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Реферат: Creative Writing Essay Research Paper Creative WritingMy

Название: Creative Writing Essay Research Paper Creative WritingMy
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 22:53:35 06 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
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Creative Writing Essay, Research Paper

Creative Writing

My boredom lingered on despair as I sit at home alone wondering what my friends are doing at school. I wouldn t be in this situation if I would have stayed out of trouble. My antics got me suspended from school, and enough trouble with the law that they had me on house arrest. I could not talk to my friends and I couldn t go anywhere either. My thoughts start to stray towards Lisa. Lisa is a petite blonde that amazes me with her intelligence. I find myself thinking about her more and more often as I serve out this time on house arrest. She has a flawless complexion and her curves make her seem older than her 15 years. I guess we could call my feelings toward her lustful.

Finally, it s 3:00 on a Friday afternoon and my homeboy Martin will be over to see me shortly. As soon as he gets here I ll have somebody to talk to. When he gets here he reports to me that the girl he likes, Anna, will be spending the night at Lisa s house. Isn t it amazing how things work out sometimes. I took this to be an omen that I would never get caught if I broke house arrest tonight. I need to tell you that Anna has never really showed any interest in short, chubby Martin, but I can t break that news to him. I lie and tell him that we re in, when what I mean is, I m in. Really, Anna with her tall beanpole-like figure isn t anything to get too excited about. Her shoulder length brown hair is always pulled back so tightly it looks as if her forehead is about to crack.

“So, how do you want to do it?” Martin asks me.

“Well, seeing as how neither one of us has a car, we re gonna have to meet somewhere close to their house since they got what we want,” I tell him.

“Okay, you sneak out about 11:00 and come to my house. Then we ll meet them at Oakdale park about 12. You need to call them and tell em what the deal is. Make sure you remind them that there s plenty of bushes at the park,” Martin says chuckling and nudging me with his elbow.

“Yeah, I ll call and let them know.”

I ve been dying to talk to Lisa all day. She s even entertaining to talk to on the phone for 4-5 hours. You know if you put up talking to any woman that long you really got something for her. As soon as Martin leaves I get on the phone to call. Damn, she ain t home yet. I keep forgetting that just because my life is on hold everybody else s isn t. It makes me so pissed off I could spit bullets that someone is out with my Lisa. Don t let me find out who is. I try again every hour on the hour to reach my Lisa and about 6:00 I finally get her.

“Where you been,” I ask her.

“Out,” she replies.

“Oh, well I was just wondering what you thought about you and Anna sneaking out tonight and meeting me and Martin at Oakdale.”

“Okay, sounds like fun,” she replies coolly.

Goddamn is it possible to shock this girl. I love her.

“Well, I ll see you then.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Wait, you don t want to talk awhile?”

“Okay,” she says indifferently.

We proceed to talk until it s time for me to hang up for dinner. This girl is amazing she can talk about anything and hold me in total rapture. I tell her that I will see her this evening.

The escape goes off like it has numerous times in the past. I watch TV until Mom and Dad go to bed then about 10:15 I go outside to smoke and stay until 10:45. If Mom and Dad haven t noticed my absence by now they won t. I walk to Martin s house. He s already waiting outside for me and we head towards Oakdale.

“Boy, I ve waited for this night for a long time,” I tell Martin.

“Yeah, I m finally gonna get to fuck Anna,” he replies enthusiastically. I laugh at this because I don t really think Martin is going to get any. I, on the other hand, will.

“What are you laughing at,” Martin asks me.


As we are almost to Oakdale these two crazy women come running down the street like a couple of lunatics.

“We thought you guys weren t gonna be able to make it,” Anna tells us.

“It ain t nothing,” I reply.

Lisa is looking radiant in tight blue jeans and a sweatshirt. Although in my opinion she could be clothed in tattered rags and still look delicious. Just then, what I take to be a bum stumbles around the bushes.

“What are you guys doing out so late,” Eric asks us.

