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Реферат: Teenage Pregnancy The IssuesThe Causes And The

Название: Teenage Pregnancy The IssuesThe Causes And The
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 21:39:00 29 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Teenage Pregnancy The Issues,The Causes And The Effects Essay, Research Paper


James Eveillard

Assignment 2: Short Story Analysis

ENC-1102, Sect. 2026

Instructor: Chris Reiss

BCC South Campus

18 February 1999


A social activist, writer, teacher, and graduate from Queens College, Toni Cade, who later changed legally to Toni Cade Bambara, is one of the representatives of the Afro- American writers and black socially political black activist in American history. She has made many contributions to the inner city especially in her own upbringing in Bed- Stuy, NY and Harlem where she was born, March 25, 1939. Growing up in what was then one of the roughest cities she managed to succeed in life with her many accomplishments but not without the help of her two dearest mentors for whom she cared greatly. Miss Naomi and Miss Gladys, both whom were there during her adolescence to give her advice on life whether it be simple or complicated. Like in her famous, Gorilla My Love, she also wrote poetry, you might recognize one her famous The Black Woman. (Morrison108-109).

Toni Cade Bambara’s ?The Lesson? is a short story about a group of young kids in the inner-city experiencing what it is like when you are deprived of a world with no limits, which I believe is true because I have experienced it first hand myself without someone their to show it to me. Sylvia, the main character, is being taught a lesson on discrimination and what it is like to be out of poverty and in a high class white society by Miss Moore, a close but not a true friend of her parents. Her cousin known as Sugar and her friends Rosie, Giraffe, Mercedes, FlyBoy, and Junebug accompanies Sylvia. In this story Toni Cade starts off by stating who’s who and then gets into the plot which takes place in a toy store. Miss Moore takes them to the store by cab, They head to Fith Avenue and in the cab Miss Moore tries to teach Sylvia some arithmetic as she asks her to give the taxi cab driver 10 percent of what she

James Eveillard 2

owes as a tip. After ignoring her, they all make it to the toy store and by this time in the story Sylvia has made many rude remarks about others and comes off as a bully who seems to know all. She hesitates to get into the store because she is not familiar to her surroundings and when she finally does she makes a fool of herself as her and two of her friends fall in the store trying to get in noticing all of the neat and expensive toys they knew nothing about. Miss Moore is noticing all of this along with their frantic behavior except for Sylvia as she seems to catch on and doesn?t want Miss Moore to take the satisfaction of seeing her act this way knowing where she comes from. Yet she knows nothing about the lesson being taught which is the true climax of the story.

This short story may be short but it also is very difficult to read. It is one of those stories some may need to read once to get it and others may need to

look over it several times before they get the main idea. I believe it also has much to do with stereotype as well as the fact that it has to do with money and the power the upper and even middle class posses. I say this because in this short story Sylvia stereotypes many characters in this story for example she states that Miss Moore is a hypocrite with nappy hair. She also claims that she is too black in skin tone to say she is as black as knight. She also criticizes Aunt Gretchen as she says she is sort of a dumb goofball that is the type of person you would send to do some foolishness. Let us not forget the manner in which she starts the beginning of the lesson as she claims everyone to be as old and stupid or young and foolish, and yet the irony of it is she was the foolish looking of them all along with her friends as compared to the upper and middle class whites not living in the ghetto as she did. They stereotype to her as she did to others. But the true meaning in my view point is that Miss Moore wants them to see what they are missing out on and what they are being deprived of. Miss Moore wants them to become angry for not knowing nothing of what the upper and middle class citizens can have as to

James Eveillard 3

what she can?t. Thus giving them the sense to do something about it and somewhat in a way trying to urge

them to become political activists of some sort to help others like her to get an equal opportunity at having such toys and merchandise.

This short story I believe is sort of mediocre to say the least. I feel that many lower class and middle class citizens experience the theme in this story in our generation. For example as I came to Florida for the first time when I was about four or five, for the first time I had seen lots and lots of green grass unlike Brooklyn which is where I grew up most of my life. Similar to the part in the story when Sylvia and her friends had seen toys they had thought as gold. They also get into aspects to which they compare what they could get at home as to if they were to buy the toy. For example Sylvia explains in the story how her mother would repeat and look at her strangely if she ever was to purchase such a toy boat. She explains in the story how the money could go to something more useful than spending it on a toy.



