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Реферат: Go Ask Alice Essay Research Paper Go

Название: Go Ask Alice Essay Research Paper Go
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 12:56:30 01 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 1 Комментариев: 12 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Go Ask Alice Essay, Research Paper

Go Ask Alice

Have you ever had a problem? I’m sure you have because everybody

sometime in there life does. The book I read Go Ask Alice by an anonymous

author is all about problems, conflicts, and how to deal with them.

I would give a lot of information on the author if that was possible, but

the author is anonymous so I can not do so.

From the very first page I had a hunch that this book was about a drug

addiction problem. “SUGAR & SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE; ACID &

SMACK & NO WAY BACK” (page 1). That was a very moving quote for

me. I am not sure exactly why but I guess because it shows how dangerous

drugs can be.

This book is based on a true diary of a young girl who got mixed up in

the drug world.

Alice bought a diary because she had a big secret that she could never

tell any of her friends. It really only ended up being that a boy named Roger

she was in love with stood her up and she would be to embraced to tell her

friends. She makes a big deal out of it, I can already tell she is dramatic.

Her birthday is only five days apart from mine, that is a weird


From September 19 through September 25 she goes on about how

nothing every happens in her life. She does not enjoy her teachers, subjects

and school. She thinks everything is losing interest and everything’s dull. I

think she just is going through the “teenager blues”.

Julie Brown had a party but she didn’t go because she gained seven

whole pounds. I don’t think that seven pounds is a big deal.

On September 30th her father was invited to be the “Dean of Political

Science at “. She says that she is gonna become a new person by

time she gets her new house and that it is gonna be so great. Good maybe

now she will quit crying about her dull life. She says that she is gonna

exercise every morning, eat right, clean my skin (what she never had a bath

before), be optimistic, cheerful and positive. Why couldn’t she of just done

all that in the house she lived in before she moved.

Sorry I am being so negative, but this girl is a little cry baby and she is

to dramatic.

On October 10th I found out that she has siblings named Tim and

Alexandia that she is gonna stay with while her parents go house hunting.

They bought a Spanish type house and they took pictures. She said it

will take three or four days for the pictures to get back. That kind of gives

you some perspective on the time period because now a days it only take an


She went on a diet and lost three pounds but her mother will no longer

let her diet because she thinks that it was not healthy for her.

She wishes she could be like her mother someday. She wonders what

it is like to “going all the way” and she wishes she could talk to her mother

about things like that.

So far the conflict has not been stated.

All of Alice’s relatives met at her old house for Christmas. Alice felt

wanted. She wishes that she could always feel that way.

They finally got moved in there new house on January fourth.

There she goes again crying about how her first day of school was

miserable and how she gained 15 pounds. She made no friends, nobody

talked to her, and everybody stared at her and made her uncomfortable.

Both of her siblings made friends there own age.

She finally made a friend named Beth. They have a lot of things in


There is only about two months of school left. Gerta is going to a

Jewish camp for the summer and Alice is not having much fun so she

decided that she wants to go to her grandparents for the summer.

She went to her grandparents for the summer. She has been really

bored because all she has been doing is readying books all summer. She has

been reading a book a day. I wish I could read a book a day. It took me

about three weeks to read this one.

She was in town and she ran into Jill Peters who invited her to a party.

Alice has been wanting to be friends with her for a long time.

I ‘m a little confused because Alice says that she has always wanted to

be friends with her, but she is at her grandparents house. How can that be

unless her grandparents live near where she used to.

Alice went to the party (July 10th). Jill brought out some glasses of

soda. Alice did not want to look stupid so she followed what everybody else

was doing, sipping the soda. Suddenly her palms started to get sweated,

everybody was starring at her, and the room got quiet. She thought that they

were trying to poison her. A strange feeling swept over her which strangled

her, suffocated her and made her muscles tense. When she opened her eyes

she noticed that it was Bill who had but his arm around her. Bill said “But

don’t worry, I’ll baby-sit you. This will be a good trip. Come on, relax, enjoy

it, enjoy it.” in a slow record like voice set on the wrong speed. Then he

started to kiss her. She heard his voice repeating over and over in a slow

motion echo type voice. Then she started laughing histaricaly and wildly. She

thought of the most funny and absurd thing in the world. Then she saw the

shifting patterns in the ceiling. She laid her head in Bill’s lap and watched the

changing patterns and great fields of red, blue and yellow colors. She tried to

share the experience with the others but she couldn’t put it in two words and

all she could do is laugh. Trains of thought were coming to her. She

discovered the true language used by Adam and Eve but it slipped out of her

grasp before she could tell about it. She laid down and started to absorb the

music physically. She could feel, smell and see the rhythm of the music. She

felt that she possessed the wisdom of the ages but she could not describe it.

She looked at the magazine on the table and saw it in a hundred dimensions.

She closed her eyes and felt that she was floating in a sphere, in another

world or in another state. Her breathe rushed away from her like she was in a

fast elevator drop. She felt that she was part of the music, table and of the

book. She started to dance in front of the whole group and enjoyed every

second of it. She heard the neighbors breathing and the Jell-O in there

refrigerator next store.

Later Jill told me that there was LSD in the soda that she was drinking.



That was weird!

Now I feel I have reached what is gonna lead into being the conflict;

drug addiction.

