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Реферат: Lucas King Of Film Essay Research Paper

Название: Lucas King Of Film Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 01:22:07 24 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Lucas_ King Of Film Essay, Research Paper

Davis 1

Lucas: King of Film

Whether it be through his epic Star Wars saga, or through the exalted special effects crew he pioneered, Industrial Light and Magic, he continues to amaze audiences world wide. His name in synonymous with famous directors/producers in the world. His impacts reach out in more fields than just film. He has created companies that produce award winning video games, toy companies produce action figures designed after characters from his movies, many books by many authors based on his original film stories, and countless other wings of Lucas’ reign exist in today’s world. Since his youth, George Lucas has experienced many influences, which in turn push him to make the greatest contributions to the film industry which leave an ever increasing impact on film today and the world.

Throughout history, it is apparent that those who are recognized as “great ones” were influenced in some way or another to become the leader who they are. In George Lucas’ case, he was greatly influenced in his late teens and early twenties. Lucas claims to have chased girls and raced cars throughout high school, and barely made it through (Moritz 258). Soon after high school, Lucas attended Modesto Junior College in California and continued to work on cars as his main interest (Moritz 258). In Smith, Lucas is quoted saying, “I was a hell-raiser; lived, ate, breathed cars! That was everything for me”(84). Lucas even worked on pit crews for race cars when he met Haskell Wexler, who introduced him to film (Moritz 258). Eventually Lucas realized his new passion was film. Mr. Wexler helped Lucas gain admission into the University of

Davis 2

Southern California’s film department (Moritz 260). In college Lucas was the head of his film classes winning many awards and accolades. His first feature movie in college was titled THX-1138 and won his university’s award for best film (Moritz 259).

Lucas is also inspired by his circle of friends and fellow directors, producers, and collaborations with them. With the success of THX-1138 at the university, Lucas was awarded the chance to be an observer on the set of Finian’s Rainbow directed by University of Southern California alumnus Francis Ford Coppola (Champlin 7). Soon the two began to chat, and then became friends, so Coppola let Lucas work for him on the movie. With his hard work, Lucas earned the respect of Coppola who in turn did Lucas the favor of convincing producers to let Lucas direct a major motion picture (Moritz 7). Lucas’ first major motion picture was American Graffiti, with this film Coppola had given Lucas the chance to make a foothold in the film industry, and he certainly did. Also, Lucas is supported by friends Steven Spielberg, John Milius, Martin Scorcese, and Ivan Reitman (Moritz 260). The group often collaborate on projects and get advice from each other on filmmaking (Moritz 258). Steven Spielberg is quoted in Champlin’s book saying:

Lucasfilm touches our lives from many different directions, descending upon our eyes, our ears, and our children. George has never stopped asking, “Any Ideas?” and the whole world has been a better place for it.(7)

On the other hand, George Lucas is best identified with the fantastic list of movies he has had a part in, whether it be a big part, or an even bigger one, Lucas has a great deal of influence on movies listing his name in the credits. It is for sure that at one time or another, everyone has heard of Star Wars, the first part of a three movie trilogy, for which he is best known for the conception and production of. Since it’s release in 1977, Star Wars has grossed over four billion dollars in sales, making it the most money making movie ever (Lane and Samuelson 126). Lucas also produced all three of the Indiana Jones movies; Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Last Crusade, which were

Davis 3

directed by Steven Spielberg (Smith 83). Currently, Lucas has re-released his epic Star Wars saga, and titled it Star Wars: special edition, which has blown away viewers.

Perhaps his most important contribution to film is his beginning of, and ownership of the special effects crew ILM, standing for Industrial Light and Magic. Over the years, ILM has won ten Academy Awards, two emmys, and six British Academy Awards (Wolkomir 112). Without the techniques still used today, pioneered by ILM, movie making today might still be stuck in a “Godzilla” like special defects world. Randall praises ILM in his article saying, “Indeed almost every digital effects company has had executives that learned the trade at Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic” (127). ILM has produced special effects for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Independence Day (Wolkomir 112). ILM is marked for being ahead of its time and all other special effects companies, especially in Star Wars which amazed audiences across the world (Randall 127).

Furthermore, Lucas has impacted the film industry in countless ways. His main impacts are those on the film industry. Lucas set a benchmark for sound with his development of the sound system called THX (Champlin 7). The highest of quality home receivers and highest quality movie theater sound systems are designed with THX (Champlin 7). THX’s motto is “the audience is listening” and they have been at Cineplex Odeon theaters across the USA, and other theaters hosting the dynamic sound system (Randall 127). Although the release of Star Wars in 1977 discouraged other directors by blowing away all special effects and sound barriers, this in turn set a new mark for directors to reach for in their movie productions. It’s impacts like these that improve the film industry every day, and a lot of it traces back to George Lucas.

Davis 4

The ability to make parents flock to toy stores day in and day out searching for much requested toys isn’t hard to create in one’s self. Twenty years after it’s release, Star Wars is one of the top selling toy lines today (Leonhardt 79). Parents were described as “fleas” swarming the toy shops this past Christmas (Leonhardt 78). The fact that Lucas expected to make $500,000,000 in overall Star Wars saga related sales after the release of Jedi, but really topped $4,000,000,000 is quite the audience impact also (Moritz 259). Everyone remembers Steven Spielberg’s E.T.: the extra terrestrial, parents and children couldn’t get enough of the lovable foreigner, but Star Wars’ profits exceeded that of E.T.’s for all time sales (Snead 6).

Through his influences, Lucas has managed to impact our lives with his many contributions to the entertainment industry. With praise from others like Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg, it is definite Lucas is a film legend of our time. He has had many contributions and films we all know and love. He has reached out to all generations; the elder with memories in American Graffiti, and the young and young at heart with Star Wars, and the real science fiction fans with his perfected version of THX-1138. He has impacted other filmmakers and audiences alike. Traces of his greatness reach out through our world.

Davis 5

Champlin, Charles. George Lucas: The Creative Impulse. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1992.

Lane, Randall. “George’s Industry” Forbes 11 Mar. 1996: 127.

Leonhardt, David. “The Empire Strikes Again” Business Week. 1 Jan. 1996: 48.

Moritz, Charles. “Lucas, George” Current Biography Yearbook Ed. Evelyn Lohr and Henry Swan. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1978.

Samuelson, James, and Lane Randall. “Money Machine” Forbes Mar. 1996: 126.

Smith, Diane G. American Filmmakers Today. New York: Julian Messner, 1983.

Sterritt, David. “Are Movie Marketers Too Mighty?” Christian Science Monitor. 31 July 1995: 1+

Wolkomir, Richard. “High-Tech Hokum is Changing the Way Movies are Made.”

Smithsonian. Oct. 1990: 112-125.

Lucas: King of Film

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