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Топик: Искусство /english/

Название: Искусство /english/
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: топик Добавлен 12:14:27 04 августа 2001 Похожие работы
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The Art

Nobody can imagine his life without art. The role of art in our life is tremendous. Art develops the sense of beauty, such qualities as kindness and sympathy. Art helps us to live and makes our life more interesting, it develops our cultural level. History of arts dates back to ancient times. Now we enjoy the best works of ancient masters of many countries. Each nation has its own unique art. People try to express through their works their attitude to life and describe the world around them. All kinds of art: painting, music, literature and theatre are closely connected with each other.

Talking about art, I would like to start with the theater. What is theater? During the last 30 years the theater has had to meet three challenges - from radio, cinema and television. All possess important advantages. Radio and TV can be enjoyed at home. Already many people tell us that with their TV at home they no longer need the theater. Such people do not understand that the theater is the parent of these three dramatic forms. In a very good restaurant we have a dinner that is specially cooked for us. In a canteen you are served with a standard portion of a standard meal. And this is the difference between the living theater and the mass entertainment of films, radio and TV. People regard theater not only as an entertainment, theater always had and still has an amazing influence on the development of people's and society's life. People appreciate it highly because it has a great effect on the way they think, feel or act and it also helps to form moral values. One of the most remarkable events in my life was the evening when I went to the Kachalov theater with my classmates. We went to see a play "Bankrot". The advertisement made it sound quite interesting so we thought we would go along. The majority of the cast tried their best to please the audience. The scenery was so splendid that we couldn't take our eyes off the stage. What impressed me the most of all was the way actors played. The play provided a glimpse in which imaginary crafted world was crashed by reality. "The Bankrot" had indisputably become the republic's most popular play, having been seen by over two million people countrywide. From its celebrated opening in Kazan in October 1999, this stunning adaptation of Ostrovsky's masterpiece immediately captured the imagination and enthusiasm of the theater-going public. "The Bankrot" had earned itself an unique place in theater history. I think this play will have a successful run for many years.

My favorite actress is Julia Roberts, one of the most famous people in the world. Julia Fiona Roberts, born in Georgia, USA, never dreamed she would become the most popular actress in America. As a child, due to her love of animals, Julia originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but later studied journalism. She first appeared in the movie "Mystic Pizza" and the audience instantly fell in love with this actress. Julia's biggest success was in the movie "Pretty Woman, " for which Julia got an Oscar nomination. Even though Julia would spend the next few years either starring in serious movies, or playing fantasy roles, the movie audiences would always love Julia best in romantic comedies. Julia is one of the most popular and sought-after talents in Hollywood. Her most famous works are also "The best friend's wedding", "Runaway bride", "Stepmom", "Notting hill" and "I love troubles".

When to speak about world literature, then the name of William Shakespeare is the best to explain the real value of literature in the world of art. William Shakespeare is generally regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist of English literature. He wrote 37 plays which continue to be read widely and produced frequently throughout the world. Shakespeare was a master at creating a certain atmosphere of a play, its general mood or feeling. It could be melancholy, lively or frightening, tragic or mystical. The power and beauty of his language helped build the prevailing mood in each play. Shakespeare's genius lays in his power of understanding human nature which is the same today, tomorrow and forever. He showed the world of men in its complexity and variety. His plays have the same powerful impact an audience today as they did when they were first staged. There is no writer who has touched the depth and height of characters as Shakespeare did. There is a great joy in moving through a Shakespeare's play, living through the emotions of the characters, while reading a play or watching it. One experiences in one own being the troubles, tragedies, absurdities of the creatures created by that Great Imaginer.

I think people can't live without music. When we hear music we live. I like different kinds of music. I can't say with sure that I don't understand classical music and prefer pop only. I don't really choose between music of 60-s or nowadays modern groups, because in my opinion there always was and there will be great masterpieces. But of all kinds of music I prefer that one, which is really popular among lovers. I think it is very romantic and sweet and this is the reason why it fascinates me greatly. Some of my favorite groups and singers are the Beatles, the Rolling stones, Shakespeare's sisters, Elton John, Julianne Werding and Sting. But now I would like to draw your attention to English composer, singer and musician Sting, whose real name is Gordon Sumner. His musical career began in early 70-s when he took part in the group "Police". Later he left the group and showed his real gift. His first songs proved his independence and the scale of his abilities. "Englishman in New-York", "Sister Moon", "Desert Rose" became world hits. They were not a week's charted hits, they became people's hopes and thoughts. I really admire his songs and can say that the name of Sting will always have its place in music history.

Painting is an important part of the national heritage, it broadens our horizons and enriches our mind. I really enjoy visiting art galleries and the dearest artists for me are Levitan, Stanley Spencer, William Hogarth, John Constable and Andrew Wyet. He is one of the prominent living American painters. He was born in 1917. The son of illustrator – Andrew is the leading member of the dynasty of painters that includes his sisters, their husbands and his own two sons. He won fame at the age of 12 for his illustrations of "Robin Hood". He was 20 when he first exhibited his paintings. Andrew studied with his father and was strongly influenced by him. His father’s style of illustration expresses sentimentality. But very early the young artist gravitated a way from his teacher. Wyet’s style is both precise and minute in detail, he is a realist influenced by photography. He painted portraits, landscapes, seascapes and domestic scenery. His favorite media are tempera and water colors. His works are easily recognized by dimly lit and deserted landscapes in tones of grey and brown which convey the feeling of loveliness and solitude. His famous works are "Christina’s world" and "Inland shell".

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