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Реферат: The Dog Fight Essay Research Paper The

Название: The Dog Fight Essay Research Paper The
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 13:37:15 26 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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The Dog Fight Essay, Research Paper

The year was 1996 and the USA were at war with the Russians, because the USA tried to take over Russian land. The Russians had been threatening the USA. If they didn’t back down they would bomb Colorado, one of the biggest cities in USA.

It was a cool misty morning when we got the word. The Russians were about to invade the state capital. Now it was all up to me (Colonel Mustard, code-name “Sunrise”) and my squadron of 30 men and 12 F-111 aircraft to stop it. We were the only base within a 1000 mile range of the attacking zone therefore we had no choice. We had to put our lives on the line for the sake of millions. Many of us may not return. It was the most dangerous mission I had faced in my 20 year with the United States Airforce.

I called my men in and assessed the situation with a quick pre-flight briefing. The mission is to keep out enemy aircraft while the other aircraft went after the mysterious b-51a galaxy bomber After the briefing was concluded there was not a sound to be heard in the briefing room, the only thing you could hear was the heavy breathing of the pilots. I could tell they were scared but trying not to show it. I walked around telling them what was at stake if we failed this operation. We would not only be a failure to our country but hundreds, even thousands of innocent people could die. These men had gone past the scared stage now and started to focus intensely on the job at hand, trying to save our country. Dismissed.

After the briefing, they went to the changing rooms and suited up and prepared for what would be the most enduring dogfight of their lives. Nothing could prepare someone for a time like this. The thoughts of their mothers, fathers, wives and kids rampaged through their heads. Would they ever see them again? I walked in to the change rooms with once sentence “this is what you been trained for”. You could have almost cut the air with a knife. I’m sure if you listened hard enough, you could hear the pounding hearts of the pilots.

After they were all suited and ready, they proceeded to their aircraft. I personally wished each and every pilot the best of luck and a safe return.

The time was 08:00 hours. Our strike was due for 09:00. I had suited up and got into my aircraft with my co-pilot “Hammer”.

I was the first aircraft airborne closely followed by my wingman “Hawk”. Six aircraft were now airborne, with another six in our support crew, ready to take of if they got the word.

We were now at our destination and not one enemy aircraft on the radar. We really didn’t know how many or what type of aircraft to expect. Still I think we would out number them, with us and our six back up aircraft and more on the way from Washington airforce base.

Suddenly we were shown the real power of the Russians. “Four sets of two aircraft at twelve o’clock at 200 miles inbound”. I got the news from the tower “We are launching the reserve aircraft”.

We broke up into groups of two and went to see if we could break up their groups.

My wingman and I broke out to the north to try and come around the back of the groups; to see if we could eliminate a couple of enemy aircraft. This was the first visual confrontation with enemy aircraft and somehow I think, they were ready for us.

Hawk and I went after the first aircraft, a Mig-28 a very fast and manoeuverable aircraft. We came on his six and tried to get a firing tone, to give him a scare, but he had other ideas. He pulled a 6 or 7 G turn to his right. By this time another aircraft had come around on our tail. He fired on us, I rolled hard right. A close miss. Too close. We now had given them a fair chance to bug out. Hawk broke hard right, with one of the Mig’s following him. I rolled on to the Mig’s six and got a firing tone, “switching to missiles, firing” a direct hit! I had a visual on the second but wasn’t close enough to get a tone. Hawk was being fired upon, a radio call from Hawk “I’m hit I’m hit, eject eject eject!” Hawk along with his co-pilot had ejected safely.

Now I was left with just one mig. A one on one battle, now it was time to see the better pilot. I had position. I selected guns and fired, he broke right, I followed. I switched back to missiles and waited for the tone. I got a tone and fired. He broke hard to his left. I missed! I think I must have scared him enough because he soon bugged out.

I landed at 13:00 tired and low on fuel. I had just got the news, we had won, but at what cost. 3 aircraft of ours destroyed, and two of my top men dead. Although we had destroyed 5 of there mig’s and their Galaxy bomber.

We celebrated our victory but at the same time, mourned the loss of two of our crew members.

Was it all worth it?

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