She has heard all of the terrifying stories about using drugs but she still

wants to experiment and try pot. Now she thinks that drugs are not bad and

that all the books written about drugs were written by uninformed, ignorant

people like her parents who have never tried it.

That is here whole damn problem. She thinks that drugs are okay, but

there not. They can cause serious damage.

She feels like Alice in Wonderland. She and I wonder if Lewis G.

Carrol was on drugs too.

She went out with Bill. He introduced her to Torpedo’s and Speed.

She said it was like she was riding a shooting star but better.

Her grandfather had a heart attack (July 23rd)! He is okay. Alice stayed

home with him and helped help her grandmother help him (what a tongue


Bill asked her to a party on August 13th. She accepted and tripped at

the party. She said it was better than last time. She sat for hours examining

her hand. Watching the cells and blood vessels.

She also lost her virginity to Bill last night. She sort of regrets it

because she always was gonna wait for Roger. She is scared she might be


Yup, I was right. That was the start to her drug addiction problem.

Roger stopped by. They got to talking and it ends up that Roger is

going to military school. They said they would write each other and then

Roger kissed Alice.

Alice is so mad at her self for sleeping with Bill and not waiting for


Before she left she took some of her grandfathers sleeping pills. So if

she wants to get away from her problem she can go to sleep.

She flew home on August 14th and eventually used all the pills so she

got her doctor to prescribe her tranquilizers.

The setting of the story is not listed in the book. Because they can’t

publish it without permission. Yes, the setting does play a role in her conflict

because if she would not of went to her grandparents none of this would of


All is going well in her life for a while, until she meets a girl named

Chris at a boutique downtown.

Her and Chris become friends and she introduced her to hearts

(uppers) because Roger has been to busy to write her anymore and she is


She got her a job at the store she worked at.

Chris introduced Alice to her collage friends, Ted and Richie.

Ted (Chris’s date) got Alice to smoke pot and hash (September 26). She felt

greater than she ever had before and noticed the detail and depth of


Alice fell in love with Richie. But he would never let her make love to

her when they where not on drugs. Richie and Ted stopped paying as much

attention to there girlfriends as they used to.

Alice and Chris always talk about how the “establishment (society)” is

so bad and how they hate there parents.

Richie and Ted were drug dealers who had Alice and Chris sell drugs

to people for them while they where at there classes.

On day Alice sold some acid on a stamp to a seven or eight year old

kid. Alice and Chris decided to stop selling drugs so they where going over

to Ted and Richie’s apartment to tell them. When they walked in the door

they found there two butt-buddied boy friends making love.

That is so nasty it made my stomach hurt when I read it.

They where using them to sell drugs the whole time.

Since Alice and Chris were both fed up with there parents, the

Establishment, and there X-boyfriends, and using drugs they decided to

move to California and leave it all behind them (October 19th).

They left a note telling about Ted and Richie and where they hid all

there supplies.

They got a crummy apartment in San Francisco (October 26). They

each got a job at a boutique. Chris got hers working at place where famous

celebrities shop for a lady named Sheila and Alice got a job for a guy named

Mr. Mellani who was like a father to Alice.

On night Sheila and her boyfriend Rob had a party that Alice, Chris

and bunch of celebrities where gonna be at (November 23). During the party

they got passed a joint and they stupidly smoked it after having quit for so

long. After everybody left Sheila and Rob introduced them to heroin (bad

mistake). They all got high and enjoyed it. Later they came to find out that

Sheila and Rob both took turns raping and playing perverted games with


When they found out they left town and moved to Berkeley. With all

there money they bought a store, fixed it up as a house/store, and opened

there own little boutique. All was going well. Alice called her Mom and they

sent two plane tickets back (December 23). We decided to go back. Alice

made up with her family and had a great Christmas and the same went for


Alice started back at school and kids where asking her to buy drugs

and she told them that she didn’t do them anymore. Kids kept bothering her

about it.

Alice and her family have been going on trips every chance they get.

Alice has been off drugs for a little while when she meets a girl named

Doris at a doctors office. They go smoke pot and get stoned.

Her and Doris get a place and become hookers for money so they can

buy drugs. There lives become so messed up over drugs I’m not even gonna

go into it.

She keeps talking about how she is in such a hellhole, her life sucks,

and she wants to kill herself. It would all just stop if she quit using drugs. It’s

simple die or live. You choose. God it makes me so mad thinking about how

stupid somebody could be.

Her grandfather had a stoke and died (May 1)!

She just met somebody named Alice.

I have been writing this all the way through the story. I thought that the

main character who wrote the diary was Alice.

She buys a new diary symbolizing her getting a new life, a fresh start,

another chance to succeed.

She is clean and back at home and going to school.

She met a boy named Joel that she falls in love with.

Her grandmother died (July 16).

School got out and there was a party where there would be drugs at

but she didn’t go.

She was given acid in a peanut and she had a bad trip. It drove her

insane so she started pulling out her hair, stabbing herself and mentally falling


She was put in a mental hospital.

Later she was released.

She decided that when this diary filled up she was not going to get

another because is old enough and mature enough to be able to talk to other

people instead of keeping it all bundled up in a little book.

Epilogue: She died three weeks after deciding not to keep another

diary of a drug overdose, it is not known if it is premeditated,

accidental or what.

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