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Реферат: Date Rape Drugs Essay Research Paper Date

Название: Date Rape Drugs Essay Research Paper Date
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 09:35:17 10 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Date Rape Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Date Rape Drugs

The date rape drug rohypnol, otherwise known as “roofies” is a major issue today on college campuses everywhere. This drug is an illegal drug, which is an accomplice to many rapes occurring everywhere around the country. Assailants dissolve a few tablets of roofies in a drink and give it to an unaware victim. The victim drinks the contents and, within twenty to thirty minutes, begins to feel the effects of the drug. Among other effects, roofies is a sedative and muscle relaxant, and causes amnesia. (Acute Care) When used with alcohol or other drugs, the effects are even more rapid. Assailants often will rape or sexually assault the victim once they have become affected by the drug since the unconscious victims will not be able to put up a fight. Victims may also wake up in an unfamiliar or dangerous situation after the drug loses its effect. (undergrad)

The major problems with these drugs on college campuses are that many people are completely unaware of not only the effects of the drug, but also that the drug is frequently being used. The drugs can be easily sipped into the victims’ drink without them even knowing. In many instances, victims openly accept drinks from people that they might not even know. This is adding to the problem, because that makes it much easier for the assailant to drug the victim. This drug may not only cause instant problems, but could also cause major problems in the long run, such as addiction or psychological problems. (undergrad) The problem of date rape drugs among college campuses is rapidly

increasing, and it is very critical to many young people that a solution is found to this problem.

The simple way to solve this problem would be for everyone to be more alert and informed. When going out into a public place, or somewhere familiar, a person should always be aware of their surroundings. When constantly keeping yourself informed about what’s going on around you, you are lowering your risk of being drugged. It lowers the chances of someone being able to slip something in your drink. A person should always be aware of strangers offering alcohol or other substances to them. Even the most innocent looking person is capable of using these drugs for bad. Never trust a stranger with your drink. At a bar or club accept drinks only from the bartender or server. Insist on personally observing while any beverage you drink is mixed or prepared. By personally observing what is happening with your own drinks, the risk is much lower for getting drugged. By staying alert, in all situations the use of the date rape drug should dramatically drop. A downside to this solution is that some people may do everything they think is possible, but still be slipped a drug. In some cases people may be completely alert and informed, but unable to protect themselves from the drug.

A second solution to the problem could be to always stay with people in which you trust. If you are always with people you trust, it will reduce the risk of being drugged. Always be alert to the behavior of friends and ask them to watch out for you. Try to pay attention to friends’ drinks and suspicious actions going on around them. Anyone appearing to be extremely intoxicated after consuming only a small amount of alcohol may be in danger. If you see someone drop something into a drink, take action. Share the

information about the drugs with your friends and talk about ways to look out for each

other when you are at parties or social events.

Another possible solution to the problem could be to make the decision not to drink when you are with unfamiliar people. If you do make the decision to drink alcohol, consume the alcohol before you go to a public party. By drinking alone, you are completely protecting yourself from date rape drugs. If you are not exposing yourself to the drug by drinking in social places, then you can completely protect yourself from it.

Many people would argue that the problem of the use of date rape drugs couldn’t simply be resolved by such simple means. In some situations it could be impossible to completely stop the use of these drugs. Some people would argue that the problem goes much further than lack of knowledge or alertness. The assailants find ways to use these drugs with many different types of people. If people simply are aware and informed about what’s going on around them, it should lower the problem. Assailants don’t expect college students to be aware of these elaborate drugs. When learning the information, and always being alert, the chances of protecting yourself are much greater.

The drug is a big problem at many colleges today, and is getting worse by time. There are more and more drugs circling in college atmospheres, where many students aren’t aware. If people learn what is happening around them, and watch out for each other, the problem should be able to be contained.

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