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Реферат: Economy Of Italy Essay Research Paper Location

Название: Economy Of Italy Essay Research Paper Location
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 20:40:16 01 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Economy Of Italy Essay, Research Paper

Location and Population

Italy, is a boot shaped country in south-south eastern Europe. Italy, also known as

the Italian Republic, is one of the seven most industrialized countries in the world. This

lineup includes: United States, Russia, Germany, England, Japan, China and Italy. Italy is

about the size of North Carolina and it has a population of around thirty-seven million

people as of 1991. An interesting fact about the population of Italy is that it is neither

growing nor shrinking. During the last decade, Italy’s population hasn’t exceeded a .9%

increase or decrease in population. Of the 37 million inhabitants of Italy, many work as

farmers, and factory workers.


The climate of Italy is mild. Along the coastal areas, there is a long hot summer,

with a short mild, and windy winter. Italy much of the time is cold and wet especially in

the winter. The yearly average temperature is 40 degrees.

Main Industries/Resources

Italy is a highly productive and industrialized country. Some main industries are as

follows: food, mining, and manufacturing. Starting with food, is probley Italy’s most

recognizable industry. Italians are known for producing a fine, fresh meal, with much care

taken to top quality ingredients. Italians grow the world’s best olive trees. That is why

much of the world’s olive oil is exported from Italy. Half of Italy’s farmland is occupied by

grapes. Much of the world’s finest vine comes from the vineyards of Italy. Since Italy is

on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea,very good fishing results. Tomatoes, soybean, and

other vegetables are also grown in Italy. Italy is also a successful mining nation. Mining

includes: stone, marble, sulfur, mercury, natural gas, and limestone. Italy has a large

abundance of limestone and marble, as most structures remain from Rome’s glory years.

These resources are non-renewable, since they cannot be replenished. Others, mentioned

before such as tomatoes, olive and grapes are renewable resources of Italy.

Another important industry of Italy is manufacturing. Italy produces a wide

abundance of chemicals, textiles and machines. Italy is the world’s top developer in

clothing. Top designers such as Armani, and Valentino are among the most prestigious

names in the clothing industry. The world’s best cars are produced in Italy. Ferrari, which

is based in Marenello Italy is the world’s best automaker. Also included in Italy’s

manufacturing system is Fiat, Lamborghini and Maserati. Italy is also Europe’s largest tire

maker. Pirelli Tyre Co. makes the finest tires in the world. Italy is also one of the world’s

largest railroad car and track manufacturer. Italy exports 36% more goods than what is

imported in to the country.

Interesting Points

Some interesting facts on Italy is that it is 116,300 square miles. That makes it a

fairy large country for Europe. The average length of life in Italy is seventy-three for men,

and seventy-nine for women. Italy was once under the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini,

the Italian dictator with ties to Adolf Hitler. The crime rate is fairly low in Italy, but an

organized crime group called the “Mafia” has led an underground life of crime. Some

Italian Mafia “bosses” conduct business in America. In Italian lifestyles, and they also have

a different way of eating. If you are invited to eat at somebody’s house, you must finish

the meal. Otherwise you are considered rude.

Economic System

I feel Italy has a moderate command economy because while the government does have

much control over what can be traded, the citizens have an abundance of ways to produce

their own goods. This allows for a lot of small business entrepreneurs, and keeps the

economy not so controlled by government.


-Social Structure in Italy: Crisis of a System, Acquaviva, Santino, and Santuccio,

Mario, (1976)

-World in View, Italy, Barbara Walsh Angelillo 1991 Steck-Vaughn Co.

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