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Реферат: Censorship 11 Essay Research Paper It is

Название: Censorship 11 Essay Research Paper It is
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 19:32:54 27 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Censorship 11 Essay, Research Paper

It is funny how people always try to get rid of something that they do not like. It has happened many times before and it will continue to do so. The most recent has to do in the music industry. After 2 kids who where harassed and tormented by fellow students went on a killing spree, the media and Government went on a blaming campaign. Like always, rock star Marilyn Manson was the victim of everyone’s blame and hatred. And our politicians wonder why Marilyn Manson has hatred and aggression, it is because of them blaming the world’s problems on him.

Now, professional wrestling is becoming a worldwide, extraordinarily popular business. Of course, with success comes critics and opportunists. There have been many of these anti-wrestling figures who have taken shots at wrestling over and over knowing that they will get more exposure if they do so. Phil Mushnick has taken shots at everyone from the WWF, WCW and ECW. Mushnick’s has stated that he despises Vince McMahon. So what? Just because Mushnick does not like something, does that mean that we should all stand by him and follow his views? HELL NO. Vince McMahon made an open challenge to Mushnick for a debate. Mushnick did not accepts so that shows us all that Phil Mushnick is a dirty coward.

Now, being fair to all sides, I do believe that ECW has gone too far with their comments about the death of JFK Jr. I believe that any time a death or serious injury is involved, it is NOT a joking matter. I am a ECW fan but I know when someone goes too far. ECW is getting exposure, but in a disgusting way.

Now onto the topic of this article, CENSORSHIP. People say that wrestling promotions put their wrestler’s lives on the line just for pure entertainment. Let’s just dissect that. The purpose of air shows is to entertain and amaze a crowd. Now, if you take a look at those shows, you will notice that accident’s and death’s are common during air shows. Pilot’s are dying and risking their lives for what? just to entertain the public. I don’t see anyone trying to stop air shows. The same goes for car races, boxing, and so on. People are dying on national television at least twice a year. So Why is wrestling so negative in the eyes of critics?

Pro-wrestling is a business that does more good than bad. Many people depend on pro-wrestling to support their families and make an honest living. Many people fail to see the good sides of wrestling. Charity shows, hospital visits, and so on are always ignored. Critic focus only on the negative side of thing. It is true that EVERYTHING has a negative side. There is a negative side to everything from basketball to even politics. People should take those negatives and try to turn them in to positives instead of just wanting to get rid of them.

The United States has many so called freedom rights. Free speech, freedom of press, expression, liberty, and so on. Do we really have those rights? We always have to deal with Government figures constantly telling us what we can and cannot do. Working citizens are forced to pay taxes, males are required to sign up for the selective service as soon as they turn 18. Are we free to do as we please and pursuit our happiness? For a period of time. As long as no one finds out I guess. Then taxes roll in and other laws continue to render us hopeless.

Wrestling is a worldwide business. Take a look at how popular wrestling is in the US, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and everywhere else. What ever happened to the right to watch pro-wrestling? We watch pro-wrestling because we like it. If we do not like a certain program, then the solution is easy, DON”T watch it. Censorship will not work. It will never work. Not in TV, wrestling, music or movies.

I can’t believe that our government wastes our money on these issues, their job is to help other people, not to control them. What good will censorship be for a homeless man or a child with no food? Will censorship raise our economy? What good will it do for our educational resources? NOTHING!!

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