put him in sharp contrast with Aeneas and

his actions on his journey.

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