“Damn, Eric, I thought you were some derelict coming to rob us.” Eric has on some old ripped up jeans and Metallica T-shirt on. He looks so cold that his lips are turning purple. He has a mohawk that hangs down to his butt. He has a reputation of being a troublemaker and is even rumored to have no parents to watch him. When you look at him all you can think about is Beavis and Butthead.

“What are you doing out here,” I ask him.

“Just kicking it, looking for somebody to cruise with,” Eric says.

I notice Anna kind of crowds up to him and evidently Martin notices too, because when Eric announces he knows where a car is with the keys in it, he declines saying he better get home. I should have went with Martin because, although Martin is a loser, he s got enough sense to know when he s in over his head.

“So, what s up? What do you think about it,” Eric challenges me.

Now I have a tough decision. Even though I know that the girls will go wherever I go, I ve got to decide what I think they want to do. I look over at Anna cuddling all over Eric. I m thinking, “Love is in the air.” I chuckle to myself and then look over at seductive Lisa and the urge to be with her overpowers my common sense.

“Shit, you ain t said nothing. Let s go get it.”

“Right on.”

The smile on Lisa s face tells me I made the right decision. We walk hand in hand to the trailer park where the car is located. It s now about 12 midnight.

The car is a light blue 72 Cadillac in mediocre shape. It looks like something a bunch of teenage kids would have. I survey the backseat. Plenty big enough, I note. As we push the car out into the street and down the road, I notice that it s almost out of gas.

“Damn, I m gonna have to spend my money on gas for a stolen car.”

“That s the way it goes,” Lisa replies supportively.

“I think you should go up to the trailer and demand that they go put some gas in their car before you steal it,” Eric says with a detectable note of sarcasm.

And we re off. The car has a clanging noise, but other than that runs pretty good. We decide we ll drive out into the country and drive down the gravel roads at high rates of speed. I got picked to do the driving, at least in town. That means no kissing on Lisa for a little while. We are driving about 50 mph down a roller-coaster-like road when we drive over some washout in the road and the Cadillac stalls. Eric and I jump out of the car to see what the problem is and Surprise! Surprise! We don t have a clue what went wrong. We proceed to beat the hell out of the car with a rubber mallet we found in the trunk. After 15 minutes of this pointless pounding we start to consider what to do. Eric and Anna decide me and Lisa should walk to the nearest farmhouse and ask for a tow.

As we walk, me and Lisa have a good discussion about my feelings toward her and I tell her that I love her. When we near the farmhouse we see that all the lights are off. We don t give a damn we re tired of walking. My legs were feeling like rubber so I walk right up there and pound on the door.

“Do you know anything about cars,” I ask him.

“A little. Why,” he inquires.

“Our car broke down about a mile up the road and my curfew is 3a. I really need to get this fixed and get it home. Can you help me?”

“I suppose,” he says unenthusiastically.

We ride with the farmer back to the scene of the breakdown. I take note that as we ride up, the windows on the Cadillac are very steamed for the short amount of time we were gone. I think that this will work out to my benefit. Anna will tell Lisa she had sex with Eric and be more inclined to let me make it.

The farmer offers us a tow into Gypsum and we gladly accept. He pulls some chains out of the back of his truck and hooks them to the broken down piece of crap we were driving. Eric states that we are going to have to get some transportation back to Salina. I agree. I m starting to sweat because my Mom and dad wake up early even on Saturdays. It is now 2:45 and I expect them to be waking up at 5.

Eric turns to me and says, “This old farmer has a pretty nice truck. Why don t we take his? We got that rubber mallet in the back seat.”

I m thinking this guy must be nuts. This poor old guy comes out of his house in the middle of the night to help out some shady looking teenagers and Eric wants to beat him to take his truck.

“All right, I ll just step on the brakes and that should break the chain. When he comes out to fix it I ll hit him with the hammer. Then you hit him with your fists,” I tell him.

I mash on the brakes and the chain breaks. Me and Eric jump out of the car to “help” him fix it. As the old man bends over to rehook the chain I realize I don t have enough heart to do this to him. Eric is giving me gestures telling me to do it, but I can t. I start thinking about Lisa and how badly I want to impress her, but even that can t convince me to do this. The old man stands up. He s finished, it s too late. I procrastinated long enough to get out of doing this.

