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Реферат: Child Abuse Provention Essay Research Paper Child

Название: Child Abuse Provention Essay Research Paper Child
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 07:51:35 27 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Child Abuse Provention Essay, Research Paper

Child Abuse Prevention:

Brent Schlosser

Topic Statement

All adults should take an active role in encouraging preventive measures to combat child abuse.

Goal Statement

I am hoping to persuade the audience to take an active role in encouraging the State Government to mandate parenting classes in high schools. In persuading my audience I will encourage my audience to take action by writing to their state congressmen. I believe that these parenting classes will encourage self-awareness while teaching parents the roles of a family member, how to manage family finances, how the family may coordinate work and family life and teach the nature of conflict and its resolution. As well as provide skills for the nurturing of children and the responsibilities for parenthood.

Statement of the Problem/Need

Child abuse is a known and growing problem in the United States and especially in Ohio. In conjunction with the escalating tragedy of child abuse, Ohio was ranked one of the top five leading states reporting child abuse in 1995-1996 (Chadwick & Heaton, 1999). Current child protection efforts must be improved so that no further harm is done to children who have already been abused or neglected. If the parent fails to provide the necessities of life to children under the age of 16 the child may be removed from the home and put into foster care. The best solution to child abuse and related situations is prevention through education. The state of Ohio needs programs to supply education to high school students on how to provide adequate care and be responsible parents.

Pros and Con Claims: Need/Problem

Is child abuse is a very serious issue? Retrospective studies have demonstrated that a significant percentage of adults who abuse children were abused themselves as a child (e.g., Cappell & Heiner, 1990; Gelles, 1973; Hunter et al., 1978; cited by Bernett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin, 1997, p.60).


1. It has be proven that unabused children are healthier and less likely to become physically, behaviorally, and/or emotionally impaired (Fantuzzo, 1990; Kolko, 1992; cited by Barnett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin, 1997, p.52)

2. By combating child abuse we can elevate the passing of this through the generations.


1. Although in many child abuse cases parents sometimes pass there violent actions on to there children, other cases the abuser was never abused by their parents.

2. What some people see as abuse others view as discipline. For example certain people feel that spanking there children is a form of abuse while others feel it is an effective form of discipline.

Statement of the Solutions

I am proposing, as a way to combat and prevent child abuse in Ohio, every one take an active role. First, people can write letters to local congressmen in an effort to encourage mandatory parenting classes in high schools. I will inform my audience of a parenting class in my hometown its curriculum, and the positive outcome of this class within a group of high school seniors. Most people finished the classes knowing more than when they started.

Pro and Con Claims: Solutions

If parenting classes are mandated for Ohio public schools, will they make a difference?


1. With parenting classes parents will be taught to provide adequately for their children. Education can equal preventions as well as solve some child abuse issues that face American families today.

2. Family Living/parenting, gives students self-awareness, teaches them the role of a family member, how to manage family finances, the nature and resolution of conflict, and the skills for the nurturing of children as well as the responsibilities for parenthood. According to the guidance counselor at Hopewell Loudon high school in Bascom Ohio, 75% of the students polled from the 1999 graduating senior class of 88 students said that they learned at least one new thing about parenting that they did not know before.


1. Government mandated programs will cost taxpayers a lot of money Not everyone is willing or is able to pay extra tax money.

2. Just because parents have been introduced to parenting classes or have peer influence does not mean that they will be good parents. Reason being, a significant amount of adults who abuse children have been abused themselves as children (e.g., Cappell & Heiner, 1990; Gelles, 1973; Hunter et al., 1978; cited by Barnett, Miller-Perrin, Perrin, 1997, p.52).

Beliefs and attitudes about the problem/need

The audience is probably not aware of what can be done as a preventive measure to child abuse. Before starting to do research, I did not really know what could be done to prevent child abuse or how children that were abused were dealt with. Most people do not realize the magnitude of how much child abuse really does occur. By making people aware of the problem they will be more open to the solution I am proposing. I think that people in general will be against child abuse. Because most people are against child abuse and are inherently good, I think that they will be willing to do anything within reason to prevent potential child abuse.

Beliefs and attitudes about the solution

I believe most if not all of my audience will accept the solution of state mandated parenting classes in high schools to prevent child abuse. I think that some of the audience may already be aware of parenting classes. Some of the high schools that the audience attended probably had programs similar to parenting classes.

Identifying possible barriers

An obvious barrier will be the fact that it takes time to write a letter and actually mail it. Most people will probably forget about it or just will not take the time or effort. To most people in college, thinking about when their kids will be in high school is so far away that they are not concerned with what kids are learning in school. Some people may think that because they did not take a similar class in high school or they feel and know that they are not going to beat their children, why should the classes be mandated.

Draft of Survey Items

1. Write the first five things that come to mind when you think of Child Abuse. Please use compete sentences if possible.






Exigency Items

2. Child abuse is a significant problem in Ohio.

Extremely Certain Quite Certain Slightly Certain Not at all Certain

3. Child abuse needs need to be dealt with immediately.

Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree

4. Child abuse affects you personally.

Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree

Solution Items

5. By teaching high school students parenting skills, child abuse could decline.

Extremely Certain Quite Certain Slightly Certain Not at all Certain

6. Parenting classes in high schools are/could be beneficial in preparing individuals with what is to come in the future.

Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree

7. High schools should have parenting classes to prevent child abuse.

Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree

Barrier Items

8. Would you be willing to take time to write a letter to your congressman if you believed that in doing so, you may be helping to save even one child from being abused?

If yes, please write how often you would be willing to write a letter and what else you would be willing to do, if anything.




If no, please explain why.



Additional Comments

9. Do you have any additional thoughts on child abuse prevention?





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Ca.: College Hill Press.

Rycus, J. &Hughes, R. (1989).Casework process and case planning in child protective

services : a training curriculum.U Columbus, Oh.:Instute for Human Services.

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