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Реферат: Punk Music Essay Research Paper Introduction Often

Название: Punk Music Essay Research Paper Introduction Often
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 22:39:12 01 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Punk Music Essay, Research Paper

Introduction: Often when people think of punk music they still think of the eighties ?down with government beat the hell out of your neighbor get wasted? stereotype. It oges without saying that punk music has earned it?s reputation for being high impact, loud, energetic and intense. However people often associate the message of all punk music as containing nothing more then violent anti-government statements and messages of alienation. Many people share the view that it has nothing to say and has offered nothing but a continued sentiment of hostility towards it?s fans. This is an unfair judgement of a genre of music whose fans are as variable as the messages of the music itself. Punk music has indeed offered a messages of abstinence rather then promiscuity, faith rather then hopelessness, understanding rather then hate, and love rather then hate. My argument isn?t that punk music is the savior of humanity and that if we all listen to punk music we will be suddenly endowed with knowledge and understanding far exceding our predecessors. My argument is simply that punk music is not always destructive and that it has indeed done something to improve the world we live in rather then destroy it.


1).Punk music is often cheifly known for it?s political statements. The messages are often perceived by the public in general negative , angry and mostly childish. Often overlooked are the positive attempts has made to better the world in which we live rather then beat the hell out of it for not being the way we want.

2).Many bands have strong political feelings on nearly every subject that the politicians of our country speak of. Using their music as a way to raise awareness of theirr fans on topics such as racism, tolerance of same sex couples, and sexually transmitted diseases

3).One of the most outirght examples of this found in a monologue at the beginning of the less then jake song ?All my best freinds are metal heads? in which the voice over politician states ?I promise I will not juge any person only as a teenager if you will constantly remind yourself that members of my genereation judges people by their race or belief or the color of their skin and that this is no more right then saying all teenagers are drunken dope addicts and glue sniffers?.

4). The efforts to benefit society that are made by punk music extend beyond lyrics . If you go to your local cd store and visit the punk section odds are you will be able to find a numberof compilation albums of which the profits of are used to benefit causes that range from anti-racist groups and saving the rain forest to research for the HIV virus.

5). another myth that is associated with punk music is that all punk music denounces organized government and religion. This si crap. Punk bands that promote religion. On for every religion and many badns have patriotic songs praising there country.

6).probably the most prominent and exemplary example of the positive impact of punk music is that of a term whose meaning has become a way of life for many.

7).In the nineteen eighties the lead singer of the punk band Minor threat Ian Mckaye coined the term straight edge. Denouncing the nihilistic tendencies of punk rock and instead promoting the simple philosophy of don?t drink, don?t smoke, don?t *censored*.?

8).In the years since the origination of the term millions of teens around the world have adopted the straight edge philosophy as a doctrine for living. They find strength in it?s message and use it as a way to better themselves.

9).While the original definition only included the rejection of mind altering substances and promiscuous sex, modern interpretation have included a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle as the result of increasing awareness of environmental and political issues.

10).While some straight edgers may choose to push there beliefs on others often believing that their way of life is the only way of most will follow the principle of understanding and choose not to push their beleifs on feeling that everyone has a right to choose how they wish to live.

Closing: IN closing I?d like to leave you this thought. How can a genere of music whose bands have raised money for charities and developed strong political beleifs as well passionate feelings on the way we live in their fabs really be the evil maliscous demonic bastards we?ve grown to believe they are. The answer it?s not. That doesn?t mean that punk musics perfect or that it always carrys a message of peacful tolerance. Sometimes I can?t even find a message myself. It simply means that there are as many varying degrees to punk muasic as there are varying views on punk music. It proably won?t be the savior of humanity and it doesn?t pretend to be. It?s music. And most importantly it?s music that some people gather strenght from. It conveys messages of strength, faith and differing view points and to some people it?s made a wolrd of difference. Perhaps Howard Benson summed it up best when he said ?whether or not it will ever be recognized for it?s positive impact on society it?s had one. That?s the best thing about it?.

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