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Топик: How to make your child gifted?

Название: How to make your child gifted?
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: топик Добавлен 16:06:07 19 августа 2006 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 71 Комментариев: 5 Оценило: 1 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Gifted children are those who have outstanding abilities and are capable of high performance .

The question of whether genius is innate or acquired has not been answered by the scientists yet. THOMAS EDISON gave his famous formula for genius as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. We often hear statements such as “She is a born artist”, or “He’s a natural athlete”, or on the contrary “Success never came easy for me” or “He is a self-made man”. Those who manifest giftedness obviously have some inborn factors plus the motivation and stamina ( выносливость , стойкость ) to learn from and cope with the rigors (raigors) of living .

Therefore, giftedness depends not only on inborn ability but also on the way the ability is developed as the person grows. It also depends on the extent to which the person is interested in the field of their talent.

Psychological research held by a professor at the University of Chicago showed none of the 120 talented people showed remarkable talent in early life. It was effort and firmness that made the difference. They showed the ability to pursue their chosen field over many years until they made it to the top. The fastest took 12 years and the slowest took 25.

Parents play a great part in the development of their child’s talent or gift. According to the research, high achievements were not the result of parental pressure and drilling. Their specialization began as an amusement and an exploration shared with a parent, which grew into a lifelong passion .

Scientists say that parents themselves do not need to be experts in the field of their child’s future talent. The father pf a famous mathematician would say “this is a half and this is a quarter” while feeding him an omelet at breakfast.

Psychologists also advise that during the early years of learning parents or teachers should be less concerned about the correctness of a child’s work . They should encourage the child’s interest and involve them in field-specific playful activity and exploration. Besides, any effort and little achievement should be applauded by parents.

According to the research, the opportunity to explore and play and the encouragement to do so can enhance the performance of many children and the talents of some will be exceptional.

The danger is that some parents apply pressure on their children. This way may produce an anxiety which is completely counter productive, as scientists say.

Another research showed that children stimulated and pushed hard by their parents, who were actively involved in what their children did, demonstrated a lower level of alertness and happiness than those in more balanced families.

Supportive parents, on the other hand, actively helped their children to follow their interests and praised their results whatever standard was achieved.

The children who did best in the study mentioned were those whose parents were both supportive and stimulating .

To crown it all, to bring up a gifted child and for them to achieve high results in the area of their gift, it is necessary from their very childhood to involve and interest them in playing and exploring. Parents should take up the approach of support and stimulation, should encourage and praise them, they should never be pushing and never put pressure on their children.


1. Do you agree that gifted children do not need training or special drifting, they will always excel at what they do due to their genetic inheritance?

It has not yet been proved by scientists that genius is 100% inborn. They are still arguing whether it depends on genetics or on hard work and hours spent training.

I believe that even if one is a born genius and has some outstanding talent if they do not get appropriate training and do not practice enough it is impossible to excel.

2. Do you think if your parents had brought you up differently, that they could have made you happier or more successful?

I think definitely, yes. But I can’t complain because they used a model of bringing up children very characteristic of that time and class. For example, I didn’t like reading before my first year of College, to my mind, just because I was pushed into it by my parents. They could have tried to interest me in reading and show that it is fascinating and that it is something like playing or even better.

3. Would you bring your children up any differently from the way you were brought up?

Yes. Of course what I would do the same is give them as much love as my parents gave me. But of course I would simply spend much more time playing, reading, discussing with them than my parents did with me due to the fact that they were too busy earning a living when I was growing up.

4. What is illustrated by the lives of Picasso, Mozart?

It is believed that geniuses such as Picasso and Mozart were simply touched by the divine finger. But a deeper study of the history of their lives showed that it weren’t only their inborn abilities that made them geniuses.

Scientists insist that their outstanding performance was owed to day-to-day training, effort and hard work. And of course their parents played a big role in the development of their skills.

Pablo Picasso was copying still lifes (натюрморт) at the age of eight under the direction of his art teacher father.

Mozart’s father, Leopold, who was an instrumentalist and a highly ambitious teacher of music did his best to ensure that his son became a successful musician. The young Wolfgang had few opportunities to play outdoors or make friends with other children and he was subjected to a very unusual childhood regime. From his earliest years a large proportion of the child’s time was devoted to musical activities and practicing.

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