We arrive in Gypsum. I thank the old man for helping us out and try to make eye contact even though I m ashamed with myself for even thinking about doing that to him. He knew what we were gonna try to do. He watched me get out of the Cadillac with a pretty good size hard rubber mallet and decided he d take the beating instead of being a coward.

“Well, now we re gonna have to steal another car here in Gypsum. My vote is we split up and if y all get one we ll be over here on this side of town and you can just come pick us up,” I said.

It is now 4:00 and I m starting to think I ll never make it home in time. I m having a real hard time finding one that is unlocked. I can t afford to break a window this late in the morning. People are up going to work. I finally spot a white Thunderbird that is in excellent condition sitting in a garage with an open garage door. I seize the opportunity and go get in it. JACKPOT! The keys are dangling from the ignition. I direct Lisa to wait for me down the road for me while I go get it. I turn the key far enough that the car will allow me to put it in neutral and let it coast slowly down the driveway. I hear this maniacal shrieking coming from the direction of the house. As I look to see what inhuman creature it is making this noise I spot a little old woman hobbling towards the driveway. I take that as my cue to get somewhere else. I start the car and slam it into gear. I leave about 50 feet of rubber getting to where my beloved Lisa is. I stomp on the brakes and tell her to get in.

“Nice car.”

“That crazy bitch is chasing us down the street,” I point out.

I eventually find Eric and Anna and tell them it is time to get back to Salina. It is now 4:50 and I m starting to wonder if I am going to be able to make it. My mind has left the all-important goal to be with Lisa. Now all I can think about is getting home before my Mom and Dad wake up. I know that we are going to have to take back roads to get back to Salina. Gypsum has no police of its own, but Salina isn t very far away and they ll be coming the main way.

“Holy shit! These dumbasses left their wallet in the car,” Eric announces.

“How much money is in it? Are there any credit cards,” I ask.

“115 dollars, but no credit cards. They also got a checkbook. Did you know that this car is brand new? Man, it s 92 and I m riding in a 92 Thunderbird.”

This is a hell of a break. Just as I think everything is going bad for me something incredible like this happens to me. Despite the fact that now I know I ll be caught for sneaking out, I m in a good mood. Subconsciously, I ve already made my decision to keep this car and take it on a road trip.

“Say, do y all want to just say screw it and take this car and cruise around the state for a few weeks. C mon it ll be fun,” I tell the crew.

There is a unanimous decision that we do it. Our first step is to cash some checks for gas money. We put together another 250 bucks like this and we re set. I start us off in southwesterly direction on back roads.

“You oughtta let me drive awhile, Beau,” Eric tells me.

This is my chance. I know Anna will want to come up and sit with Eric. They ve been groping and making smacking noises back there so I know that they re getting along great. YES, it s mine and Lisa s turn.

“No problem.”

I pull over and we all switch places. And we re off. Lisa is cuddled up to me pretty close. I know what is fixin to happen. I put my hand on her chin to turn her beautiful face up towards mine. It continues from there until her jeans and panties are on the floor and mine down around my ankles. Her sex smells like strawberries and with her sitting on my lap like that, it doesn t take long. It was all I hoped it would be and just like everything else Lisa does, she is good at making love.

When I peel my eyes away from Lisa s, I realize we are on the interstate.

“What the fuck are you doing on the interstate,” I ask Eric furiously.

“Say man, chill out, you don t have to cuss me.” Eric replies as we pass a highway patrol.

I look back as we pass to see if he s following.

“Shit! He s following us.” I m so pissed off at Eric my teeth are grinding together loudly. I had told him that we couldn t drive on the interstate and not only do four teenagers in a brand new car look suspicious, we re not even a hundred miles from Salina and they ll be looking for the car.

“I m gonna pull over, man. Maybe all they want is to find out where we re going,” Eric says stupidly.

“NOOOOO! Are you a total idiot? Even if they are they ll find out that this car is stolen, you dumbass.”

As Eric pulls over, all I can think is that as good as Lisa was, she wasn t worth this.


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