I. Intro

A.Personal quote/Reflective of personal experience


II. Pregnancy Rates

A. Difference between late 80’s to late 90’s

1. teenage pregnancy numbers

2. Social acceptance

III. Teens Issues

A. Having the baby

1. Deciding if having the baby is the right choice for the individuals

a. Boys parents point of view

b. Girls parents point of view

B. Financial Issues

1. Funding for the baby

a. before/ during pregnancy

b. after pregnancy/ baby’s life funding

C. Social Association

1. Acceptance by parents

2. Balancing Baby and School

IV. Responsibilities

A. Mom and Baby

B. Dad and Baby

C. Accepting financial responsibility

1. Sacrafices on both ends

2. Looking towards baby’s future

V. Outro

A. Rephrase thesis

B Summarize Themes

1. Teen issues

C. Clintcher

1. Final thought on issue

“Being a teen mother has had a great impact on my life.” It has really

made my outlook on the future change. Now that i’ve became a parent I not

only have to worry about my future but my baby’s future outlook. Before I

got pregnant I wasn’t really taking school serious and just considering

college but now things have changed. My grades have gone up and I now

have began to plan for the future. In examining the issue of teenage

pregnancy in the 90’s it becomes evident that teenage pregnancy rates are on

the rise, teens dealing with pregnancy have issues, and there are several

responsibilites involved in teenaged pregnancy. I know that I have to take

care of me and my baby even if it takes going to school and working at the

same time, that’s just one of the responsibilites that comes with being a

parent. There have been alot of things that I have sacrificed just for my

baby, and I know there will be more to come.

The statics have proven that the birth rate has steadily declined from

1991 to 1996 with an overall decrease of 12 percent for those aged 15 to 19.

These recent declines reverse the 24 percent rise in the teenaged birthrate

from 1986 to 1991. The birthrate for black teens 15 to 19 fell 21 percent

between 1991 to 1996. The rate of pregnancy has double since the early

60’s. In those times being pregnant and a teen was considerd to be a

discrace to you and your family.

The descion of having a baby is very important and should be thought

about carefully. There is a great responsibility that comes with being a parent

that you must consider and be willing to accept. Because of that great

responsibiliity most teens find themselves having and abortion or considering

adoption. You will aslo find that most teen pregnancy’s are hidden from

there parents. Sometimes it’s the young man’s family who is the most upset

about the pregancy. Becomming a father too soon can damage their son’s

chances of reaching his career goals. This is not what they wanted for him.

Some parents althought dissappointed, will provide extra support for

their son at this time, knowing that this is the best way to help him become

independent as soon as possible. Her parents might react in many different

ways. Most are shocked, many are unhappy, and some blame themselves

for allowing this to happen. In fact many parents of pregnant teen mothers

experience real grief about pregnancy in which they feel will take away their

daughter’s childhood.

Being able to take care of a baby financial is something that you must

plan for. Medical care during the pregnancy is expensive. A pregnant

teenager may qualify for medical care under her family’s health plan. In some

states, if you don’t have health insurance you may be eligible for medicaid.

Taking care of the baby after it is born requires alot of money. The price for

a 32oz can of milk is $5.00. For a pack of pampers that only holds 48 will

cost about $7.00. The milk will only last about two days until you have to go

purchase more and the pampers may last a week. If you total the amount you

spend on milk in one week in will total to be $10.00 a week and $35.00 a

month for pampers. If you buy clothes for the baby that’s another $150.00

evey month because a baby grows out of cloths so fast

Parenting a child is one of the hardest and most rewarding task one

must face. Getting pregnant before before she’s ready changes a womens

life. It aslo changes the fathers life. some teen fathers in hang there if they

choose to support and share in the care of their child. They aslo face

hardship and broken dreams just as thier baby’s mother does. She’s the

person that the baby will mostly rely on for food,warmth and love. The love

from a mother to a baby is something that is so beautiful. But most often the

mother of the child is left to take the full responsibility of the mother and the

father. A fathers responsibilty is to take care of the baby and mother he is to

provide them with anything they need. The fathers job is to also love the

baby and care for the baby. Most couples split up because he feels the

responsibility is to much for him to handle so he leaves her stuck with the full


Being a parent sometimes means that you have to make sacrifices on

both ends. You may often have to sacrifice being able to go buy a new car

or sometimes not eating just so that your baby can eat. Becasue the children

are the future and look to you for support there needs must come first.

Being a parent will often mean that you will have to put there needs before


Teenage pregnancy is going up every year and must be taken seriously

amoung the youth. There are several issues that must be consider before

having sex and parents are not informing there children on sex and the

responsibility of haveing safe sex. In conclusion teens must really think about

the consquences before having sex. They must think about if they are really

ready to take the full responsibility of being a parent. It’s not easy but you

have to make the choice and only the teen can make the descion whether to

have sex or not. Even if a teen is consider sex they should talk about taking

precautions like birth control. There are many methods of birth control but

no sex is the best sex.

To all the parents with childern please let them know that sex is not a

game. That sex is something that two people who love each do to show the

affection towards each other. Parents need to start talking about sex to there

children and stop thinking about the subject as a forbidden topic to never be

mention. To parents the more you wait the greater risk your child takes.

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