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Реферат: William Wallace Scotland

Название: William Wallace Scotland
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 18:00:16 07 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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William Wallace: Scotland’s Braveheart Essay, Research Paper

William Wallace

Scotlands Braveheart

Ackerson 2

Sir William Wallace was born

in January of 1272 and died Aug. 23 1305. William Wallace led his

people in battles to defeat the English. He was the second

of three son’s. Was born and raised in a town called Elerslie.

His Father Malcolm Wallace owned a certain amount of land

under his title(a knight) and lived a relatively peaceful life.

Wallace stood at 6 foot 7 inches. Which was a giant in the 13th Century. He had incredible strength. He was very well educated by a monk and was to be one himself someday because traditionally the second son had a career in the church. He did not and became a warrior instead. A very brave and noble warrior. Where he became the countries “braveheart”

The story of Wallace really doesn’t start till he was at the age of fourteen when he would have been a page or an esquire for his father, and maybe his older brother( also called Malcolm). This would have been his first experience in military actions.

For around 3 years there was an uneasy peace within Scotland. It’s in this time period of secret meetings so that William would have spent quite a bit of time at Dunipace in east Stirlingshire where he stayed with an uncle, the younger brother of his father. At the point in Wallace’s life, when he is sixteen, he expresses that he could easily make a career in the church.

When Wallace was seventeen years of age something would happen that would take William into the care of the church. In order to restore the Guardians of Scotland back into govern Scotland they had to pay homage to Longshanks. To take this oath had to be outright, an the deadline was July of that year.

Anyone not paying homage to Longshanks was in for severe penalties, and when Sir Ranald noticed that Sir Malcolm Wallace’s name was not on the list and realising that retribution from the English garrisons, which is now governed by Ayr and Irvine was about to come down on Malcolm, he took his daughter and her younger sons under his care.

Sir Malcolm and his oldest son took off to the north leaving his wife Margaret and two youngest sons William and John behind. Sir Ranald sent them all to Kilspindle where they were all taken care of by Williams uncle, most likely a brother of his mothers.

At the age of eighteen Wallace continues his education in Dundee. It’s here when Wallace met John Blair. Who soon became a monk. He eventually left his monastery to be with his friend William and became his chaplain. In this school he also met and became friends with Duncan of Lorn and Sir Neil Campbell of Lochawe, both men were involved in Wallace’s first exploits.

Wallace finds out that his father is dead. His older brother is now the head of the family. At this point he learns hate and vengeance. He want’s revenge on the English people. As a Scot he would have to be more than ready to stand with his family and claim their rights in there own lands.

Ackerson 4

Dundee Castle is under the control of the English and was owned by Brian Fitz-Alan of Bedale. He placed the castle under the control of a constable named Selby. He had a great thirst for blood, particularly the blood of the Scots.

Selby had a son who was a bit older than

Wallace. One cold December day in 1291

, young Selby seen Wallace not because he

stood out of the crowed because of his size

but also because of the bright green clothes

he wore.(The colour kilt he would have

worn would probably looked like the one here.) Young Selby, and his friends approached Wallace to make fun of his clothes, and implying that he wanted his dirk that he wore on his belt. Wallace’s reaction was quick and dramatic; he grabbed the Englishman by the collar, he took out his dirk and stabbed him in the heart.

Wallace escaped but there was a warrant out for the murderer of Selby’s son. If the town did not bring him forward the town would be burned to the groung with everyone in it. William went home to his mother were she would already have herd the news.

Wallace Spent five years seeking revenge for what happened to his family. As far as the English were concerned William was a dead man as soon as he showed his face. If he surrendered he would be dead for sure so he had nothing to lose. It was thought that Wallace might have had the attitude of ?if he was to go at least he could take as many as he could with him’.

Ackerson 5

Wallace lived in the woods where he would constantly attack anything with a English Insignia on it, with a cruel and unforgiving anger. He had help obviously by followers of his. Brutal battles were held and this time got the reputation of being a great warrior. Wallace changed the strategies for attack.

An attempt to help a youth, Wallace is caught and put in jail were he is thought to have starved to death but was only in a comma. His first nurse heard of his death and asked for the body for a proper burial, the one he deserved. As the nurse cleaned his body she found sighs of life and slowly brought him back.

Wallace met Marion Braidfute who was 18 years old and became the mistress of William Wallace. It was believed that she gave birth to Wallace’s daughter but Marion was killed soon after.

After a few mor battles Wallace is caught and is tortured and kill. Before he dies he gives the speech ” Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day so to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!!

Ackerson 7



Bowell, James The Scottish perspective

Mackay, James William Wallace :Brave heart

Reese, Peter William Wallace: Biography

Telfer, Glenn William Wallace: a Scots Life



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