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Реферат: Drugs Essay Research Paper Jessica HydeMarrottEnglish 9900610001050Drugs

Название: Drugs Essay Research Paper Jessica HydeMarrottEnglish 9900610001050Drugs
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 08:11:43 15 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Jessica Hyde


English 990-06



Drugs and alcohol consume many lives; one life in particular was my very own. I started this perilous journey, as many teenagers do, experimenting with new illegal drugs and drinking my days away. It took one incident to shake me from the pollutants that were slowly smothering me, and although this incident was frightful it opened my eyes to the life I want to live.

One breezy autumn day I was asked to help dry wall an apartment in a complex building near where I lived. The forty-year-old man who asked for my help stood seven feet, two inches; he had a muscular frame, a great smile and was black. I called him big Ben.

About ten minutes into the job, Ben wanted to converse, but I craved to keep working ignoring the innuendos pouring out of his mouth. But one topic caught my attention. He said, ?Are you some kind of a bookworm or do you like to party?? I said, ?I love to party.? He continued to speak about his drug habit, then said, ?Would you happen to know where I could get an eighth of trees?? Quick to answer I said, ?Yes!? So we left the building got into his rusty red pickup and headed down Court Street.

As I was admiring the beautiful colors in the mountains a sweet smell tickled my nose and a nudge on my shoulder turned my attention to Ben. He was holding his breath and motioning me to take a hit from the roach. Five minutes later we arrived at my dealer?s house Ben gave me twenty dollars and I went in to do business. When I came out Ben was waiting for me across the street. I jumped into the truck and we rode off. As I relished over the sack I scored, Ben pulled up to a liquor store and ran in to purchase two bottles of liquor; one was Southern Comfort the other Jack Daniels he also bought cigarettes and rolling papers.

Continuing toward the motels on Chenango Street I lit up a cigarette and sang along with the radio tuned to star 105.7. Ben pulled into the parking lot of the Howard Johnson and said, ?Come on in.? With vigor I gathered my things and followed him in where he led me to room 203. Then my life flashed before my eyes and I started to tremble in fear for my life. The door was opened he stepped aside to let me in first, but all I did was stand there shaking like a leaf trying to tell my legs to move until I heard his deep tuba voice say, ?Move.?

I walked warily into the room and sat in the big green lazy boy positioned in the corner of the room. Next to me was a two drawer wooden desk with a bonze lamp on top. I proceeded to break up the pot on the desk so I could roll it into a joint, but I was so nervous and shaky the joint would not roll up right. Ben saw that I was having a hard time and rolled it for me then he poured the drinks that I speedily slammed to calm me down. We then went into the bathroom turned on the fan and began the ritual. I wanted to smoke myself stupid to get rid of the feeling that I might die, and hoped he did the same so I could get away if necessary.

When we finished the sack of pot even the crumbs, we came out of the bathroom and started burning incense to mask the smell permeating the air. Ben ordered a movie on the television called Air Force One. He then said, ?I?m going to take a shower want to join me.? I said, ?No.? and continued to watch the movie. While he was in the shower, I just prayed to God to let everything be okay and hoped that I didn?t end up hurt or dead. A few minutes later Ben came out with just boxers on and he lay down on the bed nearby asking me to join him. I said, ?No!? Not even looking at him. Ben started talking about what he was going to do to me sexually and that he had raped women before. I immediately sobered up and thought, run get out now. But, I was five miles from home and didn?t want to walk, so with a stern voice I said, ?I want to go home now.? He said, ?When I?m ready, we?ll go.? I threw his clothes at him and said, ?You?re ready now, I want to go home.? He put his clothes on angrily and marched out to the truck.

The whole trip to my house was silent, no music and no words nothing but the sound of the engine roaring down the road. When we finally arrived in front off my house he grabbed me and said, ?I want to *censored* your brains out.? I quickly grabbed the latch on the door and forced my way out yelling and screaming. Once I was finally out of the truck I said, ?Fuck you *censored*.? I ran like hell to my safe haven.

This experience has influenced my life positively, you may think I?m crazy, but I learned to choose good influences in my life and to stay away from the nasty drugs. I feel that if this had never happened I would still be abusing drugs and alcohol. I have also gained knowledge about myself to know that I have the strength to survive any situation and rise above any obstacle that gets in my way.

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