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Реферат: My Worst Day Essay Research Paper MY

Название: My Worst Day Essay Research Paper MY
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 17:02:24 09 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 15 Комментариев: 12 Оценило: 2 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

My Worst Day Essay, Research Paper


By Gagandeep Tathgar

It was the worst day of my life. I really had no attention of getting caught but unfortunately it was one of my unlucky days.

The morning of July 16th was sunny and clear in New Delhi, the sun was glowing on his full height; the school ground was full of grade seven kids running around and playing soccer. Me and my other grade eight friends were there too sitting by the soccer ground on a shiny green grass and enjoying the hot sunny day of July 16th.

?You know we are suppose to be in English class right now?, said the guy with the blond hair name Sunil.

He was one of the boys who like to stay out of troubles because of his cruel parents who spank him for every little mistake he makes.

?Hey! Don?t be an infant?, I said, as he stood up and started walking towards the hallway.

I was confused and scared because if Sunil walks into the class we then have to go too and this is what we didn?t wanted to do because we were already late and 10 minutes of class was gone. I remember once when I was late to my English class and the teacher made me stand on my desk and beat me with a round wooden stick in front of the class.

Pali stood up and ran after Sunil. For a moment I thought that Pali is also going to the class with Sunil but I knew he wouldn?t do that because he hate English. Pali grabbed Sunil?s arm and dragged him along the ground and threw him in the corner where we all were sitting in a circle. He threw him hard on the ground and said.

?What is the big idea. Are you trying to get us into trouble? Sit-down and stay here with us. We all go when the period is over.?

He thought for a moment and sat down nearly one meter away from us leaning against the wall. Everybody was silent now. No one said a word for at least a minute until Mohan spoke up loudly.

?You think the teacher will notice that we are missing from the class.?

It was totally weird for having Mohan with us. It was his first day he ever skipped an English class. His attendance was very less comparing to all of us who were sitting there. He tries lots but can?t able to get good mark in the class somehow. I guess he gave up after the entire struggle and hard work he is being doing in the class and ended up with just 61% overall. I avoided myself asking him why he was skipping the class.

Gagandeep Tathgar, My Worst Day, 2

?Naw, I don?t thing she will notice?, Pali answered Mohan.

?Remember when you skipped the class alone nearly a week ago; she knew you were skipping but she didn?t care. She simply just don?t care,? I said to Pali.

?Yeah I know. Next day when I walked in the class she didn?t even say anything to me, like if nothing happened,? Pali answered with a simile.

We kept on talking about our English teacher and we all were unaware of the situation we were in. We totally forgot that we are supposed to be in class right now. I felt like a free bird as I was sitting on the green grass and enjoying myself these precious moments away from my class. We just kept on talking and talking for while. But Sunil was quiet; he was much worried about this than we were. He didn?t say a word until now.

?Hey! Guys what time is it?? Said sunil.

?It?s 10:20. The period is almost over,? I said calmly.

?We are safe. The period is over,? said Pali with a great happiness like he had committed some kind of crime and now he is happy for getting away without any trouble.

?No we still got 10 minutes to go,? I said.

?Hey! I think we should go a sit somewhere else. The teachers are always passing from here. You never know when they might appear,? Sunil said.

Nobody answered him. He repeated the same lines three times but nobody bothered listening to what he was saying.

For a minute it was silent again. I could only hear the voices coming from the soccer ground where the grade seven kids were playing.

Suddenly I hear the footsteps running towards us. The kids started appearing out of the hallway running and screaming. To me it seemed like a storm had struck the school and everybody is running in the same direction for their lives.

?Hey! What is going on? What are these kids running away from?? Mohan said in a frightening voice.

?Nothing. The kids are probably playing around. I am sure it?s nothing,? I said.

Pali repeated after me ? yeah it?s nothing, just calm down.?

Gagandeep Tathgar, My Worst Day, 3

It was quiet again. The kids disappeared. It was calm and quiet again. But not for a long, A big tall man with a scary look wearing a black suit and a tie appeared from the same hallway from which the kids were running out. It was our school Principal.

?OH OH! Is that what you guys see what I see. It?s our Principal. Run,? Pali said in a quick voice.

But nobody dared to run. We could have run through the back door on the other side of the ground or jumped over the wall to the other side where the new road and houses begins. But nobody had courage to run. We were all frozen and thinking of the trouble that was walking towards us.

?What are you guys doing here? What class you are you from?? said the Principal.

?No one opened his mouth. Without any hesitation I said, ? we are grade seven students sir.?

?Then how come you are not playing with those guys in the soccer ground,? Principal said.

?We didn?t felt like playing sir?, I said.

?Ok. You should be heading for your next class now. The period is over,? Principal said.

?Yes sir,? I responded.

The principal started walking away from us. We all looked at each other and smiled with a relief. Sunil almost lost his breath after seeing the principle but he was okay afterwards. It was over. I fooled the Principal. But I was wrong it wasn?t over yet. The principal was still suspicious. He stopped a grade seven kid and asked if we were from his class.

?Are those four kids from your class?? said the Principal to the kid.

He hesitated and responded after few seconds.

?No sir,? the kid said with a little confusion.

?Are you sure they are not from your class?? the Principal repeated his question again.

?No sir,? the kid answered.

Gagandeep Tathgar, My Worst Day, 4

This was the worst moment for us. We were so close of getting out this mess but the luck just turned against us.

?Now we are really dead. That kid messed up everything,? I whispered in my mouth to my friends.

The principal again started walking towards us. He shouted, as he was walking.

?You lied to me to me. What is your name and tell me what grade you guys are in? Tell me the truth before I beat you hard,? our principal said angrily.

?Gagandeep sir. We are grade eighth students. We were suppose to in our English class.? I murmured.

?Come with me,? the principle said.

He took us to our class. Our English teacher was already gone. He didn?t bother asking our English teacher about all this and said to us, ?GO HOME AT ONCE AND NEVER COME BACK.?

This was it. I was expelled from the school. My life was over. I didn?t care about my other friends who were with me; they all kind of disappeared away from me. All I was thinking of now was myself and the trouble I was in and predicting what will happen when will get home and tell this story to my parents.

I took my bag and walked out the class without looking at other students who were present in the class and laughing at me. I was walking along the sidewalk and thinking WHY THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME? ?. WHY THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME?


By Gagandeep Tathgar

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