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Сочинение: Reading for me

Название: Reading for me
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: сочинение Добавлен 17:20:37 21 ноября 2003 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 590 Комментариев: 7 Оценило: 4 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Автор: Аксенова Женя.

Reading is one of the main interests of many people. In the modern world a personality must read because many different words met us every day in various places and we must understand what they are meaning. Ability to read is very important for private life. That is why we begin study reading in the our childhood.

As for me when I was so little my parents read me different fairy-tales and other child’s books every day. It helped me developed my memory and imagination. Besides that after evening reading I slept very good and dreamt about fairy heroes. Later, when I became three years old I began studying the letters. It was very interesting for me because my mother thought of diverse words for every letter. Those words were meaning nice things which I liked. There were animals, birds and things. For example, for the letter “a” will be the word Apple. I liked this fruit and understand this letter. Sometimes my older sister drew funny pictures with letters for me, and sometimes we played in the study games. All of that helped me very much.

So when I knew the whole alphabet my mother began to teach me to read by syllables. And soon I could read unassisting my mother. I was four and I was the very happy child. The first book that I read and it was my favorite book in childhood and it was called Aibolit by Korney Chukovskiy. I remember that I had read this book about ten times.

When I studied at school I began to read the books which my teachers set me. At first there were Ivan Turgenev, Anton Chekhov, Alexandr Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov. I cryed very much when I read Mumu written by famous author Ivan Turgenev. I terribly sorried for main hero deaf-and-dumb Herasim and his small dog. This sad story made a great impression for me. Also I studied different poems by heart and my favorite poem was The Good Attitude To The Horses by Vladimir Mayakovskiy. I remember it very well even now. Last years at school we read novels written by the сlassic Russian authors such as Lev Tolstoy, Fedor Dostoevskiy, Mikhail Sholokhov and poems written by the great Russian poets Anna Akhmatova, Sergey Esenin, Alexandr Block, Vladimir Mayakovskiy and others. But always I preferred detectives. I like the stories about Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle very much. And I like Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie who became one of the most popular private detectives since Sherlock Holmes. This little Belgian with the egg-shaped head and the passion order amazes everyone by his brilliant solutions to the most complicated crimes. Besides that I too like read adventure books and I think that Robert Stivenson is the best in this genre. His Treasure’s Island is the splendid book!

There are many different genres in the world literature: detectives, love novels, fantasies, poems, thrillers, horror books, historical books and so on. I read books of all those genres and now I have not preference in the literature. Sometimes I read thrillers sometimes fairy-tales and sometimes I want to read something new. At those moments I asked my friends or my parents about books’ novelties. Usualy I listen to what my uncle thinks about so-and-so books. I respect my uncle’s opinion because he is a very clever and well-read man and I love his very much. Moreover he lives in Moscow and he has possibility to know about new books earlier than me.

The last book that he recommended me was so interesting! That was the novel Norwegian Wood written by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. I like Japan very much and certainly I want to read this book. Besides that I have a chance to know something more about this country, its culture, customs and people. This novel was very breathtaking for me. Norwegian Wood includes the volume of literature forms: memoirs, letters, dreams, clipping, appeal to the Internet. Haruki Murakami combines the methods of pop-culture, cinema, music and detective genre. It is the mixture of zen-philosophy, jazz session and love stories. There are original story with many funny jokes and songs by famous groups like The Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones. This book is written about life of young Japanese man who studies at the University in Tokio. His name is Vatanabe. He is so abrupt, independent and serious with unknown people, but he is very tender, understanding, sincere and tolerant with his friends and with people which he loves. Vatanabe collides with many problems in the adult world. His best friend and his girlfriend were made a suicide during the two years. After hat he reserved himself and he must decide how he will be living in the future. But soon he met the nice girl and of course the love saved him.

On the pages of novel author tells us about the real life. The heroes of his books very lonely people but they have the aspiration to live. From my opinion lonely and independent are the main idea of the Murakami’s books. As for me Haruki Murakami is my favorite author now. His novels are very unusual and I never read the books of this genre. I do not know what genre is it at all. But now I read almost all books by this writer and I can tell that I understand and love him very much.

Recently I think the books can fit almost every need, temper or interest. Books can be read when you are in the mood; they don't have to be taken in periodic doses. Reading is probably the most important skill you will need for success in your studies. You will have to read lengthy assignments in different subjects with varying degrees of detail and difficulty. If you read inaccurately, you will fail to understand some of the information and ideas you read. If you read slowly, you will have to spend too much time reading your sentences so that your other work may suffer.

No matter what kind of genre you choose the most important thing is getting the real pleasure dealing with art of book.

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