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Реферат: Charles Dickens 2 Essay Research Paper An

Название: Charles Dickens 2 Essay Research Paper An
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 10:11:45 30 октября 2010 Похожие работы
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Charles Dickens 2 Essay, Research Paper

An Essay On Charles Dickens

Did you know that Charles Dickens thought that Americans were distasteful? There is a reason

for this and you will find out if you read my essay. This will be a discussion on the famous author Charles Dickens and his life.

The great author Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, he was the son of

John and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles Dickens father, John Dickens, was a clerk in a Navy pay office. John was very bad with finances so he was put in jail because of his debt. Charles’ whole family joined his father in jail and Charles was stuck working for Warrens Blacking Factory. After his father was let out of prison he rescued his son from his horrible labor fate.

From 1824 to 1827 he became a student at a school in London. Little did his family know that his stay at the Blacking Factory would haunt him for the rest of his life. The only 2 people he told about this horrible event in his life would be his wife, and his best friend John Foster which he will meet later in life.

He uses this period in his life in one of his books it is called Great Expectations and also uses this

in the book DavidCopperfield.

In 1829 he was a reporter for the Doctor’s Commoner’s Courts. In 1832 he ,was a reporter on the Parliamentary debates in the House of Commons, and he became a reporter for a newspaper. In 1834 he adopted his famous pseudonym ” Boz.” Soon his father was put in jail for another count of debt and he came to his aid time. During his lifetime Charles’ family would always be on his back for money.

In 1836 the first series of the “Sketches of Boz” was released , also during this year he was hired to be a short writer to go along with his humorous sport illustrations by Robert Seymour. Robert committed suicide after the second set was completed so Charles changed the conception of the “PickWick Paper’s” which afterwards would become a novel. The PickWick Papers was a huge success through November 1837. In

1836 he became editor of Bentley’s Miscellany then he published a second series of the

famous “Sketches of Boz”, and met John Forster who later would become his greatest friend.

After the huge success with the PickWick Papers he became a full time novelist,

and started producing work at a very fast rate. He began “Oliver Twist” in 1837 and continued to make parts of it until April 1839. He started “Nicholas Nickleby” in 1838 and worked on it until October 1839, in this year he also resigned from being editor at Bentley’s Miscellany. “Master Humphrey’s Clock” first appeared in 1840 and “The Old Curiosity Shop and he continued through 1841. When he started to write “Barnaly Rudge”, which went on through November that year.

Upon his visit to America to internationally copyright his work, he found the Americans very

distasteful because of chewing tobacco. He portrayed America in one of his books as a character named Martin Chuzelwit. In 1843 he began “A Christmas Carol” working on it until 1844 when it became aggressively darker. In 1844 he and his family toured Italy, and continued to tour Europe until July of 1845. He premiered a theatrical company, which would take up most of his time from here on out. He also produced another Christmas book called “Cricket And The Hearth”. “Paper From Italy was a paper that he soon became the editor of.

In Switzerland during, 1847 Charles began “Dombey And Son,” which was finished in April, 1848. In December he wrote “Battle Of Life”. He also wrote an autobiographical piece, that was directed and acted in many theatrical productions. He also published his Christmas book “The Haunted Man”. In 1849 he started the famous book “David Copperfield” which wasn’t completed until November 1850. In the same year he made a weekly editorial named Household Words and after that came “All The Year Round” which wasn’t he published until after his death.

In 1853 he toured Italy and on his return to England he started many public speakings. Household Words started to go under so Charles and his family traveled for a while. In 1855, when his family was in Paris he started “Little Doris” which went until 1857. In 1856 Charles and Wittie Collins, they called it the “Frozen Deep”.

In 1859 his public readers were still going and he started a new part of All The Year Round. He also wrote the first part if “A Tale Of Two Cities” appeared in a opening number and kept going through November of that year. In 1860 he had spent his time at Gad’s Hill in a period of retrospection, in which he burnt many letters and reread his own copy of “David Copperfield” before beginning his book “Great Expectations”.

In 1865 he was in poor health and to even make matters worse his family was shook up by a railway accident that had injured many people. During 1866 he started more speaking again. His health was worsening and he was still working on All The Year Round. But during 1864 he kept on going to public readings in England, Ireland, and Scotland until he collapsed of a mild stroke and his speakings were canceled from there on. Charles kept on working and started on “The Mystery Edwin Drood.

His final public speaking took place in London in 1870. He suffered a stroke afterwards and worked on “The Mystery Of Edwin” and died the next day on June 9th, 1870. He died at the age of 58. He was buried at the Westminster Abbey on June 14, 1870 and his last episode of Edwin Drood unfinished.

Charles Dickens had a great life, don t you think? He composed many great books and many great papers. He was a really hard worker. He even worked until the day before his death!

This has been an essay on the famous writer Charles Dickens and his life. Thank you for spending your time to read my essay hope you have learned something interesting.

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