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Реферат: ComparisonCreation Of Frankenstein To Adam And Eve

Название: ComparisonCreation Of Frankenstein To Adam And Eve
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 01:57:50 28 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Essay, Research Paper

Comparison: Adam and Eve to (creation of Frankenstein)

In the old Testament, the Book of Genesis has many parallels to the Creation of

the monster. Love is the basic information by which Adam and the monster have

been created. The question that arises from this is “Is the monster an Adam like

figure?” Adam did not have the same sufferings as the monster because he did not

endure the hostility of the society. Therefore: the book of Genesis mirrors the

creation of the monster but with differences and its consequences.

The entire basis of Christianism is about God’s love for humanity “God loved so

the world that he gave his only son”(John 3:6). The Lord’s love is an absolute

love. “God created man at his picture. And in Genesis 1, this idea is reinforced

by the sentence “From God’s picture he created him”. God wanted man as good as

him and he gave him his benediction.

“So, he modelled man with dust taken from the ground, he insufflate in the

nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” The result of it

was a perfect beautiful being to which he gave the capability to name everything

which surrounded him.

On the other hand, as a college student at the University of Ingolstadt, Victor

became passionate with his ideal and collected body parts from cadavers until he

gave form and life to his creation.

God’s true love does not appear in Victor’s intention for the creation of his

new being. Victor’s main goal was to satisfy his intellectual curiosity. “He

pursued his understanding with ardour” in his need to understand the origin of

life: “spark of being into the lifeless thing.”

In his first letter to the Corinthians, St Paul begins: ” love is patient and

kind….. not selfish or irritable” that declaration shows us how God loves us.

That biblical reference gives us an strong insight into the nature of love with

the first step in Adam’s life. He received all gifts: beauty, wisdom,

intelligence and the abundance of fruits and food. In Genesis 2, indeed God has

placed Adam in the Eden’s garden where he can fully enjoy life. The only

condition was not to eat the fruit from the tree located in the middle of the

garden. Even through his kindness God said “It is not good for men to be alone,

I want to grant him a help.” God created Eve by taking a rib of Adam. So Adam

could share his life with a beauty (Eve) whose name means “the living one”. Here

again we can note again the generosity of God who offered to Adam knowledge and


In opposition to it, Victor did not care at all of his creation. He immediately

was disgusted by him and ran away from him. As a result, that creature was left

to survive on his own; with no education and no language and in particular he

had no idea what was good or bad. He met people but did not know the rules of

the society which was full of hostility against him. After he could not benefit

from the love of his creator, his sorrow will be huge in front of the reactions

of the frightened people. In addition to this Victor does not fulfil the

monster’s wish to love and to be loved by a companion. In the same way, God said

to Adam “be fertile and prolifique” So Adam could get many descendants and live

130 years old which was not the case of the monster.

In the two cases, we have an example of tragic fate. Adam is condemned to become

a mortal because he disobeyed and wanted to get the supreme knowledge; God tells

Adam; “it is in pain which you will nourish yourself all the days of your

life… you will win your bread to the sweat of your face…Yes you were dust,

and to dust you will return”. Because of his moral weakness, Adam has became the

first human with its fragility and imperfections. Finally he is not sure to meet

God if he commits too many sins.

Adam and Frankenstein are an integral part of the human condition. Yet, they

did not accept their limits. It is also important to note it because they showed

internal conflicts. They did not accept the rules inflicted upon them. Adam and

the monster’s refused chains and expressed their freedom which led them to

mistakes. The monster became a murderer which is a proof of human weakness.

Both Adam and Frankenstein have been rejected and are ashamed of their faults.

But in addition, the monster was unable to bear his horrible crimes and his

master’s death.

Towards the end of the book, it becomes clear that the monster still loves his

creator. It is the reason he did not kill him. He only wanted revenge upon

Victor who gave him his pitiful life. In the last part of the book, the loss of

his creator puts him in a state of distress and he reveals his plans to commit

suicide to Walton before he leaves the boat

Once again, Adam and the monster are characters engaged in struggles within

themselves: the monster is another Adam like figure because he does not dominate

sins as God asked for it. In this way, they are symbols of the humanity with

these followings characteristics: feelings of impatience, a will to

emancipation, a kind of madness and genius being adapted to hard conditions of

living, and an intense desire to accomplish their life with achieved goals. In

fact, the book of Genesis as a parallel to the creation of the monster reveals

an authentic generosity, faith, hope and love.

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