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Топик: Профессия - гонщик /english/

Название: Профессия - гонщик /english/
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: топик Добавлен 06:19:06 16 февраля 2008 Похожие работы
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The Unique Profession

According to my subjective opinion I am rather sportive stripling. May be therefore may be not but I attract F1 Racing Championship very much. I can sit on the chair and watch for the running bolids for hours. I have got my own idol in this sport. It is Michael Schumacher. I prefer him of others mainly because of his strong will and intense desire for the victory. He never gives up and contends till the end. Probably namely this is the base cause of his numerous victories and double champion’s title reason. However to be a real champion there is not enough to apply only personal features of the pilot. Constant exhaustive trainings, self-perfection, manyhour’s work with engineers and mechanics – the path to the champion’s title.

The pilots occupied in Formula 1 must be very courageous and strenuous physically people. They venture their life and undergo the powerful overloads almost every day. For example lateral load factor exceeds four g on some tracks. By no means any man can endure it.

It’s known that carbon braking disks are applied in the Formula 1 in order that to reduce the time and distance of braking. But to attain this kind of braking the pilot must push the brake pedal very strong. For instance Jacques Villeneve having involved in F1 and being a Cart’s champion by that time hadn’t sufficient strength in legs to push this pedal and because of that he was compelled to train hardly his legs for some period of time.

The next problem is hidden in the mentioned above lateral overload. In such case the helmet becomes heavier more then in four times. To endure it the head muscles must be developed very well otherwise severe injures may occur.

But I still didn’t tell about the aspects of the pilot’s being concerning with the risk for life. The bolid moves with colossal speed. The pilot and the car work on the limit of their abilities. Mistakes, loss of concentration or even simple mechanical break-down are quite natural in such conditions. And all of this mean danger for the human’s life. The best instance for that is the deceased Aerton Senna. He lost the concentration just for a moment but it was enough to sign up the death sentence to him. After this occasion the bolid’s cockpit was strongly fortified especially to protect the pilot from the lateral strike. But what can Senna’s relatives say on it? Mechanical break-downs are also widespread. Mika Hakkinen for a wonder stayed alive when on braking his front right wheel with the titanium fixed members were just dragged out.[1] Nevertheless and even in spite of the 1998 year’s failure in Spa Formula 1 is considered to be the most safe kind of sport.

I believe I have stated many interesting facts about Formula 1 and also have proved the thesis that the profession of F1 pilot is not only difficult but also absolutely unique.

Performed by Moskalenko Anthony,

Student of the group И-3-4.

1998 year.

[1] I don’t tell about Mika Hakkinen’s coma, failure of Nikki Lauda, fire on Verstapen’s car, broken Panis’s legs, etc.

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Работы, похожие на Топик: Профессия - гонщик /english/

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