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Реферат: Business Security Essay Research Paper Business Securityhow

Название: Business Security Essay Research Paper Business Securityhow
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 23:36:34 27 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Business Security Essay, Research Paper

Business Security

(how to play hard to get)

Crime takes a big bite out of small businesses. How secure are you from burglary and robbery?

During 1999 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, there were 3,577 commercial burglaries and about 590 robberies. The loss from many of these crimes could have been reduced or even prevented altogether if business owners had taken some additional precautions.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department can help make your business less vulnerable to theft. Call your police district and ask for a free security survey. In the meanwhile, here are some suggestions to follow on your own. Putting burglars and robbers out of business takes teamwork: the police and you!

Burglary Prevention

A Full-Time Business

Merchants and other businessmen like you annually spend billions of dollars on crime prevention devices and on insurance. Unless you constantly maintain a complete program of security, however, you don’t get the full return on these investments. For example, sophisticated door locks are useless if a ladder left against the building provides a burglar with easy access to a second-story windows or roof.

Your business security inventory should include these checkpoints:

Make sure all locks on windows and doors are sturdy and adequate to do the job. If in doubt, consult a qualified locksmith, carpenter, or hardware dealer.

Stay alert while you and your employees are opening and locking up. Watch for anyone suspicious loitering nearby.

Keep a record of equipment and merchandise serial numbers

Carefully screen all employees before hiring them. Check references.

Keep only a minimum amount of money on hand.

If you have an alarm system, check it out regularly to see whether it’s in proper working order.

Keep close tabs on keys. A poor key control system leaves you vulnerable from both inside and outside your business. Re-key locks when in doubt.

Change the combination of your safe periodically

Park company vehicles away from the building at night where they cannot be used for climbing onto the roof and where they do not block the view of entrances

Engrave all your personal valuables with your N.C. driver’s license number

Make sure your employees have an adequate place to secure their belongings (such as purses and coats) during working hours. Unlocked desk drawers in offices are popular places for storing purses – and a prime target for sneaky thieves.

Install adequate lighting both inside and outside. Remember: burglars look for darkness or some form of cover. Illuminated property is less appealing.

Make sure your “CMPD NUMBER” is up-to-date. This precaution will enable the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to notify you or another key employee quickly in case of break-in or other emergency.

Robbery Prevention-It could save a life

All of the steps you take to prevent burglary will help you cut down the risk of robbery, as well. Don’t underestimate the value of good lighting, good visibility, sturdy locks, key control and a working alarm system and though background checks on employees. These measures are also vital in stopping holdups.

Here are some other steps we recommend:

Don’t establish a routine time or route of travel when making bank deposits. Suspects will soon learn it.

Discuss only business with the tellers. The next person in line may be getting familiar with your situation.

Uniformed security guards are a strong deterrent in high-crime areas

Never block the view in your store by crowding display windows. It is important to maintain good visibility during the working hours.

Instruct all your employees on how to conduct themselves in the event your business is robbed

Advertise security measures and cash handling policies

Don’t admit customers after hours, particularly if you’re alone

Keep rear door locked

Inspect washrooms before closing for the day

If You Are Held Up

Do not resist. Remain calm.

Obey instructions

Sound or activate alarms or other security devices when it will not endanger anyone

Give the robber what he asks for, but no more

Observe the robber(s) very carefully. Note any outstanding features, clothing, color of hair, color of eyes, skin tone, beard, mustache, scars tattoos, manner of speech and walk – anything that would help you identify them later. Estimate their height from a mark on the doorframe.

Memorize the type and description of weapons used

Try to get the make, model, year, color, license plate number and state of the getaway vehicle, and the direction of travel

Call the police immediately at 911


Don’t touch anything. Protect the crime scene for the police.

Point out all objects the suspects might have touched

Lock the door. Insist that all witnesses stay until police question them.

Cooperate fully with the police

Be prepared to testify later in court

Business Watch

Business Watch is based upon the Neighborhood Watch concept of neighbors looking out for one another to prevent crime. If your business community doesn?t have such a program you might want to consider helping organize one.

Business Watch works! The police can help you get it started, but the program can be as effective as you and your business associates make it. Call the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Crime Prevention Unit 336-2310. An officer can give you the basics of the program and schedule a time to meet with you and your business associates to go over the details.

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