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Реферат: Television Censorship Essay Research Paper It is

Название: Television Censorship Essay Research Paper It is
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 16:39:02 29 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Television Censorship Essay, Research Paper

It is an Unalienable Right

Television censorship should not be implied. In the Bill of Rights the first amendment states that we have the ?Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition?? (Bill of Rights, 1971). If this country worked so hard in order to gain these rights and preserve them, why would it want to abolish them? The constitution and the United States of America gave people these rights and freedoms so a person should be able to use them as they please. If the law put a barrier on freedom of speech and press then the law might as well put a barrier on the whole first amendment. As some may say that the content being published or shown in the media is immoral and degrading. It must be taken in consideration others own rights of freedom of speech and press. This country must be fair and equal, where our system is based on justice and equality.

Some parents protest the fact that HBO can show ? Mini-Porn ? at night or that the theme of much television shows that target young audiences involve too much sex and violence. Studies by George Gerbner, Ph.D, at the University of Pennsylvania show that television shows contain 20 violent acts each hour. Parents should pay more attention to what their children watch and read. For instance, parents can always shut off cable television and monitor the reading material kept at home, and always make sure it meets adequate moral standards. People opinions vary to ones own opinion. If Parents wanted to keep children away from sex and violence, everything from medically used informative videos to materials historically based would have to be banned.

The television industry is a business with an over populated audience, which should not be held responsible for the morals that are shown. Like every business, their first priority is not to be a babysitter and teach their viewers morals, but to sell their business. It was researched that fifty-nine percent of those who watched an above average amount of violence on television as children were involved in more than the average number of such aggressive incidents later in life. Where were the parents of these children? Why were they let alone to watch whatever they please? It is the job of the parents to show their children morals and raise them so they know what is right from wrong. If the parents do not instill this into their children as a personal responsibility, they should not expect the media to do so.

Society must also keep in mind the different variety of audiences. The media cannot please everyone. It must also be understood that many parents do not have control over the situation due to the fact that they are i.e. A single working parent of three. These parents are unable to attend their children, job, and house. Parents like these are those that would like to have high moral shows in order to substitute their absence in the child?s life. Parents in this situation should then take more concern on how they would pay more attention to their children and their individual needs, According to recent studies by the APA Helping Center, it was shown that if parents can watch at least one episode of the show their children are watching and discuss to approve their viewing of it, it helps drastically. Instead of blaming the television, media, or themselves, they should focus more on teaching their children and mending the mistakes made by letting them watch unsupervised television.

The constitution gave this nation unalienable righted that should be kept and respected. As the times change and generations come and go, so do morals and beliefs. Because of the first amendment we have such radio talk shows as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. Television shows like Touched by an Angel, Sex and the City, God the Devil and Bob, and WWF. People cannot control the topics of the shows, as the only thing people can control is our right to assemble and petition to abolish it, as many parents a never have the time to do so. In this situation parents have more concern in what their children watch or change the channel to a channel or show that fit their beliefs, morals, and pleasures; just as other vulgar, immoral, and tasteless shows may satisfy others.

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