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Реферат: The Quest For Truth Essay Research Paper

Название: The Quest For Truth Essay Research Paper
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 02:28:42 07 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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The Quest For Truth Essay, Research Paper

The Quest for the Truth

To find truth, you must open yourself up to it. Forget all that you think you know, and embrace all that you don t. Honesty and Trust are the legs that truth stands on and without them the entire body collapses. In your search for spiritual truth, you need to first be honest with yourself, then others, for if you can t tell yourself the truth how could you possibly share it with others.

Honesty with yourself is the most important type of truth. It is the first step in finding any kind of spiritual truth. By cheating yourself, you achieve nothing. You are unable to develop any further as a person spiritually. You have an obligation to yourself, as a child of God you deserve the truth. There is no one on earth that it hurts more to lie to than yourself. If you can not trust yourself who can you trust.

Another essential part of your internal spirituality is centering our lives around our Lord. We must place God at the core of our being and allow everything to revolve around Him. We must keep close to this spiritual spot, it is our soul place. We must resist straying from this center and becoming wrapped up in our lives. Or, allowing something else to sit it this most sacred spot, that is less than Godly.

Once we learn to be honest with ourselves we can being working on being honest with others. Sometimes a fabrication or a hyperbole of the facts may sound more impressive and may be more entertaining. But, eventually everything catches up with you. One lie usually leads to another and another. Not only to cover up the false facts of the previous lie, but also because it becomes addictive. Some of the creative tales that have unfolded in conversation still surprise me. Everyone wants to have a better story than the next guy, but is it worth it. The story only lasts the moment and it taints the memory of the events. Plus, most people can see through the slyest narrator. You can not find truth while you surround yourself with fabrications.

We are only able to see part of the objective truth because our minds are clouded by our desires, ego, illusions, societal greed, and other factors. These blind the mind from the truth, creating subjective truths, which may or may not be supported by objective evidence. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. This is true in all things. We cling to that knowledge. We have been taught that things are one way always, but you must consider there is almost always an exception to the rule. Without open-mindedness you will not notice this exception and will continue to assume it to be the same as the rest.

Desire is another poison to the mind because it causes us to hope for things to work out or fit into our perfect little plan. We do not consider whether or not the facts support this plan. As children of God , we must help each to find the truth. We can not ask others to be honest with us, if we do not first practice honest with them.

The quest for the truth is one which the entire human race embarks on together. We only delve ahead as far as the last man. It is similar to a team in a marathon. The journey is long and it does not end until the last man passes the finish line.

In the grand theodrama, it does not matter how great the position we create for ourselves is unless it is appointed by God. Nothing we do matters unless we do it will true and pure intents involved. None of the successes we experience make a difference. The only opinion of you that really matters is the one that states your true self. Not the image and personality you present to the world, it is the little person inside you that matters. Most of the image we create is distorted and altered for what ever reason it is that motives us to create this image. In my case it is a defense mechanics. For some people it is contrived in hopes of being excepted by others. But, our images don t matter. Regardless of what anyone thinks of you, as long as you and God know the who you re true self is, the rest is just static.

Truth begins with honesty. Without that the game is over, you lose. If I could give one piece of advice to everyone it would be to trust yourself.

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