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Реферат: The Canterbury Tales The Perfect Love Essay

Название: The Canterbury Tales The Perfect Love Essay
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 07:58:52 12 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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The Canterbury Tales: The Perfect Love Essay, Research Paper

The Canterbury Tales: The Perfect Love

The Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer around 1386, is a

collection of tale told by pilgrims on a religious pilgrimage. Three of these

tales; “The Knight’s Tale”, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”, and “The Franklin’s Tale”,

involve different kinds of love and different love relationships. Some of the

loves are based on nobility, some are forced and some are based on mutual

respect for each partner. My idea of love is one that combines aspects from each

of the tales told in The Canterbury Tales.

In “The Knights Tale”, the love between the two knights and Emily is

intensely powerful. The love that Palomon and Arcite feel towards Emily is so

strong that the two knights feel that it is worth more than life. At one point

Palomon says to Arcite, ” Though I have no weapon here . . . either you shall

die or you shall not love Emily.” The love that Palomon feels for Emily is so

overwhelming that he is willing to take on an armed man, in mortal combat, just

for the love of a woman. Perhaps he feels that without her he will surely die,

so why not die trying to win her.

The ironic fact about the relationship between the two knights and Emily

is that Emily does not wish to marry either of the knights. she expresses this

in a prayer to Diana, the goddess of chaste, ” Well you know that I desire to be

a maiden all my life; I never want to be either a beloved or a wife.” This is so

ironic because Arcite and Palomon are about to kill each other for her love and

she doesn’t want to beloved by either of them. She enjoys the thrills of maiden

hood too much to have them ended by marriage.

While all this is going on, no one stops to think that neither Arcite

nor Palomon has ever even spoken to Emily. When Palomon and Arcite are in jail

Palomon says, ” The Beauty of the lady whom I see wandering yonder in the garden

is the cause of all my cries and woes.” This is not something That I would want

to base my ideal love on. These two knights are willing to risk their lives for

the love of this woman, whom they have never even met. For all they know she

could be the most annoying person on earth. In that case they would be risking

their lives, only to spend the rest of it with a beautiful and extremely

annoying woman.

In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” A knight is forced to marry a wretched old

woman to avoid death. The knight and the old woman do not get along well, and

when the old woman suggests that she can make things better, the knight responds

saying, ” Corrected? . . . It will never be corrected! You are so loathsome and

old.” A love relationship such as this could never last because their is no

attraction, physical or mental. A major factor in love is physical attraction

between the two partners, here their is no attraction. Two people can not love

each other if they can stand to be around each other. The knight can hardly bare

to look at his wife, let alone sleep with her.

Despite the fact that the knight despises her, the old woman persists on

getting the knight to love her, which actually works in some cases. While the

knight is complaining about how terrible his marriage is the old woman says, ”

What am I guilty of? For God’s sake tell me and it shall be corrected, if I can

manage.” After this the old woman continues on convincing the knight that she is

worthy of him and he finally agrees. Sometimes it is necessary to convince the

other person that they love you. The love between the knight and the old woman

started out as a forced relationship and was greatly regretful. But after the

old woman pointed out some good qualities their relationship blossomed into a

beautiful, loving relationship.

My ideal love is best expressed in ” The Franklin’s tale”. The love

between the knight and his wife is based greatly on respect. From the very

beginning the knight offers her respect and free will, ” He swore to her as a

knight that never . . . would he take an authoritarian role over her . . . nor

show jealousy to her, but would obey her . . . as any lover ought his lady.” The

knight in this tale knows how to win a lady. By giving her respect and allowing

her to do as she pleases, by not keeping her on a short leash, he wins her

respect and therefore they build a very powerful love relationship.

Another attribute to their strong relationship is faithfulness. When a

young squire tells the knights wife of his love for her she tells him, ” I will

never be an unfaithful wife in word or deed, . . . I will be his to whom I am

knit.” With faithfulness comes safety. If a person feels safe in a relationship

they tend to stay their, making the relationship that much stronger.

Each of the love relationships I have just described contains qualities

that I feel are important in my ideal love relationship. I feel that passion is

important, as in “The Knight’s Tale” when Palomon is willing to fight Arcite for

Emily; it adds excitement to the relationship. Sometimes persistence can play

an important role in a love relationship, as it did in ” The Wife of Bath’s

Tale” when the old woman persists that the knight should love her. Finally, I

feel that respect plays a key role in making a good love relationship. When to

people love and respect each other, as the knight and his wife did in ” The

Franklin’s Tale”, it helps to build a very strong and rewarding love

relationship. But, for every quality that I like in each story, there is also a

quality that I feel is detrimental to a blissful relationship. For instance, in

” The Wife of Bath’s Tale ” the knight is forced into a love relationship, which

I feel could only lead to an unfulfilling relationship. Also in ” The Knight’s

Tale “, Arcite and Palomon are in love with a woman to whom they have never even

spoken to. this could only bring on arguments and would definitely be a shabby


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