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Реферат: The Pearl Greed And Its Abundance Essay

Название: The Pearl Greed And Its Abundance Essay
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 15:15:42 07 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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, Research Paper


Greed: individuals have dissimilar opinions on this topic. Some have the positive influence approaches, for example; Donald Trump stated, the point is that you can t be too greedy , whereas Socrates expressed his thoughts that acquisitiveness was the foundation for countless hostilities, Wars and revolutions and battles are due simply and solely to the body and its desires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and the reason why we have to acquire wealth is the body, because we are slaves in its service. In The Pearl, covetousness was represented as damaging to the inhabitants. The population concentrated on the gratification the pearl would produce for them, albeit the pearl wasn t theirs. Conclusively, it solitarily begets their despondency, subsequently restoring the usual lifestyle, unfortunately for them. Kino s destiny was much demoralizing, in the actuality that his whole life was contaminated by the meager existence of the treasure.

The decease of his son, and the tension between Juana, his wife, and him, triggered Kino s breakdown. Because Kino was exceedingly possessed by the prosperity the pearl might possibly produce for him, he even assaulted Juana, as a result of her recognizing that the pearl and the greed it caused was gradually diminishing Kino and her community s lucidness. Although Kino assumed that selling the pearl would improve his family s level of affluence; his dreams, and goals entirely counted on the infinitesimal detail that the pearl would bring opulence. His ravenousness blinded him to the actuality that he would be defrauded of his wealth, which would inevitably end the likelihood of ever fulfilling his dreams. Conclusively the pearl and greed only brought him the dreadful conclusion to his baby s life, and the realization that there is no effortless approach to gaining wealth and attainment of goals. Excluding hindering his outlook on the forthcoming, Kino s greediness and selfishness caused internal and external antagonisms, within himself, his friends and family. Nevertheless, Kino recognized the hindrance stinginess introduced to him, instigating his return to his home and redeveloping his life.

Besides the overwhelming consequences it produced for Kino, the pearl manufactured even more enormous tribulations for his community. Primarily, they experienced terrible internal conflicts, in which they attempted to acquire some of the compensations of the pearl, and everyone expected to get a fraction of the prosperity. Each individual believed they should join in the selling of the substantial pearl, seeing as it would be almost a sign of unfriendship, if they did not participate, and possibly they would be compensated for their involvement. The pearl buyers had an ulterior intention, in which their greed initiated their untruthfulness and deception of Kino. In a premeditated conspiracy, each appraiser misled Kino to think that the pearl was insignificant, in the attempt to obtain a fraudulent profit. Albeit at the occasion it may have seemed self-profitable, eventually every individual would have to contend with reality that their selfishness and greed contributed to the unfortunate casualty and manslaughter of two individuals. Generally speaking, avarice can only complicate the expedition of constructing a goal and accomplishing that target.

Greed may have been included in the unpleasantness of an entire society; nevertheless a single person did manage to go practically untouched by greed s powerful clutches, Kino s companion, Juana. Although she encountered voracity from her husband and friends, she still managed to be unaffected, in addition to grasping and circumventing the wickedness that had consumed her peers thoughts and actions. Juana did have to forfeit the life of her small child and confront the underlying anger that was of Kino. Greed didn t affect her directly, but its consequences were just as powerful. Conclusively, it is revealed that greed, even though it may not influence the insatiable person, it continuously affects others. In Donald Trump s mind, greed may be the producer of competition, which in turn develops better products, but in another situation it could be the destroyer. As in all situations, the outcome is relative and dependant on the way the situation is approached, and if each person would ponder on the outcome, everyone would come out successful and undamaged.

A person depending on worldly comforts can be likened to a greedy monkey. A greedy monkey is trapped quite easily, all you need is a secured narrow neck vase and some peanuts inside it. In its greediness the monkey will grab as big a fistful as it can, quickly finding that it now can’t remove its fist and the contents. Whatever the impending danger, that greedy little animal just refuses to remove its hand without the contents!

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