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Реферат: Roman Gladaiators Essay Research Paper ROMAN GLADIATORSIn

Название: Roman Gladaiators Essay Research Paper ROMAN GLADIATORSIn
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 18:32:58 10 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Roman Gladaiators Essay, Research Paper


In most peoples opinion the Roman gladiator games were gruesome and would not be permitted in our society today. However the sport was ever so popular in Rome where it was considered the main sport and socail event. It was performed in a giant stadium were people all over Rome would come to see

It took ten years and a lot of money, hard work and creativity to complete the Roman Colosseum, which was first called the Flavian Ampitheatre, where gladiator games took place. The opening celebration lasted 100 days and consisted of games in which thousands of animals and gladiators were killed. Fights to the death were assured to please the crowds of thousands in an Amphitheatre that could seat some 50,000 spectators. Gladiatorial games would be held all day with the main feature being the contests where trained fighters would fight to their deaths.

Trained in gladiatorial schools, slaves or criminals made up for most of the gladiators. Another type of fight consisted of sending criminals of all ages and sexes into the arena without weapons to confront animals who would tear them apart, assuring their ultimate death. Which were usually lions. Several kinds of animal contests were held as well. All these exhibitions were very popular in Rome.

Spectators would literally pack themselves into the amphitheatre to participate and watch the games. After a loud and sometimes long announcement, gladiator teams would enter the arena. A team of lightly armed men would face a team of heavily armed men jousting with dull weapons ntil the crowd would yell and encourage fights to the finish. Then the sharp swords and daggers would then be brought in. These fights were so serious that the weapons would be presented to the Emperor to test their sharpness. With each and every type of game, the crowds would be merciless, crying for more gladiators and bloodshed. During the match if they thought that a gladiator was doing well they’d give him the thumbs up sign if not the thumbs down.

When the day’s events would just be about over, barred doors were opened and hundreds of Jews of all ages would be driven into the center of the arena. The crowds would then scream for more barred doors to be lifted so that starved, man-eating lions and tigers could be released to attack the unarmed prey. The lions would be starved for days so they would be hungry enough to kill the Jews. These Jews were prisoners brought back from the Jewish war and the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. As slaves they were forced the ampitheater that they were killed in. After all the events of the day were finally over, mounds of corpses would be removed and armies of slaves would prepare the arena for the next day. This practice, lasting for days, went on for years, marking one of the most celebrated holidays ever remembered by the Romans.

As part of the great festivals, public spectacles were provided by the emperor and other state officials. It seems the gladiator games, most popular and famous of the spectacles, served a purpose beyond just entertainment. All of Rome would be in attendance, from senators and priests, rich citizens, to the general public. It is said that the contests encouraged a disregard for pain and death, for even slaves and criminals displayed a passion and need for praise and victory in the arena. But, the gladiator games seemed to involve both a political and social purpose. The games served as a diversion from any political worry of the time, they also seemed to be necessary to satisfy the needs of the common people. The Romans were a society investing its time and money in this sport, giving the notion that it was a priority. Like some sports are in our society today.

The games were as popular as they were gruesome, and caused great excitement and destruction. Civilized people created and promoted these events, and participated in them, because they provided great political and economic strength.

I believe that these games were wrong and should’nt of taken place. They were morally wrong and unhumanly. We are lucky that our society does not premit these games today.

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