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Реферат: Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 2 Essay Research

Название: Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 2 Essay Research
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 21:29:29 11 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 2 Essay, Research Paper

email: mattbro@earthlink.netThe Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is about Huck a young boy and his journey down the Mississippi river with his slave friend Jim. The setting of Huckleberry Finn is set along the Mississippi River around Missouri and the time period is in the mid 1800s before the Civil War. The plot begins as Huck Finn decides to tell his own story since the reader has already heard about him through another book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huck is the son of the town drunkard so he had to live with Widow Douglas and her sister Mi Watson, who both try and civilise him, but Huck prefers to be free and wild. When Huck s father discovers that Huck has money his father kidnaps him and keeps him prisoner in a shack. His father beats him so bad that he decides he has to escape or oney get killed by his father. He creates a plan where he pretends he is murdered and goes to nearby Jackson s Island to hide. On the Island he meets Jim, Miss Watson s runaway slave. Huck finds out that some men are coming to the Island to look for Jim, so they escape by floating down the Mississipii River on a raft they had earlier discovered. They plan to get to the Ohio Riv so they can go up it and reach the free states. They get to it but since they cannot go up stream in a raft they look for a conoe, but a steamboat runs into the raft. Huck climbs a shore and finds himself in the middle of a feud between to families. He stays with them but after witnessing many deaths in the feud he finds Jim and they leave the feud in the raft. Down the rivers they meet two conmen named Duke and King. They stop at a town and Duke and King put up a big show to con the townspeople of there money. Continuing down the river King and Duke discover that Peter Wilks has just died and has left a hugeum of money for two brothers in England who are expected any day. King and Duke try and imitate the two brothers to get the inheritance. Huck is sympathetic to one of the nieces and foils Duke and Kings plan. As they go down the river Duke and King get

sperate for money so they sell Jim to Silas Phelps for ransom money. Huck hides the raft and goes to Phelps farm where he is mistaken for Tom who is expected there any day. Huck says he is Tom. Huck meets to Tom, and Tom decides to pretend to be his brother Sid. After many ridulous plans to free Jim, Tom is shot at the ment of Jim s escape. Jim returns to nurse Tom. After this episode Jim is discovered that he was already freed. by Miss Watson. Huck decides to head west because he doesn t want to be civilised. In the novel, Christianity and society is mocked at being hypercritical. Huck s sense of moralality is put to the test when he has the chance to reveal where Jim is, and to him he is facing going to hell in his mind. Back in the time period Slavery wasgal, so Huck believes he is going to go to hell because he refuses to give the whereabouts of Jim, and doing so he decides it is worth it. Twain s create s a satire of society, and God. He mocks society in the book with the feud between the Sheperdsonsd the Grangerfords who are supposed to be civilised but they try and kill each other. Huck is practical and natural and has good common sense. Huck also has sympathy for other human beings despite who they are good or bad. But he does not like so calledivilised society and doesn t like to conform to other people s expectations.This story contains continuous action set along the Mississippi River which is filled with elements of humour, adventure and moral dilema s. This story s main character, Huck is a well rounded character who is practical, inventive and compassionate and a good narrator. The novel is set back in the 1800s before the Civil War. This time period is reflected for example when slavery was legal in the south. Also society is also reflected of this time period. In the story Twain incorporates his Realistic ideas, for example the iniation theme of Huck from being nieve to being realistic.

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